April Recap

An april recap including recipes you HAVE to try and movies you can skip! 

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What I Bought 

Gal Meets Glam Shelby Dress
Gal Meets Glam Courtney Dress
Gal Meets Glam Lauren DressI ended up returning this one. I didn’t love it on me. Honestly, I looked a little matronly and it made my broad shoulders appear even broader. 
Chaco Sandals
Raffia Tassel Mulesanother item I ended up returning. I actually ordered them twice. The first time, they came damaged, one of the tassels was ripped and dangling off. The second pair, the threading was loose and it was obvious the same thing would happen with this pair. The shoes are beautiful and I loved them but are honestly not worth the price due to the tassel issue.  

For the Home

Again, lots of flowers for the house! 
Two blue and white pots from HomeGoods {shop a similar pot here} for our back deck. We’ve been working on the space and we’ll be sharing a little update soon. Nothing major, just a couple additions to spruce of the space! 

Where I Went 

Chapel Hill, NC {The Carolina Inn} – Even though I grew up just 25-30 minutes from Chapel Hill, I had only previously visited once. I had always heard great things about the area so I jumped at the opportunity to stay at The Carolina Inn. One the town did not disappoint and two The Carolina Inn is spectacular! I’ll be sharing a review soon. 

Charleston, SC – Charleston, sweet Charleston. I was thrilled to be back in one of my favorite southern towns! As always, we ate and drank our way through the charming town. This time stopping into Poogan’s Porch, Sol Southwest Kitchen, Rue De Jean 39, and One Broad. Stay tuned for more photos from the trip soon!

Movies Watched

Brad’s Status – suuuuuper slow moving and then it just ends! There’s no real closure. Also, the way the movie is told from Brad’s point of view and it’s him talking to him self basically the whole movie is pretty weird. Definitely skip!
The Way Back – the story of this movie is AMAZING and it’s true! Blown away by what these guys {and girl} overcame. However, the movie moved very slow and just wasn’t my favorite. Joshua really enjoyed it though. 

Recipes Tried 

Deep Dish Mixed Berry Skillet PancakeWe made this for brunch one morning and it was incredible! It makes A LOT too. We had plenty leftover for breakfast over the next few days. 
Oreogasm CakeIf you follow me on Instagram {which you should! @louellareese} you may have seen that Joshua made this cake for me. We did brackets for March Madness and whomever lost had to make the winner a cake of their choice. Needless to say, I won and this Oreo cake was AMAZING!

Favorite Blog Posts on Louella Reese

My Favorite: Perfect Linen Pants for Spring
Readers Favorite: Five Lessons Joshua & Our Relationship has Taught Me – y’all absolutely loved this post! One of the highest viewed posts on Louella Reese ever – thank you for that! Means so much and I promise to include more Joshua in upcoming posts as it’s obvious y’all love him. Which I completely understand 🙂 

Favorite Blog Posts 

A Revelation About Instagram – The Champagne Edit 
How I Edit My Photos for the Blog & IG – Gal Meets Glam 
La Jolla Cove Travel Guide – Ruthie Ridley Blog
Camping at Jordan Lake + 5 Small Changes to Help the Environment – Pretty in the Pines

Favorite Song

Meant to Be – Bebe Rexha featuring Florida Georgia Line

What I Watched 

Finally caught up on Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy. This month I kept falling behind but officially caught up and all done with Scandal. I don’t want to ruin anything for those of you that haven’t caught up yet but I will say, I’m not totally happy with how everything ended. Like most shows, I feel they tried to cram everything into the last few minutes. Which I hate! 





  1. April 27, 2018 / 9:10 am

    Loved the April recap girly! Thanks so much for sharing. That orea cake sounds ahhhmazing, will have to make it sometime. And such fun places you went.

    xo, Lydia

    • April 27, 2018 / 9:51 am

      Of course gal, thank you for reading! Oh my gosh yes, you need to try it. Truly amazing!!

      xo Laura Leigh

    • April 27, 2018 / 10:35 am

      Thanks Courtney! They really do – fresh flowers are the best. Totally transform a space.

      xo Laura Leigh

  2. April 27, 2018 / 11:28 am

    Great recap! I need to try those pancakes!!


  3. April 27, 2018 / 11:54 am

    A skillet pancake?! That sounds amazing!! I’m forever cooking the same things (sorry Coop!) and need to start branching out more like you do!

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

    • April 29, 2018 / 3:50 pm

      Girl it was SO good! You should definitely give it a try – I am sure Coop would like it.

      xo Laura Leigh

  4. April 27, 2018 / 12:29 pm

    The Gal Meets Glam collection is stunning! I love the dresses you selected.

    • April 29, 2018 / 3:51 pm

      Oh I could not agree more! Every dress she created is amazing. Thank you Anna! Definitely excited about them.

      xo Laura Leigh

  5. April 27, 2018 / 8:27 pm

    This is such a great recap!!! I love that song too! I def need to try your recipies!

  6. April 28, 2018 / 6:28 am

    I love the new Gal Meets Glam collection! The dresses were so beautiful and classic!

    cute & little

  7. April 29, 2018 / 1:04 pm

    What a cool blog post idea! Love some of the things you bought this month! xo

  8. April 30, 2018 / 9:12 am

    LOL My fiance hates the Bebe Rhexa song. I love it though.

  9. Amanda @ A Good Hue
    April 30, 2018 / 10:31 pm

    Fab recap! I always love getting new flowers and plants for spring– always freshens up the place!

  10. May 2, 2018 / 7:20 am

    Your trip to the Carolina Inn looked fun and can’t wait to read more about it- that place is gorgeous!

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