Family Photos With Little Nest Portraits Charlotte

Sharing some family photos Joshua and I took with Little Nest Portraits! Plus why they’re so important to use. 

Louella Reese Little Nest Portraits Review // Family Photos with Your Dog

photos by little nest portraits charlotte 

on Joshua: shirt // shorts | on Me: c/o dress {last seen here} // similar earrings // cuff |on Reese:  bandana 


I have been dying to share these photos from Little Nest Portraits Charlotte with you. In fact, I was dying to get them back after shooting with Little Nest on May 21st. I knew they’d be great but they are even better than I had expected. We just received them last Wednesday and I instantly shared one on Instagram. I couldn’t help it! 

Little Nest Portraits Charlotte reached out to me a couple months ago about working together. I honestly didn’t even take a second to say YES! I’ve seen there work and it’s incredible. They do an amazing job at capturing special moments for families, the sweetest shots of little ones, and pups too! I couldn’t wait to shoot with them. 

Louella Reese Little Nest Portraits Review // Family Photos with Your Dog

Louella Reese Little Nest Portraits Review // Family Photos with Your Dog

One of the main reasons I was so excited about shooting was Reese Poppy was able to be a part of it. When Little Nest Charlotte and I started talking about our collaboration I almost immediately asked if Reese Poppy could join. Without hesitation they said yes! They were actually very excited about her joining in on the fun. My heart was so happy! 

Now you may be saying, “Alright Laura Leigh, that’s a little much, tone it back.” But what I haven’t really mentioned here on Louella Reese or with those outside of our close group of friends {and family, of course} is our little one is sick. Reese Poppy was diagnosed with cancer on February 17th. She was given just 2-4 weeks to live from her diagnosis. Lucky for us though, this sassy little gal is a fighter! She’s now made it 13 weeks past what the doctor has predicted.

We had scheduled to take these photos just a couple weeks after her being diagnosed but things kept coming up and we continued to move back the date. I couldn’t be more thankful that our tough pup made it and we now have these amazing photos to cherish. If you have a dog, you completely understand what a big part they are in your life. I’ve had Reese Poppy since I was 14 years old. Literally just under half of my life. Therefore, she’s been a HUGE part of my life! So I’m incredibly thankful Little Nest Charlotte gave us the opportunity to have some sweet photos to have of her! 

Louella Reese Little Nest Portraits Review // Family Photos with Your Dog

Louella Reese Little Nest Portraits Review // Family Photos

Enough with that though, I promise she is doing great and showing cancer who is boss! I will absolutely keep you all posted though. 

Back to Little Nest Portraits Charlotte, their studio y’all, swoon alert! Let’s say it’s a mix between Fixer Upper (brighter spaces), Anthropologie, and all the Pinterest DIY projects you wish you could make come to life. There’s incredible blue velvet chairs in the waiting area that I seriously contemplated putting in my SUV when they weren’t looking. There’s a sweet snack and beverage section that’s also located right next to the play area for little ones. Then they have two beautiful viewing rooms for you to see all of your photographs and decide which ones you want to keep and frame. I actually asked for details on two of their credenzas while we were on the hunt for one for our home. Seriously, the space is a dream.

Louella Reese Little Nest Portraits Review // Family Photos

Louella Reese Little Nest Portraits Review // Family Photos with Your Dog


After I was done swooning over the studio we started shooting. Reese Poppy was kind of a hot mess for the first part of it but then she finally calmed down. Our photographer, Melissa, did a great job handling her and providing directions for us. We had SO much fun shooting! I loved having Reese Poppy there even if she was a crazy lady for a while. 

My mom even popped in for a bit to check out the studio and our shoot. We talked her into taking a few with us too. She watching Reese Poppy constantly when we’re away and the two definitely have a sweet little bond. Aka Reese Poppy is obsessed with her. What grand baby doesn’t love their nana? 

If you’re interested in trying out Little Nest Portraits Charlotte yourself {which you should be} they have this amazing membership, called the Heirloom Membership. The membership is $59 per month {a twelvemonth expected commitment but NO contract}. At the end of the twelve months you receive an amazing 8×8 album that includes twenty images. Additionally, every holiday you’re able to participate in a PhotoPOP where the session fee is waived and you get a 5×7 print. You also NEVER have to worry about paying a session fee {for the life of your membership}. Lastly, as a member you receive discounts on a la carte items + first invites and first dibs on holiday booking times.

The BEST part is Little Nest Portraits Charlotte is waiving your session fee {for first time clients} with code LOUELLAREESE. So book those family photos you’ve been wanting to take, snap some photos with your dog, do a fun birthday shoot for your kid, or go take some sweet photos with your significant other! 

xo Laura Leigh

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  1. Gentry Adams

    These photos are absolutely precious! As a dog mom myself I totally understand the importance of capturing your fur baby. I hope Poppy Reese continues to do well and be a fighter. Sending good thoughts!


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