10 Fashion Rules According to Joshua, A Husband’s Perspective

It has been awhile since Joshua made an appearance on the blog and shared some thoughts! We felt it was about time for him to grace us with his presence and share some very informative information with you all. 

If you’re new around here, I highly recommend taking a couple of minutes to read 25 Things You Don’t Know about Joshua and A Husband’s Take on Fashion Blogging to learn a little more about the man behind Louella Reese. Trust me, both posts are quite entertaining! 

Today Joshua is diving into fashion rules. While we may feel fashion rules are meant to be broken or something of the past, Joshua is here to tell you, that just isn’t true! These are the the rules he tells me I’m breaking often or whispers to me when spotting someone violating while out & about. 

It is always entertaining to get a guy’s take on fashion & trends, isn’t it? 

10 Fashion Rules from a Husband's Perspective | Louella Reese
shop the look: wool hat (more affordable option) // floral blouse // Joshua’s t-shirt

10 Fashion Rules According to Joshua 

  1. No white pants before Memorial Day or after Labor Day.
  2. Socks and chacos are perfectly acceptable as long as you are wearing pants.
  3. No white shoes before Memorial Day or after Labor Day.
  4. Florals and check print do not match and should not be paired together.
  5. Cowboy boots are appropriate for all occasions. (they should be polished for fancier ones)
  6. Platform sneakers are meant for the Spice Girls only.
  7. If I can see your thigh(s) through your jeans it is time to get rid of them. A hole at the knee is okay but beyond that you shouldn’t have paid for them.
  8. Leggings are not appropriate for the office. (“fancy” leggings are still not appropriate for the office)
  9. Guys shouldn’t wear white pants unless they are on the golf course.
  10. Tank tops are appropriate for all outdoor summer parties, beach locations (on the beach, beach restaurants and bars), and the lake.

Bonus tip: Men should wear more bowties. Enough with the skinny ties!

Quick fire round with Joshua

a quick fire round with Joshua going over a few of my personal favorite items/trends. let’s see what what he really thinks…

  • white sneakers: they’re okay
  • half-up hairdo: can’t answer that one
  • straw hats: like them
  • cowboy boots: they’re wonderful
  • loafers: you mean men’s loafers?
  • capes: they’re good
  • straw bags: like them
  • cottagecore: like the trend, just not too much pattern mixing
  • wide-leg pants: not a fan
  • high-waisted bikinis: don’t like them

Comment below and let us know how many of Joshua’s Fashion Rules you break! 

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  1. This was a fun read…always wonder what a guy’s thinking with all out fashion choices and trends, lol.

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  2. Lizzie wrote:

    HAHAH Omg this was amazing! So many rules to follow now lol. The thighs got me haha!


    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  3. greta wrote:

    This made me laugh! This all sounds like things my husband would say.

    Posted 4.11.21 Reply
  4. I don’t think Josh and I agree on many things, lol, but I do agree that florals and check print don’t go together! And yes, men should wear more bowties.

    Posted 4.12.21 Reply
  5. Stephanie wrote:

    This had me giggling! I’m so curious what my husband would say if I asked him about fashion rules. I think he feels similarly to Joshua on the wide leg pants thing. I wore some cream wide-leg pants with a nice blouse this weekend and I asked what he thought and he said, “you look… cool.” HAHA! Guys!

    Posted 4.13.21 Reply