Gift Guide: Your Mom

I don’t know about you but I love shopping for my mom. She’s my best friend, I know exactly what she will or won’t like, we have very similar styles…basically what I’m trying to say is it’s as easy (and fun) as shopping for myself 🙂 plus I love spoiling my mom. I mean moms’ kick butt, am I right? They have spoiled you for the last 18, 25, 30 + years so Christmas is your time (and whenever else you decide to be sweet) to treat her to something fabulous. Every year I try to really pay attention to items my mom says she wants while we’re shopping or looking at items online so I can surprise her with one of them for Christmas. It’s always nice to see that little look on her face that shows she is so surprised that I remembered!

With all that said, I think moms’ deserve something luxe, relaxing, exciting, or fashionable. Whatever fits your mom best and will excite her on Christmas morning. I complied a Gift Guide (all under $50) that’s full of items to let your mom indulge a bit and relax, step up her style game, make life easier when she travels, or glam up her home! A few of my favorites are the Heart of Gold Bangle I mean how sweet is that?, I Am Very Busy print because what mom isn’t?, Lollia Handcreme for a little pampering, and a perfect pair of slippers for the chilly winter lazy days at home.

1 Foil Paint Accent Pillow 2 Cream Striped Throw 3 Coffee Mugs 4 Heart of Gold Bangle 5 Travel Jewelry Case 6 Faded Lace Scarf 7 Pocket Datebook 8 I Am Very Busy Print 9 Shea Butter Handcreme 10 Make Up Remover 11 ‘Cool’ Eyeshadow Palette 12 Faux-Leather Gloves 13 Slippers

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