How to Heal Your Skin After Product Burn

Experience a product burn? Or over do it with products? Sharing the steps I took + products I used to heal product burn and renew + revitalize my skin. 

How to Heal Product Burn | The Products to use, when to use them, and more | Louella Reese

Post travels I love to pamper my skin. Bring on the face masks, peels, and hydrating lotions. However, after our most recent travels I completely over did it. Which lead to the worst product burn I have ever had! Using a product I have used countless times. However, due to my overdoing it – the product did a little too much!

A little back story, during our last trip I had run out of overnight cream but knew my favorite was coming in the mail so I didn’t want to purchase any. Instead I decided to use this overnight mask I had as my overnight cream. Mistake #1. This over hydrated my skin and filled my pores. When we returned home my face was FULL of bumps! Forehead, cheeks, chin, even my nose! 

So that is when I over did. First, I dermaplaned my face hoping that would help with the bumps. Next I applied a silica mud mask and followed that with an overnight peel. Mistake #2. Between the dermaplanning and mask my pores were so open that the overnight peel I typically use 2-4 times a week completely burned my skin. Instead of waking up to the clear, hydrated, bump-free skin I was hoping for I woke up to bumpy, splotchy, red skin! 

It quickly became very obvious this was not going to be a quick fix. So over the next week, yes it took a full week, I pampered my skin and focused on using very gentle products to renew and revitalize my skin. Below I am sharing each product I used during that week, how often I used it, and how it helped to heal my skin. These are all products I would highly recommend if you experience a similar product burn OR have sensitive skin that requires some pampering regularly.

How to Heal Product Burn – The Products to Use and How to Use Them

How to Heal Product Burn | The Products to use, when to use them, and more | Louella Reese

TULA purifying face cleanser

This purifying face cleanser is a refreshing probiotic gel cleanser that goes deep into pores to remove impurities. Probiotics + superfoods help condition skin without stripping or over-drying. 

Two ingredients in this face cleanser that played an essential role in healing my skin:

  • Chicory root which is a natural anti-inflammatory prebiotic that helps boost the appearance of firmer skin.
  • Turmeric root which is a powerful antioxidant that helps reduce signs of skin inflammation.

I washed my face twice a day and typically double cleansed both in the morning and evening.

TULA exfoliating sugar scrub

Even though I had over done it with trying to exfoliate my skin, doing so was still necessary due to the bumps caused by the overnight mask. However, a very gentle exfoliator was necessary. So I reached for the TULA exfoliating sugar scrub. Which is uses healthy ingredients like sugar to exfoliate the skin and leave it looking + feeling smoother and brighter. 

I used this twice during the week of recovery. 

MicrodermaMitt Deep Exfoliating Face Mitt

While light exfoliation was what I was focused on, I was also dying to get rid of my bumps. So I figured I would try this deep exfoliating face mitt. I used in the shower after cleansing my face one day towards the end of the healing week. Rather than go all in, I did light circular motions to just lightly exfoliate my face. 

I truly noticed a big difference in the bumps post shower. They were smaller and smoother. 

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I recently incorporated CBD into my skincare routine and have been amazed by the results. CBD is so effective because it mimics the endocannabinoids naturally produced by our bodies’ endocannabinoid system. That means incorporating a CBD product into your skincare works with your body’s efforts to destress your skin, reducing redness, calming patches of irritation, and unlocking our natural glow. All things my bumpy and burned skin needed!

The Beekman oil also includes Goat Milk which hydrates skin to boost absorption of CBD. 

I applied the oil immediately after washing and drying my face. Both in the morning and the evening. I apply 5-6 drops and massage it into my skin. 

*if you have any questions about CBD products please feel free to reach out to more. They have truly become some of my favorite products. Or you can read more on the Beekman 1802 site.  

TULA 24-7 moisture hydrating day & night cream

This is the night cream I was missing when I went on my trip and made mistake #1. Thankfully it arrived the day we returned and I could get back to using it. The cream is actually for both day and night. While I typically use it only for night, while trying to heal my skin I used it for both day and night. This moisturizer is packed with naturally derived probiotics & superfoods and delivers deep hydration, firms skin & improves look of fine lines & wrinkles.

I applied about 30 seconds to 1 minute after the Beekman milk drops + CBD facial oil. Allowing the facial oil time to soak in a bit. Again, I used this both in the morning and the evening.

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How to Heal Product Burn | The Products to use, when to use them, and more | Louella Reese

BeautyCounter Counter+ Lotus Glow Cleansing Balm

Oh my could I go on and on about this amazing product! What a game changer this balm has been for me. It is ultra hydrating and soothing. For that reason, I started using it November when try winter skin started to be a thing. Each morning I woke up with dewy hydrated skin! 

I believe this balm truly played a key part in healing my skin after the product burn!

Key ingredients that played an essential role in healing my skin:

  • Lotus extract, jojoba seed oil, and avocado seed oil help to soothe and destresse skin while increasing its luminosity.

