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After four weeks of sharing weekly at home workout guides, I am feeling inspired to step things up a bit with 12 day workout challenge. Last summer, I took part in a two week workout challenge from Chloe Ting and shared a very honest review of the program here. To give you a little hint, I didn’t love it. BUT that hasn’t deterred me from trying another one! Especially after coming across Lilly Sabri. She is energetic, bubbly, and creates workouts that keep you entertained + excited while sculpting your body.

So with that being said, I’m partaking in one of Lilly’s workout challenges. This particular one is from end of 2020 and only 12 days. Which feels like a great place to start – her other challenges are 14-30 days.

Lilly Sabri 12 Day Workout Challenge

This Lilly Sabri 12 day workout challenge has everything from HIIT and cardio to weights and pilates. Plus LOTS of abs – which I am very into (six pack goal). Plus I think the variety will really help to keep you entertained, be good for your body, and also provide great results. Sharing the full challenge below – you can also find on Lilly’s site with a calendar.

Ready for this workout challenge? Let’s do this!


15 Minute Hourglass Sculptbands & weights

30 Minutes Weights vs. Cardio Lower Body

7 Minute 11 Line Abs


40 Minute Full Body Fat Burn & Abs

8 Minute Lean Legs


15 Minutes Pilates Abs & Armsbands & weights

6 Minute 11 Line Abs

30 Minute Full Body Pilatesbands & weights


30 Minutes Weights vs. Cardio Lower Bodybands & weights

10 Minute Intense Butt Lift bands


30 Minute Cardio Box bands & weights

10 Minute Shredded Abs

5 Minute Hourglass Hipsbands




30 Minute Full Body Pilatesbands & weights

10 Minute Leg Burn

10 Minute Sexy Shouldersweights


10 Minute Intense Lower Abs

40 Minute Full Body Sweat bands & weights


40 Minute Round Booty & Liftweights

6 Minute Snatched Waist


10 Minute Smaller Waist

45 Minute Full Body Cardio & Absbands


30 Minute Hourglass Sculptbands & weights

10 Minutes Hips


40 Minute Booty & Legsbands & weights

8 Minute Legs & Booty

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