What I Packed for NYFW 2019

Let’s talk NYFW packing! Packing for one of the most fashionable weeks of the year can be pretty tricky. Especially with extremely cold temps and the prospect of walking lots. Breaking down what I packed and my top recommendations. 

Winter Travel Style, Comfy Travel Style - NYFW Packing Tips and Recommendations featured by popular NC fashion blogger Laura Leigh of Louella Reese

on Morgan: c/o bernardo long plaid coat | c/o everlane cashmere scarf | old navy high rise jeans |le specs sunglasses | halogen leather sneakers | c/o beck bag (olivia, medium) | rose gold suitcase

on Laura Leigh: c/o bernardo faux fur coat | madewell high-rise skinny jeans | reebok classic leather sneakers (wearing men’s, one size down from my typical women’s size) | similar chunky knit beanie | c/o beck bag (carlyle, medium) | c/o vera bradley large spinner suitcase 

Morgan and I arrived home Monday evening from our second NYFW adventure. We had the absolute BEST time (again, last year’s recap) with the exception of some seriously FREEZING temperatures. As in 25-28 degrees with intense wind while we were shooting with the ever fabulous Allie of Prêt-à-Photo. Luckily, we had Allie pumping us up and encouraging us the whole time. She was the real champ of the photoshoot – that’s for sure. I only said I wasn’t made for these temps about 100 times (full on southern gal over here).

Any who, Morgan and I talked a lot about our decision to attend NYFW in the spring vs. the fall and decided we like the spring better. The reason for this is because when we both think of NYC we think of it being cold, being dressed in cozy pieces, and diving into adorable coffee shops to warm up with coffee, tea, and baked goods. So even though we were quite chilly this go around, we would much prefer it to hot, steamy days that occur during the fall season (aka September). 

After attending the last two spring seasons, we have definitely learned what to pack, what to skip, and a lot things in between! So I figured I needed to share with y’all in case any of you are thinking of attending next spring. Give you lots of time to prep and prepare! And obviously reflect back on when the season is upon us again. 
Winter Travel Style, Comfy Travel Style - NYFW Packing Tips and Recommendations featured by popular NC fashion blogger Laura Leigh of Louella Reese

NYFW PACKING – What I Packed for NYFW 


100% the most important decision you’ll make when it comes to packing for NYFW – what shoes to pack. Last year, I talked about comfort being key when choosing which shoes to bring with you. I definitely still believe that to be true and followed that recommendation of mine even more this go around. As you may have seen from my stories, I opted for sneakers almost every day and to every show/event. With all the walking (Morgan and I prefer to walk/explore the city vs. ubering) they were absolutely necessary. Plus sneakers are having a HUGE moment right now, so they were honestly everywhere. Including on the catwalk. 

Aside from sneakers, warm + comfortable boots are a must. With the chilly temperatures you need shoes that’ll completely cover your feet and keep you warm. This year, I was obviously all about white when it came to footwear and I really loved how the white boots brightened up my looks. Making them a little more appropriate for transition between winter and spring. 

One other pair that I totally didn’t think about packing until they arrived as a gift, a pair of rain boots. Oh my goodness where they lifesavers! Our first day in the city was extremely gloomy and wet. The rain boots saved me from getting wet as well as saved the pair of shoes I would have worn in their place. So if you have room in your suitcase and rain is at all in the forecast, pack a pair of short rain boots. This pair from Everlane is AMAZING! Couldn’t recommend more! Plus they’re under $80 – total win! 

Coats + Sweaters 

Another HAVE to have! Layering is a must due to going in and out of meetings, presentations, events, and coffee shops/restaurants. I definitely recommend packing several sweaters, two to three coats (wear your heaviest one on the plan to save space in your suitcase), and lighter pieces to put under your sweaters. Just in case it’s really warm indoors at one of your events. 

This year I kept things pretty neutral with my sweaters and also coats. I honestly hadn’t planned that, it just kind of happened. But after arriving, I was SO glad it did. Creating several looks with the pieces I brought was incredibly easy due to them almost all being neutral. I mixed and matched like crazy and came up with several looks on the trip that I hadn’t even planned on wearing. A little capsule wardrobe occurred!  

Bottoms + Dresses 

If you’re going to wear dresses definitely pack a pair or two of opaque tights. Your legs will thank you and they will also look great when you’re walking and people get a peek at them. A great way to add a pop of color if you want to have a little fun! With the white chinos I wore, I ended up wearing nude tights underneath for an additional layer. Which then turned into me wearing them everyday under all of my jeans/pants/dresses. The extra layer was wonderful! 

