At Home Workout Schedule Vol. 2

at home workout schedule vol 2 - Workout Planning | Louella Reese
At Home Workout Schedule Vol 2

Back with another at home workout schedule to inspire you to get moving this week! This week includes a wide variety of workouts – including abs, HIIT, weight training, yoga and cardio dance. Now, I will say you may feel funny at first partaking in the dance cardio but I promise it really is so much fun! And really gets your heart pumping! Over Christmas I was obsessed with this Christmas dance cardio – I would do it 2x back to back for a longer workout & honestly, I just wanted to dance more haha.

Have fun with it y’all – let your inner dancing queen out!

Just as a little PSA – make sure you are warming up a bit before each workout and also cooling down/stretching appropriately. I love this warm-up video and a good foam roll as a cool down.

this week’s at home workout schedule vol 2


12 Minute Happy Dance Cardio

15 Minute HIIT – knee friendly/no jumping

5 Minute Hard Ab Workout


15 Minutes Upper Body Workout light weights recommended

10 Minute Lower Ab Workout


30 Minute Hips & Hammies Yoga


30 Minute Lower Body Workout (legs, thighs, and butt) – light weights recommended

8 Minute Strong Ab Workout


30 Minute Full Body Pilates Workoutlight weights recommended

10 Minute Muffin Top Workout


45-60 minute walk




Create your own workout schedule! Save the image below & fill out with your workout schedule for the week. If you post on instagram be sure to tag me @louellareese.

at home workout schedule vol 2 - Workout Planning | Louella Reese

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