I applied the balm every evening about 30 seconds to one minute after applying the TULA 24-7 moisture hydrating day & night cream. Allowing the cream time to soak in a bit. 

Apto Healing Mask with Turmeric 

For obvious reasons (healing is in the name), I opted to use this mask during my healing process. This healing mask with turmeric combats unforeseeable skin conditions and reduces redness. HELLO my issue to a T!

Key ingredient that played an essential role in healing my skin:

  • Turmeric – originally from Southern India, and one of the most powerful naturally disinfecting bactericides, acting to minimize inflammation and slow down cell damage.

I applied this face mask three times throughout the week. Basically every other day. You want to apply after cleansing your skin. Apply a thin layer and allow the mask to sink in for 10-15 minutes. You don’t want it to dry too much.

My recommendation is to use prior to showering as the mask does stain clothing and towels due to the turmeric. 

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TULA Daily Sunscreen Gel Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Last but definitely not least, a fabulous SPF to protect my skin after being burned and exfoliated. I could not love this SPF gel from TULA more. It protects not only from the sun by also from damaging pollution & blue light—a must have for indoors & outdoors. It also leaves a gorgeous glow!

Key ingredients that played an essential role in healing my skin:

  • Probiotics: help lock in moisture & strengthen the skin barrier
  • Pineapple & Papaya: help promote even skin tone
  • Wild Butterfly Ginger Root: helps protect skin against blue light

Use code LOUELLA15 for 15% off your first order with TULA. Can be used on any and all products!


  1. Morgan wrote:

    I honestly wouldn’t even know where to start to treat something like this so this post is extremely helpful!!

    the HER chronicles []

    Posted 7.30.20
    • so glad you found it to be helpful! was definitely a learning process for me and something I felt I had to share!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 8.6.20
  2. Lizzie wrote:

    These are great tips! I burned my skin with too much retinol – lesson learned lol! And most recently, had an allergic reaction to eyelash serum with redness, bumps and everything!


    Posted 8.3.20
    • thank you Lizzie – so glad you found them to be helpful! oh no – both of those sound terrible! hope you have recovered well since.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 8.6.20
  3. Rach wrote:

    I totally would not have known what do if that was me! This is so helpful Laura Leigh!

    Posted 8.3.20
  4. This is extremely helpful. I usually apply aloe and coconut oil but good to learn about other products in the market.


    Posted 8.3.20
    • thank you Tanvi – glad you found it to be helpful! the CBD oil is actually a product you can use in replacement of aloe or in combination for a really bad skin burn – on your face of on your body. it will help to heal it faster!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 8.6.20
  5. Lily wrote:

    I LOVE Tula products, their sunscreen is by far my absolute favorite sunscreen EVER!

    Posted 8.3.20
  6. So much AMAZING info in this post – THANK YOU!! Definitely need to get my hands on some Tula products.

    Posted 8.3.20
    • thank you Hillary! so glad you found it to be informative. you really do – their products are amazing!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 8.6.20
  7. Sarah Lennon wrote:

    Ugh, Im so sorry this happened to you! I learned the hard way that derma planing your own face can make it so sensitive! Thanks for posting!

    Posted 8.3.20
    • thank you love – I really appreciate that. definitely learned to scale it back ha.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 8.6.20
  8. Never had this happen to me but thess tips are good to know! Thank you for sharing! xoxo, Sarah

    Posted 8.4.20
  9. Stephanie wrote:

    I have experienced product burn far too many times for my liking. I have sensitive skin, but it’s also really acne-prone, so sometimes trying the harsher items to combat the acne actually makes it more frustrated and burned than if I had just stuck with the gentle products. Loving your line-up here. Very helpful items! I definitely agree that the Tula cleanser is a good way to go!

    Posted 8.4.20
    • oh no – I am so sorry gal! it really is no fun at all. definitely with you on needing to keep with more gentle products. my skin is also very sensitive and I definitely pushed it too much. yes – isn’t it so good? their products are just wonderful!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 8.6.20
  10. Ok, now I want to know what caused the product burn. I actually have this happen every so often because I do use so many different products on my skin at all times. Super helpful tips and I like the idea of the CBD drops. CBD facial oil has helped with a lot of redness and major dehydration before, so it makes sense it would help soothe!

    Posted 8.4.20
    • it was honestly just doing what you said, too many things at one time and opening up my pores too much before putting all of that on. yes, CBD is perfect for that! it can actually be used in replacement of aloe or in combination when you have a really bad burn.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 8.6.20
  11. Love the idea of turmeric in a beauty product! I consume it as a supplement. Thanks for sharing! xo Jaimie

    Posted 8.4.20
    • I honestly need to consume it so thank you for that reminder! it is such a great product for your body and skin.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 8.6.20
  12. Greta wrote:

    Oh no! I’m so glad your skin is doing better. Tula is great gentle skin care!

    Posted 8.4.20

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