Don’t fret about wearing jeans. Some people worry they aren’t acceptable for NYFW or they need to dress up more. While dressing up is fun and I’m all about it for some of the shows and events, jeans are totally appropriate and you will see SO many people wearing them. Just put your own spin on them with your other pieces. Show off your personal style and what you love! 


Here’s where you have fun! Especially if you keep things neutral with the rest of your pieces. Add pops of color with your handbags, hats, scarves, headbands, and whatever other accessories you love. Definitely pack at least one hat and one scarf. You’ll need them while walking around and or those extra chilly days. Leather gloves are also huge lifesavers as well! Oh and Allie, being the saint she is, brought us hand warmers during our shoot and we used them the full day. They were AMAZING! Definitely packing several sets next time. 

Winter Travel Style, Comfy Travel Style - NYFW Packing Tips and Recommendations featured by popular NC fashion blogger Laura Leigh of Louella Reese

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Photos by Prêt-à-Photo


  1. Annaliese wrote:

    I definitely packed most of these things too! Despite it being so cold, I’m so glad I got to go! 🙂

    xoxo A

    Posted 2.14.19
  2. dana mannarino wrote:

    Love that you packed practical, yet fashionable pieces!

    The Champagne Edit

    Posted 2.14.19
  3. Rach wrote:

    These are definitely must have things to pack for. Especially a coat! I love how all your pieces are chic!


    Posted 2.14.19
  4. These are really great pieces to pack! I’m so glad you had a wonderful time!

    Posted 2.14.19
  5. Liz wrote:

    You girls are too cute! L.oved meeting you at NYFW – thanks for setting up such a yummy dinner! Also, yes to these tips! I wasn’t so sure about my tights at first but I’m glad I brought them!

    Posted 2.14.19
    • Aw thank you Liz! Of course – I am so thrilled that it worked out and we had the opportunity to meet. Definitely glad we both packed the tights – they were so needed!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 2.14.19
  6. That faux fur coat is soooo you, girl! I love the soft neutral tones you packed. Hope your trip was awesome, despite the cold!

    XO Amanda || http://www.affordablebyamanda.com

    Posted 2.14.19
    • Thank you girl friend – definitely thought so as well! We definitely had a great time – thank you gal 🙂

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 2.14.19
  7. Maria wrote:

    This is very helpful for someone whose never gone to NYFW but I completely agree with you. First and foremost, should definitely pack comfortable pieces! You just have to be smart about what you pick.

    xo, Maria

    Posted 2.14.19
    • So glad you found it to be helpful! And I couldn’t agree more gal – comfortable pieces are key!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 2.14.19
  8. Cathy wrote:

    You all look so cute! Loving what you packed, sneakers are key at fashion week!


    Posted 2.14.19
  9. Morgan wrote:

    Best packing tips for the cold months in NYC! Thinking I might only pack tennis shoes for next spring hahaha .. they were the most worn for sure!

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

    Posted 2.14.19
    • Haha I totally agree. Maybe narrow it down even further from four pairs last year, three pairs this year to two pairs next year haha.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 2.14.19
  10. I can’t wait till I can go to NYC again! Especially for nyfw! It sounds so fun!

    Posted 2.14.19
  11. Kim wrote:

    These are all such helpful tips for packing for NYFW! My feet hurt thinking about it, but you look like you were prepared!


    Posted 2.14.19
    • Yay! So glad you found them to be helpful. Haha yes for sure! Sneakers were a total lifesaver.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 2.14.19
  12. Kileen wrote:

    These are really awesome pieces that you’ve packed. I definitely heard footwear made a huge difference, and the sneakers are so cute and chic!

    cute & little

    Posted 2.14.19
    • Thank you so much gal! That is 100% true – makes a huge difference.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 2.15.19
  13. Kristina wrote:

    Cute sneakers are a must for NYC- I could never make it walking around that city in heels!!

    Posted 2.17.19
  14. Sarah wrote:

    Def need sneakers for walking around nyc! Heels would be the death of me!

    Posted 2.19.19
  15. Lindsay wrote:

    I’ve never been to NY in the winter but I bet it was intense! So cool you got to work with Allie too! She’s my fave

    Posted 2.20.19
    • Oh you’ll definitely have to – it is such much fun! We love her – worked with her last year for fashion week as well and of course, it was the coldest day then as well haha.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 2.21.19

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