Favorite Sunglasses // What Sunglasses Are On My Wish List

Since I where sunglasses all the time I decided to share my current favorite sunglasses. Plus which sunglasses are at the top of my wish list right now! They might surprise you! 

Favorite Sunglasses // Louella Reese Life & Style Blog

black oversized sunglasses {full outfit post} // tortoise shell sunglasses {full outfit post} // mirrored sunglasses {full outfit post}

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As you may notice, if you look around the blog, I am a big fan of sunglasses. It isn’t often that you’ll find me not wearing them, here on the Louella Reese. One, I love how they complete a look and two, they’re kind of a security blanket. By that I mean, they assure me I won’t be blinking in every photo {at least you won’t be able to see that I mean}. Sometimes I love oversized sunnies most because they mean I don’t have to wear eye make up! And for a gal that doesn’t love doing make up, that’s a win! Are you guilty of that sometimes too? 

Anyways, I wanted to dive into some of my favorites plus a couple I have on my wish list right now. Since sunglasses are such a big part of my look, I figured, why not give them a dedicated post. They deserve it, right?! 

So above, you’ll find my three favorites. I wear these on a serious rotation. Typically, the mirrored pair are for more casual looks, the tortoise shell pair are for dressier looks, and the oversized black pair are for when I’m feeling a little spunky {or chic}!

The mirrored pair are under $15 aka super affordable. While the tortoise shell sunnies is kind of an investment. One I highly recommend though. I’ve had these for about a year now and find myself reaching for them more times then not. They’ve also held up very well, even though I am terrible at keeping them in a case. Classic, chic, and comfortable, they will never go out of style! Now the oversized black sunglasses falls in the middle at under $100. So a little something for everyone! 

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Now onto the wish list and the sunglass styles I am currently loving. First off, I am really wanting a pair of pink sunnies. Finding the perfect pair is proving to be extremely hard! I don’t want them to come off to childish or Barbie but also want them to be fun and flirty. Right now my top picks are these, these, and these. Which pair is your favorite? Comment below! 

I’m also crushing on blue {shocking, I know} but how fun would a pair of blue framed sunnies be? What’s hard about this pair is there are SO many good ones out there. I truly cannot decide between this chic pair, this sassy oversized pair, this extremely light pair, and these. Thoughts? Any favorites? Comment below! 

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Courtney Hardy

All of your sunglasses are so cute, I love them!


I love sunglasses too! You have a great collection!

Morgan Klein

So many great sunnies!!! I loveeee any oversized black ones!!


Cute sunglasses are definitely your accessory of choice! And you look stunning in ALL styles!

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You have the cutest sunglass collection! I definitely love your picks!


Jessica Sheppard

Love all your cute sunnies! It’s amazing how much that accessory can change a look! Obsessed with the black statement pair! The pinks are adorbs too.

    Laura Leigh | Louella Reese

    Thanks Jessica! That is so true, they really can. The black oversized pair is my favorite too. Can’t decide on all the pinks!!

    xo Laura Leigh

Laura || Walking in Memphis in High Heels

I love sunglasses! U feel like they can completely change a look and add a bit of sass to them! I love mirrored sunnies, I love the pictures you can take with the reflection coming from them!

Ruth Ridley

LOVE your picks!! You always have the best sunnies!!


These are some great sunglasses options! I wear sunglasses in nearly every photoshoot, too, because I hate a great photo of an outfit being ruined by some weird thing going on with my eyes!

xx katie // a touch of teal


sunglasses are seriously my favorite accessory! i’m always reaching for my oversized pairs and definitely my mirrored sunnies!

Anna English

I always have the hardest time finding the right shape for my face! The Struggle.


You have so many gorgeous sunnies! Im always forgetting to buy new sunnies haha I love the ones you picked out though:)

xoxo, Hannah

    Laura Leigh | Louella Reese

    Thank you so much gal! You definitely need to scoop up a new pair or two. They really spice up your wardrobe.

    xo Laura Leigh


Totally loving the pink mirrored sunglasses!


Oversized sunnies are my favorite!! I also love a good colored lens! xo

jasmine elias

such cute sunnies on you! and i’m loving all of your pics!!


I’d like to start off by saying that i am also extremely guilty of wearing sunglasses in order to avoid putting on makeup 🙂 Although i am an aviator girl, i am extremely obsessed with the mirrored pair that you showed above; they are so cute!