Wish List Wednesday

Cushy Cashmere Scarf

My love affair with scarves is going no where fast! From Fall to Spring you basically will not see me without a scarf but maybe once in a blue moon. My collection is ridiculous and I can say I come by it honestly as my mom has a serious love for them as well. I’m pretty sure between the two of us we could open a scarf store. So needless to say it’s rare I come across a scarf I don’t like. Finding one I absolutely love though is also not an everyday occurrence. I love scarves to be big {think blanket, like this and this}, super soft and cozy, thicker, and classic in color and print. These Cushy Cashmere Scarves from Calypso St. Bart fit the bill perfectly! Each a classic color that would complete almost any outfit with a very polished look. I wouldn’t mind all three {or four, there’s a white one but I’m sure miss accident prone over here would destroy it in a day} but for now I’m adding the gray one to my wish list…

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  1. Ashley wrote:

    I love this scarf! The saddle has been on my wish list!

    Posted 1.14.15 Reply