August Recap

Cannot believe September has arrived! Sharing an August 2018 recap including lots of travels, a MUST try recipe, and several movie reviews!

Louella Reese August 2018 Recap


Preppy Striped Tee
Marigold Midi Skirt 
Floral Bandana {unfortunately sold out immediately, most recently styled as part of a casual late summer look}
Ruffled Floral Print Jumpsuit
Wicker Cross Body Bag 


Surprisingly I don’t think we picked up anything for the home this month. Minus one or two flower pick ups! 


Morehead Inn – Joshua and I did a little staycation here. It was the prefect little “getaway” – less than 5 miles from our home. Our review of the inn

Blowing Rock – Lacey and I visited the North Carolina mountain town a little over a week ago and had the BEST time! As well as the best fall preview weather. We were in heaven wearing sweaters and dining al fresco. We stayed at The New Public House which I could not recommend more and will be doing a review on very soon, so stay tuned! 

Wisconsin – We just arrived back yesterday from a family trip to Wisconsin with Joshua’s parents {sister, her fiancé, and about 20 family members from my mother-in-law’s family}. We spent five days at a lake in Eagle River, Wisconsin. This was only my second time in Wisconsin and first time visiting a lake there. It was beautiful and a perfect escape to relax and recharge! Also, Joshua’s cousins couldn’t be more fun! Absolutely love hanging out with them and the whole family. 


Tully – this movie did pretty well via rotten tomatoes with both the critics and audience. However, Joshua and I were not fans of it! While I liked that it brought attention to what a woman can go through when having a child and the hormones afterwards, it took some really weird turns. And truthfully not that much really happened. Wouldn’t really recommend it. 
Like Father – this movie did terrible on rotten tomatoes with both the critics and audience. And it was probably our favorite movie of the month. Funny how that works out, isn’t it? Both Kristen Bell and Kelsey Grammar did a great job! There were lots of laughs and some touchy topics that were touched on when it comes to difficult relationships with your spouse. Oh, and being addicted to your phone! 
Mudbound – WOW! Such a powerful movie and the cast was incredible. They all gave incredible performances. Carey Mulligan, Jason Mitchell, and Garrett Hedlund truly blew me away. There is a very intense, violent scene that was honestly too much for me and absolutely broke my heart. However, how the character of the movie overcomes it will leave you falling even more in love with him. 
12 Strong – I’ve said this a couple of times, I’m really into war movies. I don’t know why because often times it’s too stressful/nerve racking for me and I have to look away but I just love them and always vote to rent them. We both really enjoyed this one and thought the story line was amazing. What these guys did is truly heroic! I would recommend renting this one from RedBox or Netflix if it’s available. 


Crispy Oven Baked Chicken Breasts – so easy, so delicious and left the husband quite impressed! We will definitely be making this more often.
Mediterranean Farro Chicken Bowl – by far my favorite meal of the month! Loved it so much I ate it three days in a row and as I write this wish it was what I was having for dinner tonight! 


My Favorite: Instagram FAQ’s Vol. 1
Readers Favorite: What Do I Do All Day? Typical Work Day of a Full-Time “Blogger” 


What does “Influence” Mean to You? – The Champagne Edit
Feeling like Kelly Kapowski with Ebay – Chronicles of Frivolity 
How to Get a Salon Worthy Manicure at Home – My Style Vita
Dear Mama… – The Glitter Gospel 


Asking for a Friend – Devin Dawson 


Joshua and I are still watching Yellowstone and are seriously obsessed! We both can’t wait for the next episode every time we finish one. We just wrapped up season one last Monday and are DYING for season two! Hoping it kicks off sooner rather than later. Other than that we haven’t really been watching too much!

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  1. Mariah wrote:

    I love war movies too! I can’t even handle scary movies, and I usually close my eyes at the bloody parts of a war movie but a good solider and I’m totally loving it.

    Also been digging Asking for a friend lately! Its just all around a good song.

    Posted 9.3.18 Reply
  2. Danielle wrote:

    Okay that Mediterranean Farro Chicken Bowl is riiiight up my alley. Just pinned it and definitely trying it!

    xx, Danielle |

    Posted 9.4.18 Reply
  3. Laura wrote:

    You bought some really great pieces last month! And it sounds like you were able to really enjoy the month going to some different spots with family and friends.

    xo, Laura

    Posted 9.4.18 Reply
    • Thank you Laura! Yes, we definitely were. Sad it has ended! Hope you had a wonderful month as well!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 9.4.18 Reply
  4. Morgan wrote:

    I’ve been thinking of watching Tully so glad I haven’t wasted my time on it! You should watch “to all the boys I’ve loved” on Netflix this month!

    How 2 Wear It []

    Posted 9.4.18 Reply
    • Yeah seriously not worth it! Oh my gosh, that is too funny that you recommend that…I just read a blurb about it on Hillary’s blog and plan on watching tonight haha. Cannot wait!!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 9.4.18 Reply
  5. I am ENVIOUS of your trip to Blowing Rock! I’ve heard it’s just beautiful! P.S. I watched Like Father too and thought it was hilarious!

    xo, Hillary |

    Posted 9.4.18 Reply
    • Well I am down to meet you there anytime you want!! It is absolutely stunning – truly one of my favorite towns. Yay! Glad you liked it too.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 9.4.18 Reply
  6. Liz wrote:

    This all sounds so amazing!! It sounds like you had busy and fun month 🙂


    Posted 9.4.18 Reply
  7. Taylor Aube wrote:

    Sounds like you had a fabulous August! Blowing Rock is such a cool spot to visit! Love NC.

    Posted 9.4.18 Reply
  8. Belle wrote:

    The Crispy Oven Baked Chicken Breast looks amazing! I need to try that!

    Posted 9.4.18 Reply
  9. Dana wrote:

    You had such a great August! That midi skirt is actually to DIE for, so good for you! I’m also really glad you didn’t recommend Tully because I was on the fence haha

    The Champagne Edit

    Posted 9.4.18 Reply
    • Definitely did, a busy one too ha. Ah thank you SO much!!! I am truly beyond obsessed with it. And of course, glad to save you the two hours haha.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 9.4.18 Reply
  10. Sonika wrote:

    Will def have to check out these yummy recipes!

    Posted 9.4.18 Reply
  11. Kelsey wrote:

    I can’t believe like father did so bad on rotten tomatoes I thought it was a great movie!!!
    Xo, Kelsey

    Posted 9.4.18 Reply
  12. Jessica wrote:

    I used to go to sleep away camp in Wisconsin! It is so much fun! And I love that wicker bag!
    xo Jessica

    Posted 9.4.18 Reply
    • Oh my gosh that is so fun! There was a sleep away camp on the lake we stayed on. Wouldn’t that be crazy if it was the same one!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 9.5.18 Reply
  13. Avani wrote:

    Everything sounds amazing!! Such a great recap!

    Posted 9.4.18 Reply
  14. Cathy wrote:

    It looks like a great month! I’ll have the try the chicken recipe and check out those movies!


    Posted 9.5.18 Reply
  15. I need to check out some of those movies! I really need to try that chicken recipe, I may give it a go this weekend! August sounds like a wonderful month!

    Posted 9.6.18 Reply
  16. Funny that you mentioned it, I had been thinking about watching Like Father. Sounds like you had such a fun month! Thanks so much for sharing with us, I’ll def be checking out a few links x

    Posted 9.10.18 Reply