August Recap

An August recap including lots of travels, lack of movies, a fun home purchase, and more! 

August Recap // Barrington Gifts Luggage // Louella Reese Life & Style Blog

c/o weekender // c/o tote 

Clothing Purchased:
Blue and White Stripe Maxi Dress very similar option 
Nude Flats 
Camel Sweater Blazer 
Navy Canvas Backpack 
White Ruffle Blouse 
Blue and White Stripe Skirt 
Work Out Tank 
Cropped Work Out Tank 
Sports Bra 
Work Out Shorts 

Home Items Purchased:
Blue and white teapot shaped ceramic tea bag coasters {4-pack

Where I Went: August was a TRAVEL month! There wasn’t a single weekend I was home for the full weekend. While feeling so blessed for the opportunities I had to travel, I am SO excited to be home this weekend! 

First, Morgan, Sarah, and I headed to The Ballantyne Hotel for a gals night! A legit full on sleepover. It was so fun and yes, we spent a lot of time giggling haha. 

Next, Morgan and I were off to Fearrington Village for a few days. You can read all about that trip here

Then, Joshua and I headed to Georgia.  We went to visit his grandparents before they move to Alabama. We had a wonderful time visiting with them, grandparents are the best. 

Lastly, Morgan and I made our way up the NC mountains to The Lodge at River Run were we spent three amazing days exploring. We basically ate and drank our way through Banner Elk and the surrounding areas. That’s what vacations are for, right? Lots to come on that trip so stay tuned. 

Movies Watched: This is insane but we actually did not watch a single movie in August. I think we were just too busy! By the time we did sit down to watch something, it was too late to start a movie. Therefore, TV shows only for us this month. 

Recipes Tried:
Easy Chicken Fried Rice – we randomly decided we wanted asian one night and I gave this recipe a go. We loved it! I ended up making it again later in the month. 
Healthy Moist Banana Bread – A healthier spin on everyone’s favorite sweet bread. I baked two loaves of this and we could not get enough of it! So delicious!  

Favorite Blog Posts of the Month on Louella Reese:
Readers Favorite –  Reese Poppy – Thank you for taking the time to read this post, comment, send me sweet messages, and support me. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate y’all! Truly, you made this extremely hard time in my life easier. I love y’all! 
My Favorite – Fearrington Village Travel Guide + Diary – I am so obsessed with this sweet place!  

Favorite Blog Posts of the Month:
What’s On My Night Stand – A Touch of Teal
Nashville City Guide – Glitter and Gingham 
New York is My City – Covering the Bases
24 Hours in Chicago – Sequins & Stripes 
Flower Farm – Gal Meets Glam

Favorite Song of the Month:
Greatest Love Story – LANCO

The Knockoff – I finally finished this book! FINALLY after months of reading. If how long it took me is any inclination, I wasn’t crazy about the book. I originally thought it was because I was so busy that it was taking so long to complete. But upon finishing, I realized it’s because I wasn’t really into the book. While there were funny parts, it was extremely slow moving. You also knew what was coming every single time something was about to happen. Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it
5 Minutes with Jesus: A Fresh Infusion of Joy – I just completed this book Wednesday morning. Every week day morning I read a “chapter” out of this book. I love it! My plan is to start the book over again to see if I gain something a little different from each chapter. Then I’ll be on the look out for a new devotional book to read each morning. Send me your favorites! Highly recommend this one
The Nest – I scooped this up on our latest Barnes & Noble date night. I’ve heard amazing things about this book and cannot wait to dive in. My plan is to start and finish the book on our beach vacation this month. I’ll keep you posted! 

TV Shows Watched/Watching: As I stated last month, I am now watching Parenthood via Netflix. In the beginning I was having a hard time getting into it as I was so in love with the Walkers from Brothers & Sisters, I couldn’t fall for the Braverman family. Now, I love them and am excited to see where “life” takes them.  Joshua and I are still watching Nashville and Scarlett is annoying me more than ever. I really hope I’m not the only one that feels that way! We’re also watching Suits. If you watch it, how freaking good looking is Harvey? Swoon

Take a look back at my recaps from JulyJune, May, and April

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  1. Alissa wrote:

    You had such a busy month but it sounds like it was GREAT!

    The Adored Life

    Posted 9.1.17 Reply
  2. Kim wrote:

    it sounds like you had an amazing august! I need to try out that banana bread…on my husbands favorite things!


    Posted 9.1.17 Reply
    • For sure! It was a great one. Yes!! You should definitely give it a try. The bread is delicious and a nice healthier option.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 9.2.17 Reply
  3. Rach wrote:

    I can’t believe you travelled every weekend! What an adventurous month! Hopefully you get to relax this weekend!

    Posted 9.1.17 Reply
  4. Joanne nelles wrote:

    Laura, Your ideas, good taste,never ending enthusiasm, I could go on & on.
    To see where you started with your Blogging, & where you are now is amazing. It has been quite a journey.
    Look forward to more & more to come.
    Your uncle Jim & I are so proud of you.
    Love. Joanne

    Posted 9.1.17 Reply
    • You are the sweetest. I really appreciate your kind words Joanne! It has been quite the journey for sure. Can’t wait to see where the future takes me, the blog, and our family!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 9.2.17 Reply
  5. What a busy month, those recipes look so awesome. WE love banana bread in our house, I’d love to make this!

    Posted 9.2.17 Reply
    • Absolutely was! They’re both really great, I would highly recommend them. I honestly ate half a loaf of banana bread myself. Within like 10 minutes of it getting out of the oven haha.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 9.2.17 Reply

    Posted 9.2.17 Reply
  7. april wrote:

    Girl, I had to stop watching nashville because it all just got to be too much! I love parenthood though!

    april |

    Posted 9.3.17 Reply
    • So glad you’re on the same page as me! We’ve been tempted to stop as well. We definitely don’t watch religiously anymore.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 9.6.17 Reply
  8. megan wrote:

    Girl it looks like you had such a busy month! I kind of love months like that though, so many adventures!

    megan |

    Posted 9.3.17 Reply
  9. Greta wrote:

    I just finished season one of Parentfood on Netflix! I’m obsessed now!

    Greta |

    Posted 9.3.17 Reply
  10. katie wrote:

    The Lodge at River Run seemed like such a fun time – so glad you and morgan got to go TOGETHER!

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

    Posted 9.3.17 Reply
    • It really was! Such a beautiful place. Thanks gal! We were too. Made it even more enjoyable.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 9.6.17 Reply
  11. JESSICA wrote:

    How is it fall already?! i love those totes!
    xo Jessica

    Posted 9.3.17 Reply
  12. Lily wrote:

    I love this type of monthly recap…I may have to start doing something like it! I love that weekender bag…perfect! And the easy fried rice, sounds like I need to give it a try!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

    Posted 9.4.17 Reply
    • Aw yay! So happy to hear you enjoy them. They’re so much fun to put together. Thanks gal! The weekender and the tote are my favorite. Love seeing the new monogram!! The fried rice is delicious and seriously so easy, highly recommend it. Thanks for stopping by!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 9.6.17 Reply
  13. Katya wrote:

    SOunds like a productive month! I will check out the books you’ve read.

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

    Posted 9.5.17 Reply
  14. Nina wrote:

    Sounds like a great month! I love those barrington bags!

    Posted 9.5.17 Reply
    • Definitely was! So blesses for all the great opportunities. Thank you gal! They’re my favorites for travel.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 9.6.17 Reply
  15. Kelsey wrote:

    Sounds like you had a busy month traveling!! Glad you had a great time! xo

    Posted 9.5.17 Reply