Spring Skincare

Spring is officially in the air and I believe it’s here to stay! Thank goodness! I could not be happier. Hello fresh blooms, sandals, and bare legs. With the changing of the seasons my skin tends to require different products. Winter it’s all about hydrating and pampering it with thick moisturizer {day and night for me}. Put even the slightest bit of humidity in the air and my skin is oily and in my opinion super greasy feeling. I don’t like it! So for Spring and Summer months I lean towards lighter products that still leave my skin feeling hydrated and soft with a dewy look but no greasy feeling. Also once the humidity kicks in I’m one of those gals that cannot wait to wash their face {like multiple times a day}. I love that super clean and light feeling that comes right after washing your face and applying those lighter products.

So now onto the important stuff…the items I’ve been trying out the last two weeks. Lindi Skin is an amazing company that creates products that give you an luxurious experience! They use extremely high quality ingredients in their products that are proven to soothe and relieve the skin. After two weeks of use I’d say their statements are absolutely true! From their product line I’ve tried the face wash, eye hydrator, lip balm, and citrus face serum. The serum and eye hydrator are heaven y’all! The texture of the two is so luxurious and your skin thanks you the second your apply them. Seriously, I’ve never tried a product that has felt so incredibly soft, hydrating, and light all in one. The combination of the face wash, serum, and eye hydrator has left my skin soft and dewy. Something I think all girls and woman aim for.

Not only do their products give you a luxurious experience but they also have products designed specifically for those going through chemotherapy and radiation. These products are delicate enough and full of rich nutrients and antioxidants. I don’t know about y’all but I definitely support a company that is helping woman who are going through the toughest disease and helping them to deal with the side affects of their treatments.

Lindi Skin is offering 25% off to Louella Reese readers. Just use the code BLOG25 to receive free shipping and 25% off all products through May 31st.


  1. April 6, 2015 / 4:49 pm

    I love trying new products, so I will have to give Lindi a try. I love that they offer a product line for those going through Chemo!!

    • April 9, 2015 / 11:37 am

      Gal you would love their products and your skin would absolutely love you! Yes that part was a huge plus for me. I think it's incredible of them to focus on that

      xo Laura Leigh

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