Late Summer Soiree with a Farmer’s Market Menu

Late Summer Soiree with a Farmer's Market Menu | Louella Reese

This summer visiting the Farmer’s Market has become a Saturday ritual for us. We love picking up locally grown fruits, vegetables, flowers, and more. We have also really enjoyed growing some of our own vegetables and herbs. Finding new ways and recipes to incorporate all of the fresh goodies has been a fun and relaxing pastime this summer season. One of my favorite creations, this amazing zucchini bread! It is the perfect summer snack, breakfast, and/or dessert. Aside from baking, I have loved adding all of the fresh vegetables and fruits to salads. As well as eating them on their own! Y’all the tomatoes and blackberries have been absolutely amazing! 

To combine our love of farmer’s market goodies and hosting friends, we decided to put together a Late Summer Soiree with a Farmer’s Market Menu. With summer coming to an end it gave us all the more reason to focus on fresh vegetables and fruits currently in season and to enjoy them + sunny summer evenings before they’re gone! 

Keep reading for tips on how to create the perfect late summer farmer’s market menu and how to set the scene!

Neutral Tablescape with Sunflowers | Fall Floral Arrangement | Louella Reese
Late Summer Soiree with a Farmer's Market Menu

Late Summer Soiree with a Farmer’s Market Menu


Table Linens

I opted for neutral table linens – a beige tablecloth with dainty daisies for the buffet table and striped cloth napkins on the place settings. I added wicker napkin rings around the cloth napkins for a summery touch. Still neutral but add a bit of texture. 


With the neutral table linens I wanted the flowers to pop! I personally love flowers as the main decor element. Especially for summer events! Flowers make such a statement and help to really create a scene. For the late summer soiree I opted for in-season sunflowers, dainty daisies, and some additional yellow stock flowers to add a little more color. The colors and mix of flowers provided the perfect late summer look. 

My recommendation is to have a variety of flowers all within your color palette to create dimension and make your table pop! You can use larger scale arrangements or fill vases in a variety of sizes/shapes with fewer flowers. Doing so also adds depth and height to your table. If you don’t have a variety of vases, reach for glassware of varying sizes and shapes. Mason jars are always a great option! 

For our late summer soiree, I added a large floral arrangement to the dining table and a couple of smaller arrangements to the buffet table – which had a lot of color thanks to the farmer’s market goodies!


Just as the fresh vegetables and fruits added color to the buffet table, Risata’s beautiful Sparkling Rosé and Prosecco bottles added color to the cooler! Their beautiful bottles deserve to be on display and really do work well as decor when hosting! The green of the Risata’s Prosecco bottle paired perfectly with the overall color palette of the soiree. While the Sparkling Rosé bottle added a fun pop of color. Not to mention they paired wonderfully with the farmer’s market menu. 

Risata’s Sparkling Rosé  is crisp with aromas of strawberry, raspberry and delicate floral notes. Very light! You cannot close out summer without one last glass (or two) of rosé. While the Risata Prosecco has aromas of peach and pear which lead into juicy flavors of Pink Lady apple, citrus and white peach. The bubbles are fine and persistent. For pairing, the Risata’s Prosecco went well with the fresh fruits, cheese and crackers, and blueberry jam crostini’s with goat cheese & basil. While the Risata’s Sparkling Rosé was great with the summer kale salad and zucchini bread muffins. As well as the cheese and crackers.

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Kale Salad with Quiona, Fresh Fruit, and Vegetables | Farmer's Market Menu | Louella Reese
Zucchini Bread Muffins, Blueberry Jam Crostini's | Farmer's Market Menu | Louella Reese
Late Summer Soiree with a Farmer's Market Menu | Louella Reese
Late Summer Soiree with a Farmer's Market Menu | Louella Reese
Risata Prosecco | Affordable Prosecco | Louella Reese

For the menu, I wanted everything to be on the lighter side and incorporate at least one item from the farmer’s market or our garden. Additionally, I wanted the menu items to be casual – easy to grab as you please while mingling with friends you haven’t seen in awhile.

