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If y’all follow along with Louella Reese you know skin care is HUGE to me. I’ve always had issues with acne since wonderful high school days and now that I’m twenty-five I’m pretty over {not like I wasn’t the second I had my first pimple}. I am always up for trying new products and skincare lines to try and find the perfect combo that works for my skin. My skin is super sensitive and pretty darn frustrating to say the least. I’ll try something new and it’s all like, yeah I love this, bye-bye pimples. Then two weeks later, just kidding, hello major break out. Frustrating. So when Enza Essentials connected me and told me all about their skincare line I had to give it a whirl! 

Enza Essentials realizes not everyone has the same skin and that there are many different factors to take into consideration. For example – I have adult acne, oily skin on my chin and nose but dry everywhere else, I drive in the car a lot therefore I’m exposed to the sun a good part of the day, I get stressed super easy, my skin is sensitive, I live in the south therefore I deal with crazy humidity in the summer…all things that describe and affect my skin. Your list might include a lot of the same things as mine or be completely different.  Thankfully no matter what your skin is like, the environment you are in, or how you handle stress Enza Essentials gets it and has a system that can help you out! 

Here are the items I have been using: 
1. Sustaining Cleanser 
2. Vitamin C Serum 
3. Advanced Protection SPF 30 
4. Fine Facial Polish 
5. Eye-Bright Intensive Eye Cream 
6. Sustaining Glow Creme 

While thus far I truly love them all my absolute favorites are the Vitamin C Serum and Fine Facial Polish. I kid you not I noticed a serious different in the brightness of my skin after just a few days of using the Vitamin C Serum {twice daily}. I’ve always felt like my skin has looked a bit dull and this serum plus the exfoliating from the Fine Facial Polish has made a huge difference.

Enza also kicks butt and gives you a step by step guide on when to use your products and what exactly each one will do for you. One major tip I took from this guide was to wash my face twice both in the morning and at night. The first time rinses off your face while the second time goes deeper and cleans out your pores. You might be saying duh Laura right now but this is something I’d never done. I was one and done each time I washed my face. Doing this has left my skin looking a lot cleaner and feeling super fresh. So if you take nothing else from this post – wash your face twice, each time you wash! 

If you want to start out with the basics, my base products are all included in the Sustaining System but you can fill out a personalized form here and receive the perfect system for you! I will continue to keep y’all posted on how the items are working for me and if you try it I’d love to hear what you think! 

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  1. Kris wrote:

    I love this post! Thank you for all the great info! My skin is everything to me and I love that Enza personalizes a routine specific to your conditions! Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 1.19.15 Reply