A Highly Requested Short Hair Curling Wand Tutorial

A long overdue short hair curling wand tutorial! Using my favorite curling wand and haircare products. Including a few recent finds. 

Short Hair Curling Wand Tutorial | Short Lob | Louella Reese


The most commonly asked question I receive is, how do you curl your hair? I shared a curling wand tutorial before when my hair was much longer (remember when I had REALLY long hair?). However, I have changed up my technique a little as well as switched up the products I use. I do still use one of the same products – I’ll get to that later but just know that I swear by it!

So today, I’m sharing how I get my go to curls with a short hair curling wand tutorial. Lots of people prefer curling irons or hair straighteners (to create curls) with shorter hair, however a curling wand is what I know and the only way I can accomplish the exact curls I like. Therefore, it is all that I use! Truthfully, I don’t even blow dry my hair except maybe once or twice a month. I love letting my hair naturally dry and using limited heat on it. Aka only using a curling wand! So let’s get right to it…

Short Hair Curling Wand Tutorial | Haircare Products for Short Hair | Louella Reese

The Tools & Products I use


I use a 1 inch curling wand. This size worked great when I had long hair and works perfectly with my short hair as well. It is a very versatile width! So if you’re into changing up your hair often, a 1 inch curling wand is a great choice for you. The width provides the perfect sized curl – you can keep the curl tight by leaving the curl as is or brush through create more of a wave.

Heat Protectant

I swear by heat protectant. You’ll never find me using a heat tool without spraying heat protectant on first. I have tried several brands and have settled on Dove Smooth and Shine Heat Protection Spray. It is light, smells great, and leaves your hair with a beautiful shine.

Texture Spray

This is a recent addition to my curling routine. I use Davises This is a Dry Texturizer – it is a dry, lightweight spray that creates instant body and texture with long-lasting hold. Terra Anne who does my balayage introduced me to it last month. Now I’m completely hooked. Both on the smell of it (smells like cake) and what it does for my hair! 


To hold your hair up! 


To brush through your hair at the end!


With the texture spray I haven’t been using as much hairspray but with the summer heat + humidity I’ve been adding a few sprays here and there. This is the product I included in my original curling wand tutorial. I swear by this hairspray and honestly couldn’t say enough good things about it. Just do yourself a favor – click and buy!

Short Hair Curling Wand Tutorial | Step by Step Hair Tutorial | Louella Reese
Short Hair Curling Wand Tutorial | Best Heat Protectant | Louella Reese
Short Hair Curling Wand Tutorial | Best Heat Protectant | Louella Reese

Step One

Start with dry hair! Whether you air dry like I do or blow dry your hair, make sure it is 100% dry. Otherwise you risk damaging your hair! 

Then pick your part! More often than not I opt for a deep part on the left side. Sometimes spicing it up for a center part. Choose whichever you like best on you! 

Spray with heat protectant! 

Short Hair Curling Wand Tutorial | Best Curling Wand | Louella Reese
Short Hair Curling Wand Tutorial | Best Curling Wand | Louella Reese
Short Hair Curling Wand Tutorial | Best Curling Wand | Louella Reese

Step Two

Divide your hair into sections. I typically pull the top half up and secure with a scrunchie. Then start curling the bottom half of my hair and work my way up! 

Step Three

Curl your hair! As mentioned above, I typically start with the bottom half of my hair. I start with the pieces in back and work my way around front. With every section, I’m curling away from my face.

You can see in the photos I’m wrapping the hair around the curling wand and leaving about an inch out at the end. This is how you keep the curls from looking like ringlets and achieve more of a wave. Pro tip: curl all the way to the root. This provides more body and helps to keep the curls in longer! 

Short Hair Curling Wand Tutorial | Best Heat Protectant | Louella Reese
Short Hair Curling Wand Tutorial | Curled Lob Haircut | Louella Reese
Short Hair Curling Wand Tutorial | Curled Lob Haircut | Louella Reese
Short Hair Curling Wand Tutorial | Curled Lob Haircut | Louella Reese


Brush your curls. Yes, you read that right! Once you have curled you’re entire head comb through the curls with a wide tooth comb. Or you can use your fingers if you prefer. I however have found the comb provides a better, cleaner outcome. 


Add texture! To finish off the look,  add texture spray and now that it’s summer, hairspray. Spray the texture spray towards your roots and the middle section of your hair. This will instantly add texture and provide  that long-lasting hold mentioned above. Then add a few sprays of hairspray for extra hold when venturing out on hot, humid days! 

Any questions, ask me on instagram! I would love to see your look, share your photos on instagram and tag me @louellareese


  1. dana mannarino wrote:

    It took the longest time for me to figure out how to curl my shorter hair. I’ve been reaching for my straightener, but I think I’m going to start using my curling iron again! Also picking up that heat protectant and texture spray ASAP!

    Dana | The Champagne Edit

    Posted 6.17.19
    • There was definitely a learning curve haha. I love how yours looks – you are skilled with the straightener girl friend. Yay – you’re going to love both!!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 6.17.19
  2. Morgan wrote:

    I love how your curls always turn out so effortless! Oh, and these photos are BOMB!!

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

    Posted 6.17.19
  3. Lisa Autumn wrote:

    Your hair looks amazing girl

    x Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    Posted 6.18.19
  4. I love how light and easy your curls are! So pretty!
    xoxo Sarah

    Posted 6.18.19
  5. anabelle wrote:

    Such pretty curls!! I love your hair!

    Posted 6.18.19
  6. I love this look on you! I can’t curl my hair now. I got a really short hair cut just a few days ago, but the good thing is that is super easy to style. Thanks for the tips!

    Candace Hampton

    Posted 6.18.19
  7. Greta wrote:

    What a great tutorial! I struggle with styling my short hair.

    Posted 6.19.19
  8. Laura S wrote:

    Us short-haired girls are so under-represented in the beauty world haha thanks for sharing this!

    Posted 6.19.19
  9. lee wrote:

    Love your loose curls! and your whole outfit / vibe in these pics is so cute!

    Posted 6.19.19
  10. Ada wrote:

    Such a great tutorial! A heat protectant is so key.

    Posted 6.20.19
  11. Your hair looks great! Love your tutorial! xo

    Posted 6.21.19
  12. Marlene wrote:

    I love hair tutorials! I just got a 1-inch too and it is pretty versatile

    Posted 6.23.19
  13. I have this same wand! Short hair suits you so well 🙂

    -xo, Azanique | https://www.lotsofsass.com

    Posted 6.23.19
    • Isn’t it the best wand? Completely obsessed with it. And thank you gal!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 6.24.19

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