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Blogging Tips, Blog Tips, Blog Organizational Tips, Blog Planning Tips, Blog Editorial Calendar Tips

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Last Friday I shared what I love about blogging {you can find the post here}. Today I want to dive a little deep and talk about how I make Louella Reese happen while having a full time 9-6pm Monday-Friday job. I know a lot of people think bloggers blog full time and that’s it. While that is definitely true for some people {which is fabulous} there are those of us do not. Juggling the two can be insanely tricky {then throw in wedding planning}! For all of you wondering how it happens or are fellow bloggers looking to make it easier, I’m sharing some of my top tricks and tips today! There is no shame in seeking out blogging tips from experts across the internet, they will simply make you a better blogger.

Blogging Tips, Blog Tips, Blog Organizational Tips, Blog Planning Tips, Blog Editorial Calendar Tips

Have A Planner & Make To Do Lists – This is my number one recommendation. I would be absolutely lost without my planner and to do lists. This may seem like a DUH tip but I don’t think a lot of people use these two the the best of their ability. Personally, I write out a weekly to do list and a daily to do list. That way I can stay on track throughout the week and not end up with 25 things to do on Friday. I also write out my posts on the monthly calendar at the beginning of each month. I’ll highlight my sponsored posts as those are obviously very important to get done on time! I’ll also make sure to write in anyone I promised an email to or if I’m required to send a link to any particular company I’ll write the date required. Writing all of this out keeps it right in front of my face and helps me stay on track! 

Editorial Calendar – This tip goes right along with the previous one. An editorial calendar is a lifesaver! While I write it out in my planner, I also LOVE using the plugin within WordPress. This allows you to see each week and what posts you have scheduled. This way you can see if you have too many fashion posts going on and you need to throw something a little different in.  The plugin is also super helpful with allowing you to look far in advance and visualize how long you have till the next holiday or big sale. I find it extremely helpful with keeping my stress down as I can see my posts scheduled out. Also great to reflect on when companies/brands ask you about the posting time frame for their sponsored post. 

Blogging Tips, Blog Tips, Blog Organizational Tips, Blog Planning Tips, Blog Editorial Calendar Tips

Schedule Social Media – This one is a true lifesaver! And by that I mean it allows you to enjoy your free time so much more! If you’re posts are scheduled through WordPress and your social media posts are scheduled, you are set! I love scheduling my instagram posts through RewardStyle. While the app doesn’t post them for you, it allows you to really plan ahead so when the time comes, it’s quick and easy. Scheduling pins is also the best thing ever! Recently I’ve been using Board Booster. I couldn’t be more in love! Because, let’s be real, pinning can take up a whole LOT of time! For Twitter and Facebook I really like HootSuite. I highly recommend both! Get that free time back gal! 

Have At Least One Series – Having at least one series post you can count on each week is incredibly helpful! I have Wish List Wednesday, every single week. One my readers know what to expect when they come to my page on Wednesday {which I’ve been told they like}. Two I always know what I’ll be posting on Wednesday. It’s extremely helpful when the creative juices are following too well or I’m short on time. Choose a series that you can do every week on the same day. It’ll help take a little stress away because as I said, you’ll know what you’re going to write every week! 

Blogging Tips, Blog Tips, Blog Organizational Tips, Blog Planning Tips, Blog Editorial Calendar Tips

Try Out New Places – Writing in the same spot every time and be great! That can be your scared spot, where the creative juices flow. Or it can be where you completely draw and blank and loose all inspiration. For me I have a time of day that I am better at writing but not necessarily a particular place. So when I’m having issues coming up with new content, I head out! Hit up a local coffee shop, bakery, or juice bar. Somewhere new, with something delicious to inspire me haha. If you’re feeling uninspired, don’t sit in the same spot. Go find somewhere else to write! You may become inspired by the location or the people there or the gal that just walked by with killer boots on. You never know! 

Meet With Other Bloggers – One of the best ways to get inspired and to get motivated is to meet other bloggers. Whether it’s for the first time or it’s your blogger bestie you meet with every week. Chances are y’all write about different things or at least have slightly different styles. Brainstorming together can be the perfect medicine to an uninspired brain! Plus what’s better than grabbing acai bowls or a drink with one of your gal pals?! 

I hope these tricks and tips help you out! If you have any questions or blogger inspired posts you’d like featured please let me know! 


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  1. Elaine wrote:

    These tips were extremely helpful! Ive been blogging for exactly one week and 3 days now…lol! I can’t wait to grow in the community and see where it takes me!

    Posted 10.10.16 Reply
    • Yay! So glad you found them to be helpful!! And congrats on getting started. That is so exciting gal!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 10.11.16 Reply
  2. Great post gal! Just curious, do you use Coschedule as your editorial plugin? I’ve downloaded it twice but can’t seem to commit on using it, not even sure why! Just wondering!

    Xx Taylor

    Posted 10.11.16 Reply
  3. I have that planner too! I love it! it is so perfect !

    Posted 10.13.16 Reply
  4. Heather wrote:

    Love all of these fabulous tips Laura!! You’re the sweetest at sharing these gifts to save time!

    Posted 11.29.16 Reply