Wish List Wednesday

Fun fact: my favorite part of Christmas day is opening my stocking. As a child we weren’t allowed to start opening presents until 9am when everyone was up and breakfast was in the oven. We were however allowed to go downstairs and grab our stockings at any time. My sister and I would wake each other up early, run down stairs, grab our stockings, and run right back to our room. Then we’d spend the next thirty plus minutes taking turns unwrapping one item after another from our stockings. This quickly became my favorite tradition and the thing I looked forward to most come Christmas.

To this day, I get insanely giddy when it comes time to open my stocking. I believe it’s more about the sentimental memory than the actual items in the stocking. BUT I also love all the little gifts that come in a stocking. Some are easy go to items – lotion, socks, and/or chap stick. While others are a little more exciting – jewelry, perfume, tech accessories, beauty products, and random fun items.

If you have someone like me in your life that greatly enjoys opening their stocking below you’ll find some typical go to items as well as some of those more exciting items I mentioned above. Or if you’re just like me, go ahead and forward this post to your family + significant other.

You can’t ever go wrong with beauty products. Chap stick, eyeshadow, lip stick, or some fabulous mascara.

Another easy go to is perfume. Every gal loves smelling great! This one is my personal favorite. I also love the fresh smell of this one.

Want to spoil your bestie, mom, or sister a little more? A gorgeous piece of jewelry would be a great pick! These earrings are everything! Or maybe one that multitasks

Might be silly but who doesn’t love silly sometimes? A comical or cute pair of socks she can pull on immediately.

If you have a travel bug in your life this is a MUST have item! Also can we PLEASE talk about how stinking cute and fabulous this is? Seriously want this in my life as of yesterday! 

Looking for something unique? What about this?

What’s your favorite stocking stuffer you’ve ever received? Do you have one you look forward to getting each year?

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