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First off Happy Friday {woohoo!} we have made it! Second…have you heard of/tried Rodan + Field yet? I was just introduced to the brand a little over a month ago by a friend of a friend. After hearing a little about the brand and my friend’s experience with their products I was pretty much itching to try! So when the opportunity came up for me to test out the brand, I jumped. Jeremi {a Rodan + Field rep} sent me a solution tool where you answer a few questions to find the best regimen for you. I ended up being recommended the Soothe Regimen because well honestly my skin is kind of a drama queen and needed a little pampering/soothing. Check out my before photos below {eeeeeek!} and after {yay!}


I instantly fell in love with the Gentle Cream Wash and Moisturizing Replenishing Cream. The wash left my skin feeling soooo clean and refreshed. While the cream truly helped hydrate my super dehydrated skin. I don’t know about all you working gals that are in offices, in front of a computer screen all day but my skin is completely dull and dry by the end of the day! Serious TLC is needed and this regimen delivered that!

The difference I noticed the most after using this regimen was the texture of my skin. It has become a lot softer {kind of buttery, in a super good way} and the tone has even become a little more even. I’ve always dealt with having a little redness and uneven patches. I believe this regimen has helped to decrease the redness and left me with a more even skin tone.

Want to give Rodan + Field a try for yourself {you should}? Email Jeremi at to receive the solution tool + a free eye cloth with your order! You can also become a preferred customer where you receive 10% off, free shipping, and have the option to order every 60 days.


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