This is 29, I’m Savoring It – 29 Life Lessons Learned

To celebrate turning 29, I’m sharing 29 life lessons learned, eating doughnuts, and hosting a giveaway with my favorite bakery!

29 Life Lessons Learned featured on Louella Reese for her 29th Birthday | Donut Cake

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Today is my 29th birthday! In all honesty how in the world am I 29? I still feel as though I just graduated college and am entering the real world, trying to figure things out. Well the latter part is definitely still true! if you would have asked college grad me where I would be in seven years (again, how has it been that long?) she definitely wouldn’t have said right here. Yes, I would have said, married, doing something I love, and traveling. However, I would have also said one to two kids, a house, and probably dreamt up a far different career. Yet, I feel as though I am right where I am actually suppose to be.

Some people really freak out about turning thirty, specially women. And while I kind of am, with this being my last year of my twenties. It is more due to the reason that I have loved my twenties, not because I am scared of thirty. My twenties have included A LOT of learning – about myself, my friendships, my family, my faith, my dreams and aspirations, and marriage. While those included a lot of highs, there were also several lows. However, I wouldn’t trade those for anything. Again, I learned from them and looking back I am SO much stronger than I was before them. So life, thank you, thank for teaching me and sculpting me!

My twenties also have involved a lot of changes. From college to corporate career, being single to married, corporate career to small business owner, and a lot of littles ones along the way. Each turn has been a little scary but also incredibly exciting. I’m thankful for the journey my twenties have taken me on thus far and I cannot wait to savor the last year, my 29th year.

29 Life Lessons Learned featured on Louella Reese Life & Style Blog for her 29th Birthday | Donut Cake
29 Life Lessons Learned featured on Louella Reese Blog for her 29th Birthday | Donut Cake
29 Life Lessons Learned featured on Louella Reese for her 29th Birthday | Tibi Plissé Midi Skirt, Line + Dot Blush Cropped Sweater
29 Life Lessons Learned featured on Louella Reese for her 29th Birthday | Old-Fashioned Cake Doughnuts Doughnut Cake

Also, I want to say I’m so thankful to be a small business owner in my twenties. I know I am so blessed to be able to say that and to have all of you here, checking out my little space of the internet. You guys have no idea how much I love and appreciate this space and YOU! Not only because it gives me the platform to share my passion, life and more but because every day I get to connect to women outside of my little Charlotte bubble (and some of you in the Charlotte bubble too). I feel so, so lucky to have the opportunity to connect with you and get to know you more! It’s an awesome support group, girl gang we have here!

So happy birthday to me! I’m going to cupcakes and maybe share one or two with my husband woohoo! 

29 Life Lessons Learned featured on Louella Reese for her 29th Birthday | Tibi Plissé Midi Skirt, Line and Dot Blush Cropped Sweater
29 Life Lessons Learned featured on Louella Reese Blog for her 29th Birthday | Tibi Plissé Midi Skirt, Line and Dot Blush Cropped Sweater
29 Life Lessons Learned featured on Louella Reese for her 29th Birthday | Old-Fashioned Cake Doughnut

In honor of my 29 years, I thought it would be fun to share 29 life lessons learned along the way. 

Marry someone who is your absolute rock in life – there in the highs and the lows. Someone you can laugh till peed your pants with and someone you can cry with. 

Don’t let competition steal your joy. 

Friends that support and encourage you are the only kind of friends you should have. 

Live in the now. 

Have a cheat day – eat whatever the heck you want! You deserve it! 

Demand what you deserve – whether it’s in a relationship or in your career

There is serious power in saying no! Don’t be afraid to!

Travel, travel, travel 

Take mental health, self-care days (promising to do more of these this year)

Work out – it’s the greatest stress reliever and it is so good for you! 

Do what you love – if you can’t right now, find a way to make it happen sooner, rather than later

Pray, spend time in your faith – you’ll walk away feeling rejuvenated and a little lighter 

Your time is important and valuable. Don’t wish it away or overbook yourself. 

Keep learning, always! 

Faith is what marriage should be built on/built around – it’ll hold you together in the hardest of times

Eat the doughnut, buy the bag 

Dance – put on your favorite song and DANCE! Dance like no one is watching and shake it out! 

Spend time with your mom and your best girl friends – time with them is good for the soul 

Push yourself – in your workouts, at your job, in your relationships, in everything! You’ll be surprised at what you can do, can accomplish!


Me time is okay, Me time is good, ME time is necessary 

You don’t have to have everything figured out, right out of college. You have time, don’t stress! 

Sometimes, it really is best to follow the instructions. Especially when it comes to furniture and Pinterest recipes. 

