10-Day Sugar Detox

Sugar Detox
If you follow me via twitter {@louella_reese} or instagram {@louellareese} than you know I just completed a 10-Day Sugar Detox by Mark Hyman, MD {shop the book here}. You may have been growing super tired of hearing about my cravings…mostly for cookies! Somehow though I completed the 10 days without any cookies, cake, brownies, ice cream, or cupcakes. Not only was it desserts that I couldn’t have though. It was a list of things! Let’s say there was actually less items I could have vs. what I couldn’t have. It’s amazing how many items have sugar in them. Items you never would have imagined! Almost everything we eat day to day contains some amount {most have A LOT} of sugar in them. The only items that truly do not have added sugar are veggies, meat, and nuts {some nuts do have sugar added though}. When we think sugar we think sweets but we are getting so many more teaspoons or tablespoons from crackers, milk, pita, drinks, etc. With that being said my mom and I decided to do a little detox and see how our bodies reacted. I have to be honest I was super nervous about it. I am a dessert addict!! I can’t get enough sweets! So I wasn’t quite sure I could do it or that my body would be too happy about it. Boy, was I in for a surprise. I surprised myself, the experience, and results surprised me as well. If you’re interested in finding out more about a sugar detox you might be interested in something like lcrhealth.com for more information

After asking y’all on instagram if you’d like to hear more about the diet, my experience, and results I was overwhelmed with the response. It was yes after yes after yes and so many people interested in maybe trying it out for themselves. So here it is…

The Diet: First off we cleaned out the kitchen and threw {or gave away} sugary snacks, crackers, chips, and anything else that have sugar in it. No temptations around! Next up we stocked up on everything we needed for success. Nonstarchy vegetables, nut butters, nuts, seeds, spices, oils, meat, and eggs.

Each morning we kicked it off with a detox smoothie for breakfast. At first I was not a fan but by the end it was something I looked forward to each day. Lunch was almost always a big ole salad filled with vegetables, cashews, almonds, pumpkin, sunflowers, and flax seeds. Dinner was than a recipe from the 10-Day Sugar Detox book. Containing either chicken, steak, or again lots of vegetables {notice a trend here}.

After three days we found out there were little items you could have when you felt like you were going to break over. Aka indulge and binge on cookies or french fries or something completely unhealthy. The one that “saved” my life was Lara Bars. I NEVER liked them previously. After day three though they tasted like heaven and now I am obsessed. I even started making a homemade version. Cost less and taste even better! {recipe below}

The Experience: So like I said above, this was something I wasn’t quite sure I could do! Honestly I had a lot of doubts. Which is quite sad. I mean seriously it’s only 10 days…of my whole entire life and I thought I couldn’t do it. I think the fact that I felt that way proved even more it needed to be done. The first day was a breeze! I snacked on walnuts and carrots whenever I felt a little hungry in the afternoon or if a craving hit. Day two and three welcomed big ole headaches right around 3pm {when I previously use to grabbed my strawberry, banana, + peanut butter smoothie}. Day three also ended with my sweating a ridiculous amount! I was legitimately going through withdrawals {I was a little sassy too}. After day three the next seven passed like a breeze! With my Lara Bars packed in case of a massive crazing I was absolutely fine! I even went out to eat twice and did just fine. Both times I had a burger sans cheese and bun with lots of veggies on the side.

To me the headaches were the worst part! They were strong. I also felt slightly weak at times but that was due to me needing to up my protein. Later in the process I had more energy which who doesn’t love that?

The Results: I’ll so ahead and start with the information everyone is wandering. I lost 4lbs over the 10 days. Better than that though I lost inches. While I didn’t do measurements like the book suggested I could easily tell while looking at my legs and stomach. The other tell tale sign was the way items were fitting. My jeans were lose not only in the tummy {praise} but also throughout the legs. The change I saw in my physical body day to day was enough to keep me going but the way I felt was even more rewarding! Once I passed the first three days {when the serious detoxing + withdrawal was going on} I felt more energetic and stronger. I also felt stronger mentally because I was doing it!! I was sticking to my commitment and making healthy choices time and time again. Lastly the part I liked the best is the fact that my skin started to glow! After only a couple days my skin was clear and it started to radiate. By the end I felt as though it looks better than it has since before those pesky teen pimples started to arrive.

Overall it was an incredible, empowering, and healthy experience that I am so happy I took the chance on! I started the 10 days over again yesterday. After that I think I’ll keep it going through out the weeks and give myself the weekends to indulge just a bit. If you have any questions feel free to comment below or email me at [email protected]

Sugar Detox

Sugar Detox

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Date Bars

1 cup medjool dates, pits removed
1/2 cup raw almonds
1/2 cup raw pecans
1/2 cup chocolate chips
1 tbsp. vanilla extract

Pit medjool dates, cut into halves
Soak medjool dates, almonds, and pecans in water, about 2+ hours
In a food processor combine dates, almonds, and pecans. Blend until well combined and sticky dough consistency has formed
Add in the vanilla extract. Combine well.
Add in chocolate chips. Process until combined well.
Line baking pan with parchment paper and pour dough into pan.
Firmly press dough to fill pan.
Refrigerate until the sticky dough is firm. About 15-20 minutes.
Slice into rectangular bar shapes.
Refrigerate or freeze.


  1. Ashley wrote:

    You go girl! I’m with you and have a major sweet tooth. Saving that recipe to make for the next craving!

    Posted 10.8.15
    • Laura wrote:

      Thanks gal 🙂 It was definitely tough but worth it. It’s helped to tone down my cravings a lot! Let me know what you think when you give the recipe a try!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 10.8.15
  2. Katie wrote:

    YOU GO GIRL! This seems like such a great way to hit “reset” on your body, while still also being healthy and doing it the right way. I want to consider doing this as well!

    Posted 10.8.15
    • Laura wrote:

      🙂 Oh my gosh thank you! It was an amazing experience. I noticed such a change in my body. Definitely recommend giving it a try

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 10.8.15
  3. Girl! I need to be doing this too! I’ve recently started counting calories, and sorting through healthier food options. It’s been tough kicking the sugar out for sure. Darn those cravings!

    Posted 10.8.15
    • Laura wrote:

      Counting calories is so rough. Are you using myfitnesspal? That’s what I used to use and loved it. Definitely worth the try gal! Sweet treats are zoo addicting. Currently wanting a massive chocolate chip cookie haha

      xo Laura Bain

      Posted 10.9.15

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