Happy Friday y’all! We’ve finally made it 🙂 I love how every Friday is such a celebration and accomplishment haha. I don’t think there’s many people who could say they don’t live for the weekends. I know I definitely could not! I live for Friday, Saturday, and lazy Sundays. And I have the shoes to go right along with my three favorite days!

Summer shoes, converses, espadrilles, nude heels, espadrille wedges

Fridays are all about my chucks. My office is pretty casual and while chucks are acceptable every day my team celebrates Friday by wearing them {we’re cute, we know haha}. On Saturday {night} it’s time to dress up and celebrate the weekend. I typically pull out my go to nude heeled sandals. They go with just about any and everything plus they’re actually pretty darn comfortable {shocker, I know}.  Closing out the weekend with Sunday {my favorite day} means church in the morning, sometimes followed by brunch and/or some shopping. Lately I cannot get enough of my new J.Crew espadrille wedges so those have been making a lot of appearances at church.

Each shoe could use a little mate to help them out, Solemates to be exact! Solemates is a company that provides shoe care solutions for woman who love shoes {how many don’t love shoes?!}. Each item helps out with a specific need and solves just about any problem you could be having with your shoes. Especially the major ones like blisters, heels sinking into the ground, stinky shoes {we’ve all been there, let’s be honest}, and leather becoming stained. I’ve paired an item with each of my go to weekend shoes to show you my favorite products from the line!

Summer shoes, converses, espadrilles, nude heels, espadrille wedges

Nude Heels // c/o High Heeler Proctector / / Espadrille Wedges // c/o Blister Blocker // c/o Leather Protector // Converses // c/o Shoe Freshener

summer shoes, converses, espadrilles, espadrille wedges

Friday kicks off with the chucks. I have to be super honest about wearing these. After a full morning and afternoon these sneaks can have a little stink to them. I’m not one to wear socks with them, I don’t feel like they work with the scrunched up back of this pair. I honestly hadn’t even thought about spraying them until Solemates arrived. My chucks are oh so happy and fresh now!

summer shoes, converses, white converses, weekend style

Saturdays it’s time to celebrate and strap on those heels! With heels comes a variety of troubles but for most during the summer season it means sinking into the lawn or gravel while at a wedding or special event. No one likes that awkward walk or realizing by the end of the night that their heels are completely trashed. So thank Solemates for their high heel protectors and no longer having to walk on the balls of your feet {woohoo} in the grass and gravel!

summer shoes, converses, white converses, weekend style

summer shoes, converses, white converses, weekend style

Finally to close out the weekend and celebrate my favorite day, Sunday, comes my J.Crew espadrille wedges. My absolute favorite shoe right now! While I love them to death they have two issues. One the leather does stain if it gets wet at all. I am super accent prone so this is a big issue. Two they cause terrible blisters if worn for a long period of time. So in comes to necessary {and lifesaving} products. The blister blocker {praise} and leather stain protector. LOVE!

summer shoes, converses, nude heels, espadrilles, espadrille wedges


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