Wear sunscreen, every single day! 

When you’re having a bad day, sometimes the best thing to do is to watch a cheesy rom-com, make stove top popcorn, and leave your phone in another room. 

Tell the truth, always. 

Drink water! A lot of water. Every single day! 

Celebrate your successes, don’t minimize them. 

Buy yourself at least once fancy dress each year and WEAR IT!

Celebrate your successes, don’t minimize them. 

29 Life Lessons Learned featured on Louella Reese Blog for her 29th Birthday | Donut Cake

So there you have it – 29 life lessons learned! One of the most important ones, eat the doughnut, is exactly what I am doing today! These old-fashioned cake doughnuts from Suárez Bakery here in Charlotte are my absolute FAVORITE! They’re light and packed with sweet flavor. Personal favorite, cinnamon sugar! Also part of my doughnut birthday “cake” powdered sugar, glazed, and glazed devil’s food cake. If you’re looking for the cutest donut cake ever, check out this adorable creation from Suárez Bakery.

To celebrate my birthday and my love for Suárez Bakery we’ve partnered together to giveaway a $50 gift card to one lucky winner! Yep, you can order yourself a Texas Doughnut Cake for your birthday or just because! Or if you need some help with Christmas baking, they have lots of cookie options. Stay turned for the giveaway on Instagram later today! Also…a fun giveaway for you below! For a little Christmas shopping…for everyone on your list.

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  1. Avani wrote:

    Happy Birthday girl.. your outfit so cute!

    Posted 12.3.18
  2. Happy Birthday!

    Mariya |

    Posted 12.3.18
  3. Cathy wrote:

    This outfit is so cozy and chic! I love the color combo too!! Happy Birthday!


    Posted 12.3.18
  4. Happy Birthday! You look so cute in this outfit! I hope you have an amazing year to come!

    Posted 12.3.18
  5. miriam wrote:

    happiest birthday to you!
    i agree! play your favorite song and dance!

    Posted 12.3.18
  6. Morgan wrote:

    Happy birthday Laura Leigh!!! Love the advice about eat the donut, buy the bag. Live life to the fullest cause we’re only here once!

    How 2 Wear It []

    Posted 12.3.18
  7. dana mannarino wrote:

    Happy birthday pretty lady! Cheers to another fabulous and successful year — YOU DESERVE IT!

    The Champagne Edit

    Posted 12.3.18
  8. Emily wrote:

    Happy happy birthday!!! Enjoy your last year of your 20’s, I know you will! I am so glad this wild world of blogging brought us together!

    Love you most!

    xox Em

    Posted 12.3.18
  9. Mariah wrote:

    Happy Birthday! It’s so encouraging to hear how much you’ve enjoyed your 20’s but how they aren’t exactly as you expected. As someone who is in the middle of them realizing they just aren’t what I expected either! I hope you have such a wonderful birthday and feel totally special!

    Posted 12.3.18
    • Thank you Mariah! Aw, well I am happy to hear I could be a encouraging to you. Honestly, the twenties are a time of learning and changing – but you grow so much during those years and you come out so much stronger! It’s pretty great!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 12.4.18
  10. Happy happy birthday!!

    Posted 12.3.18
  11. Lisa Autumn wrote:

    Happy birthday lovely!

    x Lisa |

    Posted 12.4.18
  12. Rachel wrote:

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy 29! Just FYI, 30 isn’t too shabby either!

    Posted 12.4.18
  13. Nailil wrote:

    Hope you had a very happy birthday. Beautiful outfit by the way.

    Xx, Nailil

    Posted 12.4.18
  14. Kelsey wrote:

    Hope you had the best day and ate every single one of those donuts!! 🙂

    Posted 12.4.18
  15. Liz wrote:

    Aww happy birthday!! You look cute as always. Enjoy your day!

    Posted 12.4.18
  16. Candace wrote:

    Congrats my love! You are 29 and fabulous!!!<3 I love your donut "cake" so clever and tasty lol
    Enjoy your day!


    Posted 12.4.18
    • Aw thank you so much! Oh it was so tasty, wishing I still had a few left haha.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 12.5.18
  17. Love this so much, Laura!! And these lesson are so so good. Some I’m still learning!!

    xo, Hillary |

    Posted 12.5.18
    • Thank you so much Hillary! Appreciate it gal 🙂 You have many more years in your twenties to do so haha.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 12.5.18
  18. Beautiful Post! I just turned 26, I hope I’m as wise as you in 3 years time!
    Happy Birthday!!

    K A T E L A T E L Y || fashion & lifestyle blog

    Posted 12.17.18

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