Flying During the Coronavirus Essentials: 10 Must Haves

So truthfully, I was not going to share the fact that I travelled via plane last week. Mainly due to fear of backlash from those who believe traveling via plane right now is wrong. While I am not promoting constant travel or really even travel in general I decided that my job/responsibility is to share my experience with y’all and to best prepare you, if you are needing or choose to travel. We in all honesty would not have traveled via plane this summer (or maybe even the rest of 2020) however a family member of ours was celebrating their wedding and we wanted to be there to celebrate and support them! So if you find yourself in a similar situation, I wanted to provide what I learned from my experience traveling via plane during Covid-19 to best prepare you and share of list of what I am calling flying during Coronavirus essentials!

Below you will find items I packed for our flight and then those I wish I had packed. Each one is pretty necessary right now and would be great to have with you!

Flying During Coronavirus Essentials: 10 Must Have Items

Flying During Covid Essentials | Lifestyle | Louella Reese


Face Mask

First and foremost, a face mask is a must! The biggest reason being they are required on all flights right now and secondly, trust me you want one. While some airlines are taking the precaution of spacing out passengers, others are not. American, the airlines we flew, is not. Therefore, I was extra thankful that face masks were required and to have several with me! My recommendation is to pack at least two for your travels. One for your flight there and another for your flight home. An additional face mask would be ideal for you to use while at your destination when needed. 

Flying During the Coronavirus Essentials | Lifestyle | Louella Reese

Sanitizing Wipes

Another must have in my opinion! Having sanitizing wipes to wipe down your seat, tray table, seat belt, and actual seat is such a great way to make sure any germs that were previously on these surfaces are no longer there when you take your seat. They also come in handy when you want to wipe down your cellphone, laptop, and any other electronics you may be using during travel. 

Hand Sanitizer 

This one shouldn’t come as a surprise! Most of us carried hand sanitizer with us prior to Covid-19 anyways but now more than ever it is a must pack item. We had several with us to use throughout our travels with a small one packed in my travel tote to be used on flight and in the airport. I cannot tell you how many times we used the sanitizer and were beyond thankful for it! 


Another item several people may have carried with them prior but I honestly think they are even more necessary now. With so many people focused on other things people were not respectful of the noise they were making. We had a woman across the aisle from us listening to a podcast on speaker, a mom with two children behind us who refused to have the kids use headphones while playing cartoons on an iPad, and couple a row up that would not stop arguing over health precautions (or lack there of). Praise the Lord Joshua packed a pair because I thought things would be calmer and I would just work away on my computer. Oh how wrong I was! So do yourself a favor and pack a pair! 

Full Water Bottle

With flight service being paused at the moment (a great decision in my opinion) you no longer receive water to hydrate. Therefore, providing your own is required! Any type of travel typically dehydrates you a bit but flying takes it to a whole other level! While we did notice water fountains are open, I would recommend leaving your water bottle at home and purchasing one at the airport. Less opportunity for your water bottle to collect germs. 

On the way there and the way home we each bought large water bottles and found ourselves finishing them well before the flights landed! I feel as though I am saying this a lot but now more than ever is an important time to stay hydrated!

Handsfree Snacks 

Not something I thought about until after I was on the plane BUT handsfree snacks would be a major perk and a smart decision right now. Less opportunity for germs to transfer from your hands to your mouth. Opt for a snack bar, almond butter packs, chia seed snack packs, or string cheese

Cloth Face Masks | Flying During Coronavirus Essentials | Lifestyle | Louella Reese
Cloth Face Masks | Lifestyle | Louella Reese

Face Wipes

If you’re anything like me you feel kind of dirty and sticky after a flight. Which I noticed I felt even more so traveling during a pandemic. Having face wipes to cleanse your face is such a great way to freshen up and feel as though you’ve wiped off some of the dirt + stickiness. Plus cleaning inside your nose is a great way to get rid of any germs that may have made their way into your nasal passage during the flight. The nasal passageway is close to other niches like the lungs, mouth, and throat. So wiping it post flight is a great additional precaution to take. 

