What I Eat in a Day: March 11

I get questions all of the time about what I eat on a daily basis. To be honest, it really isn’t that exciting. I tend to make pretty basic meals and repeat them often. I’m one of those people that’ll eat the same thing over and over again until they’re totally over it. Then repeat the cycle with something else. But, since y’all are curious, I want to share a recent what I eat in a day menu.

What I Eat in a Day | Louella Reese

This may turn into a mini series if it is something y’all enjoy or continue to be curious about. I will update as I switch up my go to meals and snacks. Also, stay tuned for a post What I Eat in a Day post for low-carb days. Since those are a 1/3 of my week I think it would be relevant to write a post on that as well.

Below you will find how I start my day to the snacks I enjoy and every meal in between. This will give you a little closer look at the types of foods I’m eating regularly and how I fuel my body for daily workouts (5 days a week).

A Full Day of Eating

Intermittent Fasting schedule: currently following a 16:8 fasting window as part of the FWTFL program. Intermittent fasting also aids with digestion and hormonal balance. I typically eat between 11:30am-7:30pm (8 hrs) and fast 7:30pm-11:30am (16 hrs). Sometimes this varies a bit due to when we eat dinner but I always make sure to fast the full 16 hours.

Note: My diet/nutrition are personal to me and is based on what I have found works best for me. I highly recommend consulting your physician or a dietician before making drastic changes to your nutrition or diet.

What I Eat in a Day | Louella Reese

7:30AM Water & Green Tea

I start every morning with…

16oz of water

2 hot cups of organic green tea

1 cup of Vital Proteins collagen peptides in 16oz of water (this doesn’t break my fast and provides 9g of protein)

Protein Smoothie | Louella Reese


Protein Smoothie

2 scoops Vital Proteins collagen peptides

1 cup Simply almond milk

2 handfuls of spinach

dash of cinnamon, 1/2 frozen banana

1/2 cup frozen blueberries

1 tablespoon almond butter

1 tablespoon cacao nibs

WhatI Eat in a Day, Healthy Lunch | Louella Reese


egg salad made with two hardboiled eggs and mayonnaise

roasted brussels sprouts

mix of various crackers

Healthy Snack Idea | Louella Reese


Bag of lightly salted cashews.

I am cashew obsessed! They are so satisfying and filling. Cashews pack the protein and the healthy fats.

Nuts are such a great afternoon snack to hold you over until dinner.

What I Eat in a Day | Louella Reese


I met a girl friend for dinner at a local spot called Estia’s Kouzina. They have the most amazing Mediterranean food! Truly choosing what to get is the hardest decision as everything sounds incredible!

tzatziki and grilled pita

two crab cakes with tzatziki

two glasses of prosecco – it was girls night after all!

Healthy snack ideas | Louella Reese


1 serving of dried mangos

I buy mine at Trader Joe’s and opt for the kind without any added sugar. The only ingredient is mangos!

I recommend checking the nutrition label before purchasing as so many do have added sugar & there is really no reason for it! Dried fruit is sweet on it’s own!


  1. Lizzie wrote:

    I loved this post! Gives me some great ideas about what to eat in a day. Is the collagen vegan? I’ve been looking at it but I’m allergic to fish.


    Posted 3.12.21
    • this particular one is not but they do have several on their site that are. definitely recommend trying them out!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 3.14.21
  2. Rach wrote:

    I’m so impressed with your intermittent fasting! And you are giving me healthy meal ideas!


    Posted 3.12.21
    • aw thanks gal! I’m honestly quite obsessed with it and hardly ever find that I’m hungry until it is time to eat. sometimes I even go a bit longer as I’m still full. happy to have provided a little healthy meal inspiration!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 3.14.21
  3. Lisa Autumn wrote:

    Oh now I am hungry haha.. everything sounds so good!

    Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    Posted 3.14.21
  4. Stephanie wrote:

    Wow! Everything you ate sounds amazing and I gotta say that I’m pretty envious. Because we have such a tiny budget, our foods are usually full of carbs and not particularly “healthy.” It’s tough to find a good balance on a tight budget! But I do love those Trader Joe’s dried mangoes!

    Posted 3.15.21
  5. Always wondered about intermittent fasting…great post!

    Posted 3.15.21
  6. Marlene wrote:

    I do find these posts so interesting to see what other people eat on a day. I think we’re all just naturally curious and looking for new ideas!

    Posted 3.15.21
  7. greta wrote:

    You are so on top of it! I need to cut out late night eating and snacking.

    Posted 3.15.21
  8. Anna English wrote:

    I typically fast in the AM so that I’m not working out on a full stomach and my first meal is usually lunch! Taking some ideas from this to try on my own.

    Posted 3.16.21
  9. This is such a great detailed what I eat in a day, and you do a great job staying balanced! I need to take some advice from you x

    Posted 3.16.21

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