What’s In My Summer Bag

Sharing what’s in my summer bag + cute summer overalls for weekend life! 

Louella Reese Overalls for Summer // Summer Overalls

photos by amanda moss // back seat photography

overalls {last seen here} // bandana // shirt // handbag // wedges // c/o earrings // cuff // sunglasses

Happy Memorial Day! Hope you are all off today and getting to enjoy a day full of sun, water, and burgers + hotdogs. I am 100% wearing a variation of the look featured in today’s post. Currently, I am all about my overalls. You may have noticed if you follow me via IG stories or Snapchat. I’m wearing them OFTEN! I can’t help it! They’re so comfortable and perfect for this slightly cooler late spring/early summer weather we’ve been having {especially here in CT where I am now}.

Today, I want to dive into what I’m carrying in my summer bag. I’ve shared overalls in a couple of posts {here and here, lots more to come}. It’s definitely become my go to bag this season. Easy to throw everything in but not too large. The shape is also a ton of fun! Back to what’s in the bag though. First things first, I always have water with me! I am basically a cow when it comes to drinking water {fun fact: A cow can drink 5 gallons of water a day when it’s cold, and over 20 gallons on a very hot day}. I start to feel dehydrated after going just 30 minutes without water. So for me it’s incredibly important to always have water with me! I recently tried out OVI Hydration which is a naturally flavored hydration beverage supplemented with electrolytes. The beverage is a nice change of pace and packs refreshing flavor. OVI Hydration includes 10 good ingredients and 90 good calories. Therefore, it’s the perfect hydration for a summer day! Right now there’s a tie for my favorite flavor, Berry & Mango. It depends on the day, which one I reach for.

Louella Reese Overalls for Summer // Summer Overalls

Louella Reese Overalls for Summer // Summer Overalls

Next in my bag, is obviously my wallet. Have to have that right? I’ve had this Kate Spade one for about a year now and I’m hooked. It’s easy to open and fits A LOT of cards. The wallet is also very thin, making it easy to fit into a variety of handbags. Along with my wallet, I always have my business card holder. Have to market yourself, right? This little one from Dagne Dover is the best! So chic and simple. I’ve received lots of compliments!

Louella Reese What's In My Summer Back // Ovi Hydration

Louella Reese Overalls for Summer // Summer Overalls

Louella Reese Overalls for Summer // Summer Overalls

This might just be a me thing but I often have two or three pairs of shades in my handbag. Right now it’s these mirrored ones, my favorite tortoise shell pair, and a chic oversized pair. Comes in handy if a friend {or your mom} forgets a pair or if you do a quick change and head out without thinking about your shades.

Louella Reese Overalls for Summer // Summer Overalls

Louella Reese Overalls for Summer // Summer Overalls

Louella Reese Overalls for Summer // Summer Overalls

Lastly, I typically have a book in my bag. For times when I have to wait somewhere or if we end up heading out to the lake. I’ve been reading from this book every day and this is my new summer read. Hoping to finish it this weekend on our trip {being honest, that probably won’t happen}.

Louella Reese Overalls for Summer // Summer Overalls

Louella Reese Overalls for Summer // Summer Overalls

overalls {last seen here} // bandana // shirt // handbag // wedges // c/o earrings // cuff // sunglasses

So there you have it! That’s what you’ll find inside my summer handbag {right now}. If you’re looking for a way to switch up your water routine I highly recommend giving OVI Hydration a try as well! Try out their four flavors and see which one your prefer!

Thank you to OVI Hydration for sponsoring this post. All views and opinions are of course my own! 


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Brianne George

This is such a cute, fun summer look!! I am obsessed!

Xo, Brianne


Loveeeee this outfit!! It’s the cutest thing! I love how you paired that pretty, striped top underneath those overalls, and that bag is so adorable! Also, I’ve tried OVI products a few times, but now think I need to give them another test soon! Sounds yummy (and the calorie count is great)!


Summer Lee

love that bag- so fun for summer!


In love with this look. The overall and gingham combo is just too cute. That drink sounds yummy, btw!


How cute is this outfit! Love how you styled the overalls and I am obsessed with your straw bag!



Love you in overalls!

xo Jessica
My Style Vita


I love the pink and overall combo and I need to finally get this bag! Such a cut look for Summer!

xo, Sara


Your outfit is soooo cute! And I absolutely adore that summer bag!!

Xo, Steph | http://www.sassandsun.com


your outfit is amazing!!! I want to try this drink!

kelly torrez

How cute are those overalls, I love that shade of denim!

Birdie Shoots


I love that bag! I ordered it and sent it back because it was bent but I regret it!