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Wedding Lingerie, Honeymoon Lingerie, David's Bridal Lingerie, Romper Lingerie, Honeymoon Packing

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Last week I talked about undergarments + shapewear for your wedding day {and other wedding events}. If you missed out, you can catch up here. Today I’m talking about another item that is sometimes only talked about at bridal showers or bachelorette parties. Lingerie. I for one am extremely excited to wear lingerie on my wedding night and honeymoon. To me it means you’re celebrating your body and all the hard work you put in at the gym and/or eating right. Let’s be honest, we all work a little extra when it comes to the big day, we deserve something pretty to show that off!! 

Wedding Lingerie, Honeymoon Lingerie, David's Bridal Lingerie, Packing for Honeymoon

I mentioned in my post last week on undergarments how I was amazed to find out that David’s Bridal carries a variety of items. Not simply wedding gowns but also undergarments, shape wear, lingerie, and more! They allow you to look fabulous from the very beginning of your wedding day all the way to the end. David’s Bridal carries a wide selection of lingerie from sweet pretty little things to sexy bridal sets. There’s bows, lace accents, sheer touches, and other embellished designs. These selections allow you to embrace your personal style. While also allowing you to choose an item that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. After all, this is a time you want to feel your very best! 

Wedding Lingerie, Honeymoon Lingerie, David's Bridal Lingerie, Packing for Honeymoon

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For me choosing pieces was extremely easy. I know my style and I very well know what I wouldn’t feel comfortable in. I like sweet pieces. Ones that include lace, pretty pastel hues or shades of white, and simple cuts. I know I will feel comfortable wearing items that include those details because that is very much my personal style. I mean how sweet is this little romper

Again this is my biggest tip! Make sure whatever you choose it is something you feel comfortable in. While it may not be something you’re use to wearing and may be slightly out of your comfort zone {I’m right there with ya gal} BUT you don’t want to be tugging or pulling or trying to suck your tummy in. Find an item that works for you and one you feel you could strut it in {my favorite phrase}. 

Wedding Lingerie, Honeymoon Lingerie, David's Bridal Lingerie, Packing for Honeymoon

c/o romper // lingerie // honeymoon lingerie 

Another fun fact about some of David’s Bridals lingerie is it can actually be worn under your wedding dress. These items can help to create your ideal fit while also having romantic lace and sheer details. It’s a win, win! 

The very best part is David’s Bridal’s collection is very affordable. All of us gals know how quickly undergarments can add up and how you can spend far more on a bra then you ever imagined. So you’ll be happy to know that picking up your wedding and honeymoon lingerie at David’s Bridal will not break the bank! {woohooo}.  

hair & make-up: erica boyle // location: the ballantyne hotel 

Thank you to David’s Bridal for sponsoring this post! All views and opinions are of course my own!


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