10 Items We Bought from Amazon Recently

We’re constantly ordering things from Amazon, whether it’s daily necessities, home decor or just a great affordable find. I say we however 9 out of 10 orders are placed by me. With Joshua wondering what Amazon just left on our front porch. In case you’re as curious as Joshua I wanted to roundup some of our recent Amazon purchases. There are a couple repeat buys, items we’ll be purchasing again and one I won’t be adding to my cart again.

Recent Amazon Purchases - Louella Reese

Recent Amazon Purchases

Recent Amazon Purchases | Louella Reese

Brown Wood Wall Frame

Finding affordable wall frames in a large size proved to be quite difficult. However, Amazon did not disappoint with these simple wood frames. I ordered four of these to create a gallery wall between our den and dining room. Also available in three additional washes.


how to hang plates as wall decor | Louella Reese

Plate Hanger

I have used these plate hangers for years. They are incredible quality, work so well and really keep the focus on the plate. They’re available in sets of 3-4 and in various sizes.


hat hangers | Louella Reese

Wood Wall Hooks

I purchased these yesterday to create a hat wall in our entry. Very excited for this idea to come to life and hoping these work perfectly! They are available in 3 washes and various sizes as well. I opted for the black walnut to match the frames in our den.


brown wood square frame | Louella Reese

Square Brown Wood Wall Frame

After purchasing the frames for our new gallery wall I decided to order two of the same frames in the 12×12 square size. They fit perfectly next to our floor length mirror and created a mini gallery wall. Also available in three additional washes.


Louella Reese-Recent Amazon Purchases

Slim Fit Silicone iPhone Case

After having my phone case for over a year I decided it was time for an upgrade. I opted for this super simple slim fit silicone case. Available in 15+ colors.


Louella Reese-Recent Amazon Purchases

Moisturizing Face Cleanser

This clean beauty facial cleanser has a great rating on ewg.org & the think dirty app – which is why I decided to give it a try. While I loved the cleanser for my skin – for some reason it bothered my eyes. Therefore, this is one I will not be ordering again.


charcoal soap | Louella Reese

Activated Charcoal Soap

A 5x purchase, this soap is a favorite of mine. Since using natural deodorant I learned charcoal soap is the best way to stay fresh and prepare my under arms for natural deodorant. I never shower without it!


travel spray bottles | Louella Reese

Travel Size Spray Bottles

I ordered these for our Jackson, Wyoming trip earlier this month. With longer flights I wanted to bring hydrating facial spray on the plane with me. These were the perfect throw in your bag size that allowed me to keep my face hydrated throughout each of our flights.


clean beauty facial cleanser | Louella Reese

Sensitive Facial Cleanser

Another item I ordered just yesterday. Very excited to try out this new facial cleanser – which has a 1 on the think dirty app and ewg.org site. A great option for those looking for a clean facial cleanser for sensitive skin.


nipple petals | Louella Reese

Nipple Petals

Another item purchased for our Jackson, Wyoming trip. I purchased a top that required a strapless bra but also very loose so I decided to give these nipple petals a try and skip the bra. One word: OBSESSED! I will be opting for these whenever possible!


what are some of your favorite recent amazon purchases?