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Tampons, Pads, Period, Time of the month

So this post is just a bit different from the typical fashion or recipe topic. I’m giving you a little deeper peak into my every day bag. What I carry and what I count on when that time of the month comes around. I know, you know what I’m talking about. That week each month us women dread! For some of us we’re lucky and it last about three to five  days and for others it’s the full oh so wonderful seven days. It’s not exactly a time we look forward to. In fact we pretty much count down the minutes left from the second it begins. While we’re in pain, exhausted, and let’s be real…moody, we’re also trying to keep it all together while trying our best to not let anyone besides are BFFs know good ole aunt flow is visiting.

What’s up with that? Why do we need to keep it a secret? Try to hide the tampon or pad in our pocket, tiny clutch, or up our sleeves as we make our way to the bathroom. It’s ridiculous!! Am I right? Every gal at some point for years and years experiences the crimson wave. Each and every month. So instead of hide it or be embarrassed by it let’s step up the items we use and maybe even make a little statement with them!

Tampons, Pads, Period, Time of the month

U by Kotex

Tampons, Pads, Period, Time of the month

Tampons, Pads, Period, Time of the month

Feminine Pads: Kotex // Handbag: Vera Bradley // Wallet: Nordstrom {similar} // Lip Pencil: Mac {Naked} // Lipstick: Mac {Make Me Gorgeous} // Sunglasses: Prada // Hat: Forever 21

U by Kotex has done just that! With their vibrant and fun packaging. From their tampons to panty liners to full size pads each one is bright and full of spunk! Just like the gals using them! They’ve changed the game and created beauty where blah and bland use to be. Not to mention they have the most adorable compact tampons! Perfect for your mini clutches and wallets for nights out or trips to the restroom at work. No need to be embarrassed of these items any longer! I was honestly super excited to share them with my gal pals, not to mention y’all! If you have a Walmart by you head there ASAP as they have a bonus pack attached to their U by Kotex products. Which has Kleenex products for when you’re on the go. I mean does it get any better? That’s what I did! I don’t know about y’all but I’m excited a company is paying attention to something we all deal with every month. Their providing gals with confidence and creating a little excitement! So head over to see what all U by Kotex has to offer and find your favorite item…mine are the compact tampons + mini panty liners {they provide the perfect amount of security, just in case moments!}. So let’s make a statement and show our confidence during those 3+ days of the month #IndependentU

Thank you to U by Kotex for sponsoring this post! All views are my own. 


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