Embroidered Bell Sleeve Top

I’ve never been a bell sleeve fan but when I laid eyes on this beauty, everything changed! 

Louella Reese Embroidered Bell Sleeve Top // Summer Weekend Style

photos by amanda moss // back seat photography 

blouse // similar shorts // handbag // sandals // sunglasses // c/o earrings

It’s the truth. I have NEVER been a fan of bell sleeves. It’s not that I don’t like the look of them. Instead it’s that I always got annoyed by them. I always felt like I was pushing them up or like they got in the way. Is that weird? Or does anyone else feel like that? 

Well when I saw this pretty little white bell sleeve blouse with blue embroidery I decided to give it a go again. It had honestly been years since I even tried a bell sleeve top on. Much to my surprise, I wasn’t as bothered. I think it’s partially due to the fact that I am obsessed with this particular blouse. The detail is SO pretty and to me, the blouse just screams summer. 

Louella Reese Embroidered Bell Sleeve Top // Summer Weekend Style

Louella Reese Embroidered Bell Sleeve Top // J.McLaughlin Basket Bag

Louella Reese Embroidered Bell Sleeve Top // Summer Weekend Style

Louella Reese Embroidered Bell Sleeve Top // Summer Weekend Style

Louella Reese Embroidered Bell Sleeve Top // Summer Weekend Style

Louella Reese Embroidered Bell Sleeve Top // Summer Weekend Style

Louella Reese Embroidered Bell Sleeve Top // Summer Weekend Style

blouse // similar shorts // handbag // sandals // sunglasses // c/o earrings

So with all that said, I apologize in advance if I am wearing this almost daily when you see me on my IG stories. 

Another item I can’t get enough of lately, this basket bag from J.McLaughlin. It’s the BEST! The basket bag is SO fun to carry! I swear I’m instantly in a better mood when this bag is in my hand or on my arm. And there’s no doubt it puts me in a summer state of mind. Who doesn’t want that?! 

My advice for picking out your go to basket bag is go for one that makes you smile! Try a bunch on in the store or order several to try out. If you find yourself smiling while carrying it, swinging it around, or going googly eyed over it then you’ve found your winner! Basket bags are definitely made to enjoy and have fun with. J.McLaughlin has some of the BEST basket bags, shop them all here

Also, lesson of today, try items you previously weren’t a fan of. You never know when your style might change or when you mature and can handle different cuts 🙂 


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So obsessed with this look! Also, I LOVE a good bell sleeve, but when I wash my hands………MISERABLE;)

Pink Champagne Problems


I am totally with you! They are so cute, but I am annoyed with their functionality! Love the embroidery on this top.



Ok need this entire outfit!! Def pack for MDW!!

    Laura Leigh | Louella Reese

    Thanks rooms! And you should definitely scoop up some of these pieces. I’ll be bringing the shorts and sandals for sure.

    xo Laura Leigh


I absolutely love this pretty top! Embroidered pieces are definitely a favorite of mine for spring!



I just bought this shirt! SO gorgeous!


I was definitely skeptical about the bell sleeve trend, too! I really like them now, though! This one is adorable with the embroidery!


The blouse is super cute and the whole outfit is very pretty.
I love the basket ……..
Love, Esther


Bell sleeves tend to get on my nerves too, but only for work. I’ve found that if I reserve them for casual wear, I’m much happier!

How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

Kara Aragon

That top is so great as are your shoes! Love them!



I love the embroidery detail on this top! And the bell sleeve is so on trend right now 🙂


love the embroidery on this top! so pretty!

xo Megan


Well this is just about the cutest spring/summer outfit I’ve ever seen1 Those gingham shoes…oh man I need em!

xo Lacey

Claudia Estrada

Well everything is beautiful!
Perfect summer outfit


that top is just so darling and i’m in love with your basket tote! so cute!

    Laura Leigh | Louella Reese

    Aw thank you gal! The basket bag is my current obsession. Definitely recommend picking one up if you don’t have one!

    xo Laura Leigh

Sarah K Tripp

This is the perfect outfit for summer! Love how you styled it!


I love love this casual outfit. That top is amazing but what really caught my eye are those gingham slides! Must have!

Abby | Life in the Fash Lane


Cute top and cute shorts. This is the penultimate summer look!

Jessica | notjessfashion.com


This is so adorable!! White and blue is sooo big this season!


Nicholle Brainard

I am in love with bell sleeves so this one is right up my alley! Love the color!