10 Best Sellers of Summer 2020…So Far

Best sellers of summer 2020 | Lifestyle | Louella Reese

Can you believe we are already halfway through July? Which means we’re halfway through summer. It is so crazy how slow the first portion of the year went and how crazy fast summer is going by. Although I feel summer flies by every year! I thought it would be fun to share a couple of the best sellers of summer 2020 – the pieces y’all have purchased most from what I have shared. So many of these are some of my favorite purchases of summer 2020. Or summer 2019 that I reach for often again this year. Below you will find the 10 best sellers of summer 2020 with a little about each one. Including sizing recommendations for the items of clothing.  

10 Best Sellers of Summer 2020

Best Sellers of Summer 2020 | The Best Straw Hat for Summer 2020 | Lifestyle | Louella Reese

Brixton Straw Hat

The perfect classic straw hat to wear with everything from a floral maxi dress to shorts and a tee shirt + everything in between!  A super versatile hat that’ll carry you from one occasion to the next. 

The hat is structured, great quality, very comfortable, comes in a variety of colors, has sizing options and is under $50. Another benefit, it looks great on everyone! I cannot tell you how many people have asked to try it on or said they loved my hat and wish they could pull it off so I forced them to try it on…it looks good one everyone! A universally flattering hat. 

Wide Leg Crop Pants for Summer | Lifestyle | Louella Reese

Everlane Wide Leg Crop Pants

For the past two summers (and spring and fall as well) I have been wearing these pants nonstop – to church to events to day dates to meetings and just about everywhere else. They’re comfortable, easy, not too heavy but don’t stretch a ton (hold their shape), and they look SO cute with tops tucked into them. They fit true to size and I wear a size 0 for reference. I am typically a 0 or 2 in pants. 

I 100% understand why these are a best seller! I love them so much I scooped up a second color! 

Best sellers of summer 2020 | Lifestyle | Louella Reese

Chunky Seagrass Woven Serving Bowl

My sister-in-law bought us two of these for Christmas. They were quickly put to use. One as a fruit basket and the other as a catchall in our kitchen. We place our phone cords, mail, and just random items that need to be somewhat in eyesight so we remember them. 

They are of amazing quality and the perfect size for kitchen countertops. 

White Ceramic Pitcher

Actually shared this as it is similar to one we received as a wedding gift. I don’t actually use it as a pitcher but rather a vase for flowers and greenery. It is currently sitting on our mantle filled with eucalyptus. One of those items you don’t necessarily need but may use very often. 

Best Summer Loungewear, Lightweight Loungewear | Louella Reese

Square Distressed Brown Faux Leather Pouf

A simple, cute little accessory I ordered for the office. Love the different texture and pop of “color” it adds to the space. It is pretty stiff but has softened over time as I have sat on it or place items on it. 

Welcome Front Porch Sign | Louella Reese

Porch Welcome Sign

A gift from Joshua’s cousin for Christmas that sits pretty next to our front door. Fun fact: after adding this to our front porch just about every other house in our neighborhood now has one on their front porch. We definitely started a trend here! This one is great quality, the perfect size, and customizable. Not to mention a really great price! 

Please Hide Packages from my Husband Front Door Mat | Louella Reese

Please Hide Packages from my Husband Door Mat

Saw this and HAD to have it! All the delivery people have had a fun little laugh over it and even one Amazon gal was sweet enough to actually hide a package. She hid it behind the welcome sign! 

If you’re an online shopper you definitely need this door mat in your life!

Best Sellers of Summer 2020 | Affordable Swimsuits for Summer 2020 | Lifestyle | Louella Reese

High-Waisted Bandeau Bikini

LOVE THIS ONE! This is the cutest, most flattering, and most comfortable swimsuit I have ever tried on. Completely in love I’m contemplating an additional color/ pattern. The smocked top offers removable padding and a decent amount of support. You have the ability to tighten the removable straps to fit you comfortably while providing a little extra support. The high-waisted bottom suck/hold you in while also moving right along with you. The bottoms are just slightly cheeky but still offer a great amount of coverage. 

