September 2019 Recap

Sharing my September 2019 recap – including several new home buys, our first wedding of the season, and lots more! 

Louella Reese September 2019 Recap | Fall Front Porch Decor


Prettiest jumpsuit ever for our fall weddings
Comfiest jumpsuit ever in a shade perfect for fall (see styled for summer, fall coming soon)
Super easy, comfortable tee shirt midi dress (see styled two ways)
Tortoise Shell Hair Clips (see styled casually)
Cali Demi-Boot Jeans in Dory Wash (seen above)


Brass Curtain Rods (x2)
Linen/Cotton Drapes – in Ivory (x2) 
Live Olive Bush 
Step Up Stool for the Kitchen
Pumpkins (large, medium, small) for our front porch
All Are Welcome Here mat for our front porch
Woven Rug to go under the Welcome Mat for our front porch
Prettiest Basket for the BEST Price for our front porch
Faux Eucalyptus in Terracotta Pot to go in the basket for our front porch (x2)


Duluth, Minnesota – this was for our first of three weddings of the season. It was a bit of a destination wedding as the bride and groom both live in Charlotte. However, the bride is from the mid-west and visited the venue, The Glensheen Mansion, as a child. She quickly proclaimed this is where she would get married one day and well, they made it happen! The venue was absolutely beautiful and God provided them with the perfect break in fog + rain for their ceremony. It was truly gorgeous! 


Mystic River – This was a Netflix pick after what seemed like hours trying to figure out what to watch. Later realized I had actually watched this movie before but it is a good one so I didn’t mind watching again. It is a very intense movie! From the topics it covers to the acting to how it leaves you feeling. Definitely not a feel good movie but again, a good movie. One I would recommendation watching. Great movie to watch with your guy when he’s over watching rom-coms. 

Falling Inn Love – A super cheesy Netflix original where you know exactly what is going to happen from the very beginning. However, I loved it. Even though audience on Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 28% I would recommend it. It’s a feel good movie. One that’s good to have one while you’re doing something – I was catching up on Instagram (responding to DMs and comments). Joshua did not watch this one but I can tell you with 100% certainty he would not have liked it haha. 

Five Feet Apart – As you may have saw via my Instagram stories, I read this book throughout the month of September. Mainly so I could watch the movie as I love Cole Sprouse. The book was beyond incredible! One of those can’t put down kind of books that is fills you with so much detail you know exactly what everyone looks like, what they’re feeling, and what the scene is like. The movie on the other hand leaves out SO much! Which I know happens a lot with movies that were originally books however, I think this one does it even more. SO many little details, details that I thought were very important to building the characters were left out. They also totally left out the ending of the book which was super weird to me. That is what left you feeling good and all happy inside. Bottom line, yes watch the movie but know the book was A LOT better!


Okay, I know I mentioned last month I would be doing lots of cooking and baking this month but that honestly did not happen. This month flew by and time seemed to be nonexistent! I did however whip up my own creation for some cookies and will be sharing that in October. So yummy, so unique, and perfect for fall! 


The String Bean – actually ate here twice this month. It is one of my favorite local restaurants. The menu offers a wide variety of healthy options and completely indulgent treats. A little something for everyone and every mood! The first visit of the month I had the figgylicious pizza (skipped the prosciutto and asked for chicken) and the second visit I had the blackened beef tip salad. Both were wonderful!

The Mad Greek of Charlotte – we went here with a big group after church one Sunday. I believe only one of us had been there (there were probably 12 of us) and we all trusted her that it would be delicious (it’s not in the best area of town). And WOW was she RIGHT! So delicious, fresh, and truly authentic. I couldn’t recommend this spot more! 


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Slow Dance in a Parking Lot – Jordan Davis


Well I finished up Cable Girls on Netflix and I loved it! I’m hoping they are coming out with a fifth season. Honestly, super disappointed that the fourth season was so short. I’m definitely invested in the characters and need to know what happens to them. I don’t want to spill any beans because so many of you said via Instagram that you watch as well but haven’t caught up yet. So let me just leave it at this…the fourth season is intense, insane, and a little unpredictable. 


This adorable green bag that’s a total dupe (under $50) for my go to fall bag ($188).
The creamy cropped cardigan of my dreams.
The cutest pumpkins (large, medium, small) for your home ever!
A cozy, oversized sweater in the prettiest jewel tone.


So I was ON it the first half of the month and feeling so incredibly good. Then the first wedding came and now I’ve been sick for the last six days. Therefore, no workouts beyond walks and 1 yoga session for the last week. Not feeling so hot! Ready to dive back into work outs and get back on track. Hopefully, I will be better by Monday and can do so. I have however been keeping up with FASTer Way to Fat Loss eating program. Even a little more so than last month (aka keeping it together on the weekends better). Even kept up the intermittent fasting during the wedding weekend which was a little tricky with a couple of late night eating sessions haha. If you’re interested in finding out more about FWTFL you can read about my FWTFL experience, FWTFL vs. BBG, and low carb day tips/recommendations – all on my health & fitness page

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  1. Mollie wrote:

    I need to check out Cable Girls – it looks really good! Sounds like you had a great month!!

    xx Mollie

    Posted 9.28.19 Reply
  2. Lisa Autumn wrote:

    Happy October lovely!

    x Lisa |

    Posted 9.29.19 Reply
  3. Rachel wrote:

    Such an amazing month!! I have been looking for curtain rods for my place and the ones you got are SO pretty and the price is amazing!


    Posted 9.30.19 Reply
    • Definitely was! A busy one as well. They are my absolute favorite – we have the brushed nickel in our living room as well and LOVE it!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 9.30.19 Reply
  4. Morgan wrote:

    Did you buy the cropped cardigan?! I love it and think it would be perfect in your fall wardrobe!

    How 2 Wear It []

    Posted 9.30.19 Reply
  5. Maureen wrote:

    I can’t wait to read Five Feet Apart. It sounds like a good read and to be honest, I would rather read than watch! I hope you feel better soon.

    Maureen |

    Posted 10.1.19 Reply
    • It is SO good! And with you on that gal – the book is always so much better. Thanks love!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 10.1.19 Reply
  6. I still need to see that movie! It looked really good with Cole Sprouse as the lead. I also can’t believe they would leave out so much from the book, what a disappointment! I love the boots you are wearing in this pic, and your front porch is coming along for fall! Cute white pumpkins.

    Amanda |
    Affordable by Amanda

    Posted 10.4.19 Reply
    • He is my absolute favorite aka I am completely obsessed with him. He was great in the movie for sure but yeah, super bummed about how much they left out. Thank you lady!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 10.4.19 Reply