Update: 20 Things I Want to Make Happen in 2020

Sharing a 2020 goal update – what’s been accomplished and what I need to work on!

2020 Goal Update | Louella Reese

Early this year I shared 20 Things I Want to Make Happen in 2020 and since we’re heading into month six of 2020 (how crazy is that?) I thought I would share how I’m doing with those 20 things. Obviously 2020 hasn’t turned out as so many of us had imagined and the circumstances have limited the ability to cross some items off the list. However, I’m determined to make the best of 2020 and make as much happy as possible. Thought a little update may help hold me accountable and maybe inspire y’all as little as well! 

So let’s dive into a little 2020 goal update – what’s been accomplished and which ones I need to work on…

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With the pandemic we unfortunately have had to cancel several trips including Austin, Texas and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Which were on my travel list for 2020. I did however cross Memphis, Tennessee off the list right before the pandemic hit. Which I am thrilled I was able to do! Memphis is such a cool town and boyyyyy do they have some really great food! It is the perfect town for a gals getaway or couples weekend. I put together a travel diary recapping the trip – which included some of the coolest/most beautiful AirBNBs ever!  


Another trip/experience I was able to get in early this year! We didn’t luck out in terms of weather however the shows, presentations, and meetings did not disappoint! We did decide if we attend again we’ll make it a super quick, jammed pack 48 hours. Four days absolutely kicked our butts this year haha.  


Quarantine gave us a lot to make this happen. We completely updated the flower bed in front of our front porch with hydrangeas and boxwoods. So far one out of two hydrangeas is thriving – the other two are surviving haha. The boxwoods are also doing really well and luckily do not require a lot of work. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for some greenery in your yard. 

We also added an additional flower bed to the other side of our front steps. Same plants there as well. 


This has happened on Instagram stories, not at all here on the blog. So I need to work on this one! 


Quarantine has really helped/encouraged me to make time for this and make it happen! More on this below but definitely more face masks, hair masks, longer skincare routines, and all of that good stuff. 


Honestly, I don’t know if I have been great at this! In some ways I feel as though I have taken more but in other ways I feel I haven’t stopped at all. So this one is staying on the list and needs a little work!


Nope. Hasn’t happened. Here’s a very creative second half of the year! 


We did it! Mostly Joshua haha but I helped plant. Joshua did a lot of research on what plants would thrive in our yard, what to plant next to what, and what to add to your garden to make it a successful one. So far they are all looking great and I am VERY excited to have some fresh veggies. We already have quite a few herbs growing vigorously. 


Another honest moment, I completely forgot about this goal – whoops! Here’s to hoping I’m a quick learner haha. 


Y’all I have ROCKED this one haha. Not only have I been doing at least one face mask each week but more like two or three. It has been soo nice and my face is really showing the benefits of it! 

A few of my favorite masks:
Counter+ Charcoal Face Mask
Luna Bright Brightening White Clay Mask
Buff City Soap Mask

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Due to the pandemic we haven’t been able to see family in person as often as we would like. However, we have been connecting with them via phone, FaceTime, and Zoom a lot more often. I truthfully have never chatted with my family so often on the phone.


We have done a couple things – donating to a few local charities, purchasing gift cards during the quarantine from small boutiques + restaurants, and working to encourage others to do the same. We definitely want to do more and get more involved as we can! 

What are some of your favorite ways get involved?


Ehhh doing okay with this one. Have a lot more I want to share and put together! One post I loved and y’all seemed to as well (it was the number one viewed post in May) our front porch update. Planning to share our gallery wall project soon. As well as a couple of painting projects, living room update, and some shelf styling. 


Another goal affected by the quarantine. We haven’t had the ability to get together but hopefully the second half of the year we’ll be able to. 

Any type of parties you’d be interested in us putting together for inspiration? 


Quarantine definitely made this impossible! Found myself shopping online pretty often  – thinking I’m not alone in this. It was an easy/fun way to pass time and update spaces we were spending all of our time in. But I’m thinking sometime in the late summer or fall.  


Still planning what I want to splurge on!! 


The first few months of the year I was taking at least one or two classes a week at On Track Yoga in Mount Holly. They were making me feel sooo good! A lot less tension and more flexible. Not to mention more relaxed and centered. Yoga really is so good for the body, mind, and soul. Lately, I have been taking classes online with Above Yoga

2020 Goal Update | Louella Reese

If you were sharing your 2020 goal update, how would you be doing? COMMENT BELOW AND share.


