Current Clean Beauty Skincare Routine

Diving into my clean beauty skincare routine. As well as chatting about the brand that made me absolutely fall in love with clean beauty!

Clean Beauty Skincare Routine | Affordable Clean Skincare Line | Louella Reese

Clean beauty has been a frequent topic here on Louella Reese lately and for good reason. I cannot say enough of the importance of making the switch to clean beauty products. Whether it’s make-up or skincare (really both). Removing products filled with chemicals is such a great step in the right direction. Both for your outward appearance and for you internally. 

Therefore, I’m diving into my clean beauty skincare routine today. Which involves products from L’Bri Pure n’ Natural – the first clean beauty brand I tried and the one I have continued to use throughout the past year. In May, I shared products from their body care line that’ll have your skin summer ready in three easy steps! Which includes their Face and Body Exfoliating Scrub, one of my favorite products ever. Hands down the best exfoliator I’ve ever used and y’all it is CLEANpure and natural!

Okay, back to today’s clean beauty skincare routine. This is a five step regiment with a few of the steps only being needed every so often. Below I’m breakdown each product, when to use it, and what skin type will benefit from it the most. 

Clean Beauty Skincare Routine | Affordable Clean Skincare Line | Louella Reese
Clean Beauty Skincare Routine | Affordable Clean Skincare Line | Louella Reese


Washing my face is by far my favorite thing to do each day. Especially if I’m coming home from a full day of wearing make-up. I cannot wait to get that stuff off! Are you with me? If so, you’ll love this Deep Pore Cleanser from L’Bri Pure n’ Natural. This cleanser truly removes all of your makeup while providing a deep clean! You finish feeling refreshed and verrrry clean.

Cleanser: L’BRI cleansers are water soluble, removing pollution, oils, makeup, and imbedded impurities. 

Deep Pore Cleanser: A deep cleansing, water-soluble gel enriched with aloe vera, vitamins A, C, E and natural botanical extracts. Works effectively to calm and soothe blemished skin. Removes all traces of makeup, pore-clogging oils and environmental pollutants from the skin. Recommended for normal, combination, oily and blemished skin. 

Use: Cleanse twice daily. Gently massage an approximately quarter-sized amount on face and throat with lukewarm water, using upward and outward strokes.

Clean Beauty Skincare Routine | Affordable Clean Skincare Line | Louella Reese
Clean Beauty Skincare Routine | Affordable Clean Skincare Line | Louella Reese


As mentioned above, I love a good exfoliator! Aside from washing yourself, nothing feels better than removing dead skin cells and exposing a more radiant you. Am I right?  L’Bri Pure n’ Natural has a couple of products that make that happen. My two favorites, the Rejuvenating Facial Peel and the Facial Masque. More often than not I reach for the masque over the peel just due to preference but still use the peel here and there for stronger results! 

Exfoliator: L’BRI exfoliating products remove tired, dull surface cells and imbedded impurities from the skin without damaging or scratching delicate tissues. 

Rejuvenating Facial Peel: A unique exfoliator, made with natural fruit enzymes of green papaya, calming pineapple, and stabilized aloe vera gel. Works to dissolve dead skin cells naturally without acids. Helps to dramatically improve skin tone, clarity and texture for a healthy, vibrant complexion. Excellent for all skin types including those with rosacea, sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Use: Apply a thin layer to clean, dry skin over entire face (avoid eyes). Skin should be cleansed and moisturized in the evening and the peel applied in the morning before cleansing. Allow peel to sit for up to one minute. With dry fingers rub gently in a circular motion until you see small ‘beads’ of skin form. Once beading has stopped, rinse face with warm water, pat dry, and follow with freshener.

Clean Face Masks | Clean Beauty Face Masks | Louella Reese
Clean Face Masks | Clean Beauty Face Masks | Louella Reese

Facial Masque: Enjoy tightened and toned skin while minimizing the appearance of wrinkles. As the masque tightens it clears dead skin cells and restores the skin’s natural smoothness. An excellent addition to the skin care routine for those with dry, blemished skin by leaving on overnight to spot treat blemishes, drawing out impurities in the pores. Recommended for all skin types.

Use: Use two to three times per week after cleansing. Apply with fingertips or facial sponge in an upward motion to face and throat. Avoid eye and upper lip areas. Allow facial masque to dry for 10-15 minutes. Rinse and pat dry. Follow with freshener, treatment products as recommended and moisture lotion. For dry skin, apply a light layer of moisturizer, allow to penetrate the skin and then apply Facial Masque as directed.

Clean Beauty Eye Cream | Louella Reese
Clean Beauty Eye Cream | Louella Reese

Under Eye

Praise for under-eye creams and gels. I mean seriously, what did women do before them? Such game changing products. Under-eye products are at the top of my must have list for skincare. Therefore, I’ve tested several and found a few a really like, the Smooth n’ Firm Eye Repair Gel is one of them. It gets the job done and feels amazing! Plus I kinda love the fun green color of it! 

Anti-Aging Products: L’BRI anti-aging products contain powerful ingredients that are specifically formulated to manage issues of aging skin such as loss of firmness, lines and wrinkles, large pores, age spots, and free radical damage. 

Smooth n’ Firm Eye Repair Gel: contains a superior anti-aging tetrapeptide which works to dramatically reduce puffy eyes while enhancing skin elasticity and smoothness. Contains a proprietary blend of active botanicals that work to reduce dark circles and wrinkles, improve microcirculation and strengthen the skin’s collagen and elastin while reducing the presence of free radicals. 

Use: Apply twice daily after cleanser and freshener. Using ring finger, apply around entire eye area including eyelid with a gentle, patting motion.

