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Fun fact: blogging has made me love beauty products. I have NEVER been a fan of make up or hair products. I’ve always gone pretty natural with my make up and hair minus the the occasional curls for special occasions {or blog photos}. Since I’ve been blogging though my love for make up and hair products/tools has really grown. I didn’t start wearing lipstick until last summer and now I am obsessed with it! Lipstick is one make up item that can completely change your look! I still love wearing minimal make up but will almost always add a bright lip. Any one else finding a new love to beauty products? 

I will definitely be picking up some fun beauty items during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! To be completely honest, one of the main reasons I haven’t been the biggest fan of beauty products it the price tag {I’d rather buy an article of clothing} but with the awesome discount going on right now, there couldn’t be a better time to pick up some must haves! 

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a lot of people’s favorite because of the beauty products and hair tools! My mom is one of these people. She loves purchasing her make up supply during the sale. She usually does a pretty big haul, getting all of her favorite items. Pretty smart, I’d say. One item I’m definitely purchasing is this make up tool. I am obsessed and cannot say enough good things about it! If you don’t have one, I highly recommend picking one up stat! I’ve also been a huge fan of Kiehl’s for years now and this little set is full of a lot of my favorite items. 

This set looks/sounds amazing and I’m super tempted to give it a try. Have any of you tried it? If so PLEASE let me know your thoughts. I would LOVE to hear your experience with it. 

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p.s. I’m also sharing a little review of my first Nordstrom Sale package this morning on snapchat {lauraleighlou} if you want to see what arrived first and how I feel about it! 


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I am in the same boat here; before blogging I had no interest in beauty products at all! I wore very little makeup, and had no sort of beauty routine either! To say I am getting more interested is an understatement. I now don’t always prefer buying clothes than makeup or hair care products and have a deeper understanding of the benefits these products can have!

xx Victoria

    Laura Leigh | Louella Reese

    That’s awesome gal! I am definitely a little behind you and still learning more about them and how to use different products. BUT I am loving the learning process and trying out new items.

    xo Laura Leigh


Isn’t that too funny?! Me too!! I am regular beauty product lover now. Ps – what curling iron do you use??


    Laura Leigh | Louella Reese

    That is too funny, glad I’m not the only one! I’m all about GDH Creative Curve Wand right now. It’s the easiest and makes the curls last all day long.

    xo Laura Leigh