  1. rebecca wrote:

    dang girl, I think you are doing pretty darn well!! thanks to quarantine I have knocked off a lot our list (closet cleanout, attic cleanout), but I definitely have room for improvement when it comes to other aspects of my life. Thx for sharing this – helps hold me accountable too 🙂

    xx rebecca // thecrystalpress.com/blog

    Posted 6.9.20
    • Oh my gosh thank you gal – I really appreciate that! I bet those clean outs felt soooo good! Of course 🙂 thanks for checking it out – happy to be accountability partners.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 6.9.20
  2. You are killing it out there. Quarantine Queen 😀 I also love the idea behind this post.

    ❥ tanvii.com

    Posted 6.9.20
  3. Lee wrote:

    You’re doing so great with your goals! Considering 2020 threw us for a major loop you’ve still accomplished so much!

    Posted 6.9.20
    • Aw thanks lady 🙂 definitely doesn’t feel like it some days but y’all are making me feel good – which I appreciate lots! Yes, definitely has thrown us for a big one.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 6.9.20
  4. Sam wrote:

    Good going!! My main goal is to successfully transition to new content since I just began my rebrand process! But my other goals are to pick my exercise routine back up, spend more time with my loved ones and really figure out a good work schedule so I don’t overwork myself. (:

    Posted 6.9.20
  5. Stephanie wrote:

    It’s tough how many goals were disrupted by the pandemic. I had so many of my own, including traveling more, that haven’t gotten to happen at all because of lockdown. And I can’t even go out as things start to lift here because I can’t wear masks due to health issues, and masks are mandatory. It’s been tough! But it looks like you’ve still made the most of the first half of the year! That’s fantastic, girlfriend.

    Posted 6.9.20
    • Couldn’t agree more! Oh girl I am so sorry – that is very hard! I hope things are lifted more in your area and people continue to stay safe + healthy. Thank you for the positive words!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 6.10.20
  6. Lizzie wrote:

    OMG I love masking haha! And I actually play the banjo! It’s so much fun 🙂 I’ve been feeling the need to revamp my 2020 goals a well since a lottt has changed since then lol!


    Posted 6.10.20
    • Haha same! It is the best! Ah I love that you play the banjo – definitely need to jump on that ASAP.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 6.10.20
  7. I feel you on the no buy. Quarantine only increased my spending and gave me more reason to shop! Love the goals, it’s a great list! xoxo, Saragh

    Posted 6.10.20
  8. Rachel wrote:

    You’re making great progress, despite the circumstances! I can’t wait for you to learn to play the banjo, I’m all for instruments!


    Posted 6.10.20
  9. Ophelia wrote:

    OMG how are we already at month 6 of 2020?!? You are so lucky you could cross one of your travel goals off your list pre-pandemic. I had planned several trips this year too and it looks like all of mine will be postponed indefinitely.

    Posted 6.10.20
    • I am just as shocked! It has been the quickest and slowest year at the same time. Definitely happy I was able to cross a couple of them off prior. So sorry about your trips! Hopefully 2021 is your year to travel!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 6.11.20
  10. Anna English wrote:

    I can’t wait to see what you do with your hair over the next few months!

    Posted 6.11.20
  11. Loved this! I also enjoy setting goals. Your NYFW item caught my attention. I have been going to the shows too and yes it is back to back days of craziness. Good thing you got that one in there in February, as it is unlikely we will see the shows occur in that same way again. Cheers!

    Posted 6.11.20
    • Thank you gal! That is so very true – I didn’t think about that.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 6.15.20
  12. Oh my gosh this is SUCH a fun post!! I want to see you play the banjo!! And I know you could totally do some fun hairstyles!

    Posted 6.13.20
    • Thank you girl friend!! Excited to learn – I need to jump on it though. And thank you – starting with braids!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 6.15.20
  13. Annaliese wrote:

    My resolutions have been super affected this year haha! Like you I’ve had several trips cancelled, and having to unexpectedly get a new car last month derailed some of my savings goals- hopefully I can make that up before the end of the year!

    Cheers to still getting so many done though!

    xoxo A

    Posted 6.15.20
    • Oh no! Well it’s a big accomplishment to get a car so you should be proud of that! And thank you gal 🙂

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 6.15.20
  14. You are doing so great girl! Keep killin it and keep sharing! This helps keep me in the right mindset for my goals too. Xx.

    Posted 6.15.20

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