  • Pro Tip: keep in the fridge – the cool gel feels amazing under your eyes and will further help with reducing puffiness.
Clean Beauty Skincare Routine | Affordable Clean Skincare Line | Louella Reese
Clean Beauty Fresheners | Clean Beauty Facial Sprays | Louella Reese

Freshener/Facial Spray

Okay being honest, I’ve always loved testing fresheners/facial sprays in stories. Like hi Anthropologie, I’m the gal that walks in and immediately heads to your testers to spray a little freshener on my face. However, I’ve never owned one until receiving L’Bri Pure n’ Natural‘s Gentle Freshener. Now I’m hooked and don’t know why I only tried it when shopping. 

It is the perfect product to use regularly twice a day (as mentioned below) but also wonderful when it’s really hot out and you need a little refresher! After all the product works to restore your proper pH balance. In my opinion, it’s a must have come hot, humid summer days!

Freshener: L’BRI fresheners restore proper pH balance and prepare skin to absorb needed moisture. 

Gentle Freshener: This alcohol-free freshener bathes the skin in soothing aloe vera, arnica, ginseng and chamomile. Completes the cleansing process as it refines pores and improves circulation without stripping away needed moisture. Safe for use around eye area. For normal or dry skin.

Use: Use twice daily after cleanser or after use of scrub, peel or masque. Apply to a cotton pad and wipe in an upward motion over entire face and neck.

Clean Beauty Moisturizer | Louella Reese


Always one to lather up – a great moisturizer is a must! One that is gentle on my sensitive skin yet fully hydrates it! My face typically reacts very quickly to new products – by that I mean if it dislikes the product I breakout the next day or see lots of blackheads pop up. On the other end of that, if a product works well, hello dewy skin. The Gentle Moisture Lotion welcomed dewy skin and has kept it going!

Moisturizer: L’BRI moisturizers hold five times their weight in water, helping to restore skin’s moisture level while plumping lines and wrinkles. 

Gentle Moisture Lotion: This nourishing, hydrating lotion replenishes and protects the skin against moisture loss, and minimizes the appearance of fine lines. Absorbs deeply and thoroughly with no greasy residue. For normal and dry skin. Not recommended for blemish-prone skin.

Use: Use twice daily after cleanser, freshener and treatment products as recommended. Massage into skin with lightly moistened fingertips using upward and outward motions until absorbed.

This post was sponsored by L’BRI Pure N’ Natural. All views and opinions are of course my own! Thank you for supporting the brands that make Louella Reese happen! 

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  1. Your skin is glowing!!! I’ve never heard of this brand before, but I’m definitely going to check them out. I don’t have much of a set skincare routine right now, so it might be good to try out some of these products and find ones that work for me!

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Posted 7.11.19 Reply
    • Aw thank you Carrington! Yes you absolutely should – it is such a great brand and this five-step regimen is an awesome one to start with. Would highly recommend it!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 7.11.19 Reply
  2. Morgan wrote:

    Want to try the exfoliater and the facial spray! Cracking up because I can totally see you walking into an Anthro and testing all the sprays haha .. and I would be right behind you doing the same 🙂

    How 2 Wear It []

    Posted 7.11.19 Reply
    • Yessss you seriously NEED the exfoliator – it is so good. The facial spray too. Haha yep, every single time 🙂 glad you’d be with me!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 7.11.19 Reply
  3. Danielle wrote:

    I have definitely been paying closer attention to clean beauty lately and to the ingredients I’m using in my daily routine!

    xo, Danielle

    Posted 7.11.19 Reply
  4. rebecca wrote:

    oooh i love a good exfoliator & can’t have too many face masks! Might need to try!

    xx rebecca

    Posted 7.11.19 Reply
    • With you girl friend! I’m ALL about a good face mask – two or three times a week. I love them <3 And yes, you absolutely should!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 7.11.19 Reply
  5. Totally checking this brand out!

    xoxo Sarah

    Posted 7.11.19 Reply
  6. Kileen wrote:

    I’ve been trying to make the switch to cleaner products. These sound amazing, definitely need to try them out!

    cute & little

    Posted 7.11.19 Reply
  7. I hadn’t heard of this brand until now but I am curious to check them out now.


    Posted 7.12.19 Reply
  8. Laura S wrote:

    What a great skincare line! I love these products!

    Posted 7.14.19 Reply
  9. Victoria wrote:

    I’ve been trying to be much more conscious of the things I put on my body lately, especially skincare. I have yet to find a total routine that works for me that’s clean, so I’ll definitely have to try out these products. Right now, I’m loving the Summer Fridays mask as a “treat” because it’s relatively pricey!
    xx Victoria

    Posted 7.14.19 Reply
    • That is great to hear lady! And I would 100% recommend this total routine. It is absolutely wonderful and truly does wonders for your skin.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 7.16.19 Reply
  10. roxy wrote:

    They look soothing just from the photos! I’ve never heard of this brand but I’m always on the lookout for products for sensitive skin, so you know I’m checking L’BRI out!

    Posted 7.16.19 Reply
    • They really are – such a great way to describe them! Yay! You’ll have to let me know what you think!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 7.16.19 Reply
  11. The exfoliating products sound like major winners in my book! Time to check out these clean beauty products 🙂

    xo Amanda |

    Posted 7.16.19 Reply
  12. Lindsay wrote:

    I’m always looking for new clean beauty brands and I’ve never heard of this one before! I agree that clean products are so important to include in our daily routines!

    Posted 7.18.19 Reply
    • Yayyy! Hope you give it a try – you will absolutely love L’Bri. And YES girl – so glad you agree!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 7.23.19 Reply