A couple of key items to include: fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, a fruit and veggie filled salad, and some kind of sweet. With everything being so light, I recommend a dessert on the lighter side as well to compliment the rest of the menu. Also, don’t forget the bubbly. Again, we opted for both rosé and prosecco as they’re both light, crisp, and pair wonderfully with a farm’s market menu. 

The Farmer’s Market Menu 

Risata Wines Sparkling Rosé

Risata Prosecco 

Blueberry & Mint Infused Water

Fresh Fruits – Blackberries, Blueberries, Apples

Rosé White Cheddar Cheese & Crackers 

Blueberry Jam Crostini’s with Goat Cheese & Fresh Basil 

Summer Kale Salad with Blueberries, Carrots, Sunflower Seeds, & Quinoa

Zucchini Bread Muffins 

Risata Prosecco | Affordable Prosecco | Louella Reese
Late Summer Soiree with a Farmer's Market Menu | Louella Reese
Late Summer Soiree with a Farmer's Market Menu | Louella Reese
Late Summer Soiree with a Farmer's Market Menu | Louella Reese
Risata Prosecco | Affordable Prosecco | Louella Reese

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Thank you to Risata Wines for sponsoring this post. All view and opinions are of course my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Louella Reese happen!


  1. Morgan wrote:

    You really are the hostess with the mostess .. I love all your party themes, tablescapes, and menus .. especially love this fresh menu!

    the HER chronicles []

    Posted 9.6.20
  2. Sally wrote:

    Really nice photography, thanks for sharing!!!

    Posted 9.7.20
  3. Lizzie wrote:

    Aw this looks magical! What a great idea. I totally want to do something similar!


    Posted 9.9.20
  4. Mariah wrote:

    What a fun evening! I love this idea of using food from the farmers market or that you’ve grown yourself. I just started a garden this summer, but think I was a little late to the game. Still waiting on my veggies.


    Posted 9.9.20
    • thank you Mariah! it is so fun to incorporate produce you have grown – as well as produce from your favorite market. hopefully you’ll get a few veggies before fall hits!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 9.10.20
  5. Kileen wrote:

    What a super cute party from start to finish! You really do know how to throw an excellent party!


    Posted 9.9.20
  6. Rach wrote:

    I love the idea of having a late Summer soiree! Definitely a great way to take advantage of the outdoors before it gets cold!

    Posted 9.9.20
  7. rebecca wrote:

    everything about this looks AMAZING! Fresh flowers are a must and Prosecco is even more of a must. Also love your outside dining space!

    xx rebecca //

    Posted 9.9.20
  8. Love everything here … the tablescape, set up and the photography!


    Posted 9.9.20
  9. Anna English wrote:

    What a great way to spend some quality time together! Plus, this setup looks so cute.

    Posted 9.10.20
    • absolutely! aw thank you Anna 🙂

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 9.10.20
    • Kristina wrote:

      What a fun at-home date night! I love everything about this setup, especially the Prosecco!

      Posted 9.15.20
  10. Everything looks so good…love this idea! xoxo, Sarah

    Posted 9.10.20
  11. Amanda wrote:

    What a beautiful setup! The Sparkling Rose sounds amazing– so perfect for a late summer sipper and the munchies look so yummy!

    Posted 9.10.20
  12. Rebecca wrote:

    This menu looks so good and I love that you guys incorporated farmers market products! I’m trying to buy locally grown (in season) as much as possible, as I think it’s important to support our local producers. And I LOVE the picture of the two of you dancing! <3

    Rebecca –

    Posted 9.11.20
    • aw thank you! we are truly all about our farmers market and garden goodies. we just used basil and oregano we grew for dinner last night and I have to say, it tasted amazing!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 9.16.20
  13. Marlene wrote:

    Ok, this is just lovely! Gorgeous photos. I love a good sparkling will have to try this one.

    Posted 9.15.20
    • aww thank you so much Marlene! you’ll definitely have to try Risata’s sparkling rosé and you should try the prosecco as well.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 9.16.20

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