Size: Wearing a size small. Fits tts.
Colors: Comes in 15 different color/pattern options

Affordable Swimsuits for Summer 2020 | Scallop High-Waisted Bikini | Louella Reese

High-Waisted Scallop Textured Bikini

A total dupe for the adorable Marysia scallop bikini – which is $148 for the bottoms and $150 for the top. So at $17.79 this suit is way more budget-friendly and way more my speed! This suit is comfortable, flattering, and oh so soft! The wide straps offer extra support and coverage. Not to mention adorable retro vibes that pair perfectly with the high-waisted bottoms. Which offer full coverage. A lace-up back adds a fun little touch to this otherwise simple swimsuit. 

The perfect suit when you have a full day at the beach or pool. Especially with children or if you plan to be very active. This swimsuit moves with you and offers a great amount of coverage.

Size: Wearing a size small. Fits tts.
Colors: Sky blue, light pink, mint green, and red wine.

Best Sellers of Summer 2020 | Striped High-Waisted Bikini | Lifestyle | Louella Reese

Striped High-Waisted Bikini

OBSESSED with this adorable swimsuit! Even cuter in person than it is online and in photos. The vertical stripes are very flattering – as is the cut of the bottoms. They do come up quite high on your thighs and the back is rather cheeky! I will be saving this one for future trips with Joshua! Not one I personally would be comfortable wearing around family – don’t need them seeing half my booty haha. 

I love how the straps are adjustable and the tie around the waist also allows you to adjust the waist a bit. Has great coverage and support for the girls. 

Size: Wearing a size small. Fits tts.

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  1. Dana Mannarino wrote:

    I LOVE those swimsuits! Also the leather pouf is perfect for your office ANDDDDD that doormat is AMAZING. I’m laughing that someone actually hid your package!!

    Dana | It’s Casual Blog 

    Posted 7.16.20 Reply
    • Thank you GF! Isn’t the pouf so perfect? It was a had to have when I saw it. I literally died laughing when I saw she hid it and then also thought it was the cutest thing ever. Us gals gotta stick together haha!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 7.20.20 Reply
  2. Hard to pick a favorite in the two-piece sets. They all look so good on you! The blue is a lovely color on you.

    Posted 7.16.20 Reply
  3. Well you know I LOVE the baby blue swimsuit but now I want that cute pitcher!! And the porch welcome sign is so perfect!

    Posted 7.16.20 Reply
    • That I do 🙂 it is such a good one! Every lady needs a simple white pitcher for sure!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 7.20.20 Reply
  4. Ashley Hargrove wrote:

    This is such a great roundup!! I literally love every single one of these pieces. That door mat is a best seller of mine too. It’s just TOO funny!!!

    Posted 7.17.20 Reply
  5. Lizzie wrote:

    LOL that mat so funny! I love all the swimsuits and everything you’re wearing!


    Posted 7.17.20 Reply
  6. Stephanie wrote:

    Girl, you know I’m a massive fan of your style, and that being said: I WANT IT ALL. Seriously, I’ve been eyeing those wide leg pants for ages, and I’m obsessing over the different swimsuits. You’ve tripled my wishlist this summer!

    Posted 7.19.20 Reply
    • You are just the sweetest ever! Truly make my day every time with you kind comments. Thank you love!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 7.20.20 Reply
  7. Amanda wrote:

    Straw hats are a must for summer! Loving the color of this one. Also, I NEED one of those adorable seagrass baskets!

    Posted 7.19.20 Reply
    • Could not agree with you more! Oh you totally need at least one – they are so pretty and functional – can use in so many spots around the house.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 7.20.20 Reply
  8. Emily Wilkinson wrote:

    all of the swimsuits are SO cute! I also love that leather pouf

    Posted 7.20.20 Reply
  9. Morgan wrote:

    I’m very jealous of your bikini collection .. they’re all so cute! I can tell why they’re top sellers!

    the HER chronicles [] http://theherchronicles.com

    Posted 7.23.20 Reply