Louella Reese Home: Dining Room Design

Happy Friday! Did this week absolutely fly by for anyone else? While I am SO happy it is Friday and the weekend is just a couple of hours away, I cannot believe it is in fact Friday. I don’t know where the week went. But I won’t complain about it!

I’m also super excited to share today’s post with you and dive into the Louella Reese Home series more. A couple of weeks ago I shared some inspiration photos for our living room here. In that post, I also shared that Joshua and I had recently partnered with an interior designer to make our home reflect us. With that said, I’d like to introduce you to Shannon Claire of Shannon Claire Interiors. She will be helping us make our house a home! Shannon has put together two beautiful design boards, one for our dining space and another for our living space. Today, I’m sharing our dining room design board. Eeek! 

Louella Reese Home, Dining Room Inspiration, Dining Room Design Board

What do you think? {comment below} I am obsessed. 

To get the design process started, Shannon asked us to fill out a detailed questionnaire. The questionnaire asked about our personal styles, favorite colors, favorite places to shop, and overall vision for the space. Additionally, we sent inspiration photos to Shannon. You can find those photos here and here

Overall, we want our main living space {dining room included} to be light and airy. Lots of white, ivory, light woods, and pops of blue. Joshua and I are also both really into the rustic farmhouse style you often see on Fixer Upper, so there are a couple pieces inspired by that style in each space. For the dining room, it’s the dining table, chairs, barstools, and of course, the cow print. Fun fact: I’ve ALWAYS wanted a cow photo in my home. So random, I know. 

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this design {comment below} and start to share the process of making it happen with y’all! Be sure to follow along via instagram stories {@louellareese}. I’ll document as we go on there before check ins of room progress are posted on here. 

Also, I’ll share sources for all items when we share the final project as well as in “check in” posts. 

Check out some of Shannon Clarie’s work here on her blog


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I love the idea of the removable wall paper! Will make such a statement, but can easily be changed when you want something different!

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Great post. We are buying anew home and this one surely helps us infew points. Thanks for sharing.


I have been loving wall paper lately – this design is gorgeous!
Xo, Elizabeth


I cannot wait to see how y’all’s vision translates to your home!! And love the wallpaper idea! #sochic

xox Emily