Gift Guide – Stocking Stuffers

So little random fact about me, opening all of my stocking stuffers is my favorite part of Christmas morning. I mean minus spending the day with my family 🙂 When I was a tiny tot we weren’t allowed to start opening presents until nine o’clock but we could go down however early we wanted to grab our stockings. My sister and I would wake each other up, run downstairs, grab our stockings, and spend the next hour ooo-ing and ahh-ing over every little thing each of us received. It’s honestly one of my favorite family traditions and definitely one I plan to pass down to my kids one day!

With that all said I love filling my families stockings with little gifts – goofy, practical, glamorous, whatever fits their personality and will make their Christmas morning. So this Gift Guide (all under $25) is probably going to be my favorite one this season. I tried to put a little of something for just about any gal in your life (guys one to come later!). A few of my favorites include the Braids, Buns, and Twists Book to help every gal step up her daily hairdo, Global Greetings Stationary I mean how stinkin’ cute is it?, the Kiehl’s Dry Relief Duo because who doesn’t get dry skin in the winter?, Lavender Eye Mask for a little relaxation, and the Dance Party Bangle because if you’re anything like me you’ll use any excuse to dance!

Oh and I have to admit, I have the Ryan Gosling Coloring Book which was a give from my mom a few years ago for Christmas. I love it! Pretty sure every Ryan Gosling obsessed gal will 🙂

1 Braids, Buns, and Twists Book 2 Sweater Sock Slippers 3 Flash Tattoos 4 Happy Plug Earbuds  5 Global Greetings Stationary 6 Ryan Gosling Coloring Book 7 Kiehl’s Dry Relief Duo 8 Let’s Do Lunch Business Card Holder 9 Minimergency Kit  10 Initial Coffee Mug 11 Love Atheltic Socks 12 Lavender Eye Mask 13 Tartan Plaid Bow 14 Dance Party Bangle


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