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Joshua and I moved into our new place following our wedding. Joshua had lived in the new townhouse for about a month and we had moved all of my items in while I lived in my mom’s guest room. Moving in together following our wedding was incredibly exciting! Waiting to live together was one of those things we both felt very passionately about. I’m so happy I married someone who shared that opinion and also that we stuck to it! Living together has been an incredible journey thus far, seriously loving every second of it!

One of the most exciting things about living together is making our place, our home. You know, having our personalities and personal styles shine through with each of our decor choices. We’ve only been here two weeks so there isn’t a whole lot of decor going on. This past weekend though we started hanging pictures and painting furniture {more on that to come}. Our place is definitely starting to get that homey feeling but I cannot wait to make it ours in the months to come. We had been getting some inspiration from online to help us. Here is a website we’d been using a little bit! The issue is there are so many things out there that it’s hard for us to make a decision on some things. For example, should I get this white high gloss coffee table or do I go for something completely different?

The first space to get some serious TLC will be our living room. One because that’s where you made a lot of your time and two because that’s one of the first rooms guests see. So today I decided to share with y’all some of my favorite living rooms via Pinterest. These are the rooms I’ll be using for inspiration while designing our new space.


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I am swooning SO hard over all of the textures going on in this room. Between the layered rugs, pillows, blankets, and furniture. The room looks so incredibly cozy and calm. Although, we are still considering installing blinds from somewhere like Nothing set in stone just yet. I couldn’t mind snuggling up on that couch to watch a movie with my hubs. What about you?

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Crushing on so many details in this room. Those baskets by the door…how freaking cute? I will definitely be stealing this idea. Whether it’s in our living room or possibly bathroom for towels. Also tell me you don’t want to prop your feet up on that plush coffee table/ottoman?!

Home Decor Inspiration, Home Inspiration, Decor Inspiration, Home Decor, Living Room Inspiration, Family Room Inspiration

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I desperately want a cozy little spot like this. Perfect for working on the blog late at night or catching up on some reading over the weekend. Also this color scheme is on point! Those creams, ivories, and aqua make my life!

Home Decor, Home Inspiration, Decor Inspiration, Living Room Inspiration, Family Room Inspiration

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#gallerywallgoals am I right? Loving all the different sizes, frame colors, and items. A gallery wall is an absolute must somewhere in every home. I’m thinking our living room, behind the couch, just like this room, would be the perfect spot! If you have any awesome gallery wall photos, please share!

Home Decor, Decor Inspiration, Home Inspiration, Living Room Inspiration, Family Room Inspiration

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So this room is a little different form the others {obviously haha}. I typically lean towards really calm colors {ivory, cream, white, grey, and brown} BUT this color scheme made me stop in my tracks. Those blues are fabulous and the pinks are the perfect compliment. I’m not sure I could get the hubs behind the pink but I still may be stealing some inspiration from this room. Any colors your significant others absolutely say no to?

Where do you grab your inspiration from for decorating? Any fabulous home bloggers you follow? If so, please comment and share! This gal needs all the help and inspiration she can get! Also let me know if you’d like to see more home features as we start getting our place together.

Update: Check out our completed living room here and also take a look at our living room design board here.

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  1. wow! I love this style. It’s so beautiful and details looks awesome.

    Posted 11.1.16
    • Thanks gal! Hopefully I can take serious inspirations from this room and bring it into our home.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 11.2.16
  2. Wonderful inspiration! Love a clean gallery wall!!

    Posted 11.4.16
    • Thank you! Oh me too!! I cannot wait to create one for our new home.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 11.5.16

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