5 Fall Mantle Essentials for a Fall to Thanksgiving Mantle

5 Fall Mantle Essentials to make it Thanksgiving Ready

5 Fall Mantle Essentials for a Thanksgiving ready mantle! Thank you to Joss & Main for sponsoring this post!

Five Fall Mantle Essentials to create a Fall mantle that'll take you from October through Thanksgiving | Louella Reese

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Joshua and I moved into our first home in late July 2019. We spent much of the fall season getting settled in as well as attending several weddings, bridal showers, and bachelorette/bachelor parties. Therefore, there was not a lot of time to decorate for the fall season or Thanksgiving holiday. This year, there was no question, I would be decorating our mantle for the fall season and have it ready for the Thanksgiving holiday!

Over the last year, I have learned a lot about my decorating style. I tend to lean towards neutrals with natural touches, antique brass metals, and wood accents. With our fall mantle, I wanted that style to be reflected and for the decor to compliment the rest of our home. With a few fall mantle essentials from Joss & Main I was able to create a beautiful fall mantle that perfectly compliments the rest of our home and will easily go from October fall days to Thanksgiving day with family.

5 Fall Mantle Essentials for a Fall to Thanksgiving Mantle

When creating the perfect fall mantle, there are a few essential items…


As mentioned above, I tend to lean towards natural items so it was no question I would be going with real pumpkins for our fall mantle. The apple shaped green pumpkins and smaller darker green pumpkins were picked up at a local farm. While the large green pumpkin and adorable white pumpkins were purchased at Trader Joe’s. They had so many pumpkins to choose from – small, medium, large, fat, skinny, white, green, and orange.

Faux pumpkins are a great option as well! Especially if you live where it is quite warm or want to keep them for a longer extended period of time.


Candles add such a warm and inviting touch to any space. I especially love layered candles on a mantle for a warm, cozy feel. Candles at varying heights can add a great amount of depth and height to a mantle. This candlestick set from Joss & Main provides the perfect lighter touch with a vintage feel. Joss & Main has a wide variety of candlestick sets to match all styles. I am loving this distressed gold set!

One tip I have when it comes to candles & candlesticks, don’t feel the need to layer them in order of size – sometimes layering them out of order is more pleasing to the eye. As you see on our mantle, I have the shortest at the end, tallest, and then medium height on the opposite end.


My rule: always had greenery! No matter what season it is, you can never ever go wrong with adding some greenery when decorating a space. Eucalyptus is one of my favorites that I find myself gravitating towards almost year around. I love it even more as during this time of year. Fill a large vase or basket with dried eucalyptus – or fresh and allow it to dry in there. Or add some faux eucalyptus or dried/faux hydrangeas – can you ever go wrong with hydrangeas? The dried version looks incredible for the fall season! While ours are from our front yard you can find the faux version at Joss & Main. As well as this stem that looks very similar to the dried hydrangeas we have.

A Basket & Cozy Throw Blankets

The complete the look, find a basket (Joss & Main has an amazing selection of baskets) and fill it with several cozy throw blankets (again, Joss & Main a wonderful selection) to add some fabric texture for a warm and cozy touch.

With these fall mantle essentials, you’re sure to end up with a warm, inviting, and cozy mantle that will easily transition from October to the Thanksgiving holiday!

shop the post: candlestick set | jug vase |vintage vase |throw blankets | sea grass basket | antique brass floor lamp all c/o Joss & Main | similar mirror | fireplace screen

WHAT are some of your fall mantle essentials?

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  1. Morgan wrote:

    You mantle is always styled perfectly for the season! I can’t wait to see what you do with it this Christmas!

    the HER chronicles [] http;//theherchronicles.com

    Posted 10.28.20
  2. Angelica wrote:

    Such stunning decor! I love how cozy and comforting it is without being typical and traditional

    XX angelica

    Posted 10.29.20
  3. Jessica Camerata wrote:

    Love all the white in there to contrast with the brick. And yes to all the pastel green pumpkins, they make me SO happy!

    xo Jessica
    an indigo day

    Posted 10.29.20
  4. Lizzie wrote:

    Your fall decor is gorgeous!! It definitely makes me excited for the season! The vase is super pretty!


    Posted 11.3.20
  5. rebecca wrote:

    i love how your fall decor is festive but also matches with your home decor!! loving all of the neutrals and candles are a definite MUST. looks great, LL!

    xx reb // thecrystalpress.com

    Posted 11.3.20
  6. Stephanie wrote:

    I am absolutely in love with how you’ve decorated your mantle. I don’t have a fireplace, but I have a large entertainment center in my living room, so that’s where my “mantle” decor goes. However – I pretty much skip Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas decor after Halloween haha!

    Posted 11.3.20
  7. Kileen wrote:

    All of these pieces are so cute and so essential to take your mantle to the next level for fall! I’d love to get all of these pieces!

    Posted 11.4.20
  8. I love decorating a mantle for the holiday season…..so much so I ordered an electric fireplace just to have one (I rent in New York). Love how you styled your space! xoxo, Sarah

    Posted 11.4.20
  9. Lee wrote:

    Beautiful decor! I love that it’s festive and fall-y without being tacky.

    Posted 11.4.20
  10. Amanda wrote:

    The mantle is gorgeous and the decor is so cozy! I’ve been trying to up my mantle design game so this is so inspiring.

    Posted 11.5.20
  11. This decor is just so incredibly gorgeous. I love all the items you picked, including that pretty green color of pumpkins. Mantels are so versatile and can easily be classed right up!

    Posted 11.12.20

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