Happy List – 6 Things Sparking Joy for Me Right Now

A few months ago, I shared a list of 5 things that were sparking joy for me in this season of life. It was such a fun, positive post to put together – I thought I would share another happy list! This time, 6 things sparking joy for me, right now.

Happy List, Sparking Joy | Louella Reese



1. Fresh flowers & greenery

With summer unofficially here, fresh flowers are all around us! I love taking them in as we drive around town, walk through our yard and while making trips to Trader Joe’s. All of the bright colors and sweet scents immediately put a smile on my face. Especially those popping up in our own yard! Feeling ultra proud of our hydrangeas – they seem to have a new bloom every day!

2. Sunny days

Another sign of summer that brings me all of the joy – a sun filled day! There has been no shortage of them lately – which has me feeling quite joyful and warm. Love opening the blinds in the morning to allow the sun to fill our home, working from the deck in the late afternoon, and evening walks around the neighborhood. Definitely a summer girl here!

3. Sweetest feminine blouse

When I spotted this sweet feminine blouse it was love at first sight! Once on, I never wanted to take it off. Truly my dream feminine white blouse. Recently I styled the piece with linen shorts and again with overalls (may have seen via Instagram stories last week). I plan to come up with as many ways to style the pretty blouse as I can throughout the summer season.

4. Upcoming trip

I’ve mentioned this just a couple of times (more like 10+) but in just a few days we leave for a week long trip we’ve been dreaming about for over two years now. The fact that it is just days away has me smiling as well as giddy with excitement. Plus I plan to leave my camera at home, delete Instagram from my phone and truly enjoy this vacation with no work!

5. Finishing some home projects & rearranging

July marks two years in our home and things are really starting to come together. My mantra has been slow and steady when it comes to decorating our first home. I have wanted to be 100% certain about each piece we bring into our space. Which has resulted in a warm, inviting home that truly feels like us. Looking forward to finishing a majority of our home this summer – and having way too much fun rearranging furniture + decor quite often.

6. New clean beauty products

I shared a few new clean beauty products last week and am happy to report I am absolutely loving them! The hydrating accelerator has become one of my favorite products. After a couple days of spritzing the product on my face twice a day (morning and evening) I have noticed quite a difference in my skin. Which I am loving!

The eyeshadow and tinted lip oil have been used a couple of times and the look of them is exactly what I was going for!

Now it’s your turn, what’s on your happy list? What is sparking joy for you right now?

photos by Jennifer Austin Photography