Eye Mask or Glasses

The guy beside us had an eye mask on the entire flight home and honestly I was so incredibly jealous! Aside from an eye mask being a great way to catch some extra zzz’s and relax a bit, having your eyes covered is also a great additional precaution to take. One it keeps you from touching your eyes and two keeps germs from getting into your eyes. If an eye mask is just out of the question for you due to comfort or you want to get work done, bring a pair of glasses instead – prescription or blue light. They’ll provide an extra layer of protection and keep you from touching your eyes. 

Reading Material 

You are not going to want to touch the magazine in the seat back pocket of the chair in front of you. Bring your own reading materials! Extra points if you can throw it away following your flight. 


Patience is a virtue and one you absolutely need to have when traveling right now! All of this is so new to all of us and we are all trying to figure it out, get use to it, and be the best we can in the current situation. So be patient with yourself, with one another, and specifically those traveling with and around you. 



  1. Morgan wrote:

    All essentials for sure! And I actually think if its a long trip, flying might be safer than a roadtrip. Think of all the stops you would have to make on a long roadtrip and all the exposure you would have!

    the HER chronicles []

    Posted 7.23.20
    • That is so very true! Keeps it to just a certain amount of people and one spot.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 7.28.20
  2. Emily wrote:

    These are great tips/essentials. I especially love the handsfree snacks because it’s something I would have never thought of as well.

    – Emily

    Posted 7.24.20
    • Thank you so much Emily! Yes, definitely a good idea. Will be packing all handsfree snacks in the future.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 7.28.20
  3. Lizzie wrote:

    Thank you for sharing this! We had a road trip planned for last week and had to cancel. Thought about flying but my husband was too scared lol! I appreciate you telling us about your experience!


    Posted 7.28.20
    • Of course gal! Hope y’all find it helpful for when you do travel again.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 8.6.20
  4. Jamaria Johnson wrote:

    This is good! All of these items are essentials for sure. As long as we practice social distancing and sanitize and stuff, I think we will be okay! Xo

    Posted 7.28.20
  5. Stephanie wrote:

    Excellent tips for traveling right now. I don’t have any plans to really go anywhere, let alone fly, during this particular season, but I’m sure I’ll want to be extra cautious whenever I do end up back on planes again. I appreciate your insight!

    Posted 7.29.20
  6. Canceled my summer vacation becasue I can’t even imagine air traveling right now but better to be prepared. Great tips! xoxo, Sarah

    Posted 7.29.20
  7. Rebecca wrote:

    Thanks so much for sharing this LL! I think it’s important that we not be afraid to share, especially if it is going to help someone else!!

    Xx Rebecca //

    Posted 7.29.20
  8. Ashley Hargrove wrote:

    This is such a great post!! We have been considering trying to plan a trip and I know I would be so OCD about what to bring on the flight!

    Posted 7.29.20
    • Aw thank you Ashley! I really appreciate that! With you on that haha. We had a very well stocked bag!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 8.6.20
  9. I have no plans on getting on the plan anytime soon, but should I ‘need’ to this is a great list to have as something to refer to – Thanks!


    Posted 7.29.20
  10. Rachel wrote:

    So many great essentials for traveling via plane not only during COVID, but all the time! I don’t have any plans to fly this summer or the remainder of 2020 either, but it’s good to be prepared if you do!


    Posted 7.29.20
  11. This is really good advice, and I also do not think using the water foundations is a good idea. Honestly I didn’t think it was a good idea BEFORE Covid, and definitely don’t feel like it’s a good idea now! Anyway, I need to order more sanitizing wipes without a doubt!

    Posted 7.30.20
    • Honestly I totally agree with you on that! Unless you have a filtered water bottle I would say no.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 8.6.20
  12. Marlene wrote:

    So many great tips, thanks for sharing!

    Posted 8.3.20
    • Of course gal! Thank you for checking out – glad you found it to be helpful!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 8.6.20

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