FWTFL Low-Carb Days: What I Eat, My Workouts, & What I have Learned

FWTFL low-carb days can be the most daunting when you’re getting started with the program but after a full year, I’m finding they’re my favorite days! Find out why…

FWTFL Low Carb Days Meal Plan | Low Carb Day Meal Ideas featured on Louella Reese

Not going to write too much of an intro to today’s post as it’s a long one packed FULL of information about FWTFL low-carb days. These days are the ones I receive the most questions about. A LOT OF QUESTIONS – what do you eat these days? how do I find recipes? what workouts are you doing? what tips can you share? and more. So today I’m spilling ALL of the deets on low-carb days and even sharing why they have become my most favorite days! 

If you end up having additional questions after reading this post (read it all!!!) feel free to shoot me a DM on instagram or comment below with your question and I will be share to answer you ASAP. Also if you want to sign up for the next round of FWTFL you can do so here

FWTFL workouts featured on Louella Reese #fwtfl #fasterwaytofatloss

FWTFL Low-Carb Days Workout

On low-carb days you want to focus on high intensity workouts. The reason for that is those types of workouts will burn up all that fat you are eating. For me, I love sprints. Now this didn’t happen right away, definitely took some time but now I am completely hooked and look forward to sprint days (as I lovingly call them). 

Below you’ll find the workout I do now. However, when I initially started my sprint intervals lasted only 8 minutes. Then every week I would add an additional minute until I hit 20 minutes. Sometimes I still do just 10-12 minutes if I am not totally feeling it or kind of in a rush. Either way, it is an awesome workout that gets my heart rate up, burns calories, and has me sweating! 

HIIT Sprints: 

Warm-up: 5-10 minutes at 3.0 with a 2.0-3.0 incline 

Sprint Intervals: 10-20 minutes 
30 seconds sprinting at 7.5-8.0 with a 2.0 incline
30 seconds walking at 3.0 with a 2.0 incline 

Cool-down: 5 minutes at 3.5 with a 3.0 incline
5 minutes at 3.0 with a 2.0 incline 

If you give sprints a try and find they are not your thing (try more than once, promise I was the worst runner ever when I initially started), look up HIIT workouts. You can find several that are quick 15-20 minutes that really get your heart rate up. 

FWTFL tips - workouts, recipes, lessons learned and more featured on Louella Reese #FWTFL #FASTerwaytofatloss

FWTFL Low-Carb Days Meal Plans 

Last year, I shared a couple of posts about what I ate on low-carb days due to y’all requesting ideas and help for those days. Low Carb Day Meal Plan Ideas and FWTFL Approved Snacks for Low Carb Days – lots of meal and snack ideas!  However, I wanted to give you an updated look at what I eat on these days. It has changed a bit and I’ve found a couple of new recipes I absolutely love (Joshua approved as well). 

FWTFL Low Carb Days Meal Plan | Low Carb Day Meal Ideas featured on Louella Reese

Two dinner recipes that have become my go to meals on low-carb days. Joshua absolutely loves the first one and I am working on perfecting the second one. Both recipes I switch up a bit, will share below how I make them my own/work for us. 

Ground beef, cauliflower, and feta skilletwe use fresh cauliflower vs. frozen and trade the cheddar cheese for feta. We’ve also found the full 2 cups ins’t necessary. We typically end up using just about a cup of cheese. 
Ground beef zucchini boatsskipped the bruschetta and traded the marinara sauce for barbecue sauce. LOVED the flavor! 

ULTIMATE FWTFL Low-Carb Day Guide featured on Louella Reese #FWTFL #FASTerWayToFatLoss

What I have learned about FWTFL Low-CARB days

Planning ahead is of the most importance!

With FWTFL they are all about planning ahead and that is totally great when you’re able to. But we all know there are days, events, travels, and friends that catch us off guard and throw that planning out the window. HOWEVER, I will say low-carb days NEED to be planned out. At least until you really understand what is low-carb and how to hit your macros appropriately on those days. So take the time before heading to the grocery store to really plan what you are going to eat on your low-carb days. Your belly, tastebuds, and overall self will thank you when those days come! 


Much like planning ahead, doing your research on low-carb items, recipes, and what you like is a must. Otherwise you’ll find yourself without anything to eat or completely over the same meal you’ve had the last five weeks in a row for low-carb days. Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to this. Simply search FWTFL low-carb days, FWTFL low-carb meals, low-carb dinners, low-carb breakfast, low-carb lunch…you get the picture! 

Challenge yourself to find one or two new recipes every week for low-carb days. That will really help you get excited about them and also satisfy your tastebuds. 

Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower are your friends 

If you’re like me (or like Joshua really) you have to have a vegetable with your dinner. Unfortunately a lot of vegetables are pretty high in carbs (even though they’re the good ones, you still have to stay under 50g of them). Therefore, stocking your fridge with the correct ones is necessary. Cauliflower is the number one pick as it is very low in carbs. Right behind cauliflower is brussels sprouts then broccoli. 

I personally love to roast them in olive oil, garlic powder, and oregano. The olive oil helps pack in a little extra healthy fats! 

Trader Joe’s is a must visit 

Trader Joe’s is amazing. I think we can all agree on that. But is especially amazing when it comes to low-carb goodies. You can find soooo many that you will find yourself making something different for low-carb days every single week! Number one item to pick up – Trader Joe’s crisp breads. They are perfectly packed with healthy fats and fiber while being low in carbs. They also provide that cracker crunch you may be craving on low-carb days. 

I also love their whipped cream cheese, smoked salmon, everything but the bagel seasoning (EBTB), frozen cauliflower rice, and frozen cauliflower pizza crust. 

They are my favorite days

At first, I loathed low-carb days. They were a struggle for me! Lots of planning went into them. Like lots and lots of planning! At the end of the day I would be left with 20g+ of fats still needed and trying my hardest to figure out how to get them in. But after lots of trial and error plus planning I have them down! Now they’re my favorite days! 
Well for one, they’re sprint days as mentioned above. Two, they are the most challenging and require the most creativity which I have kind of turned into a game and find quite entertaining haha. Three, when Wednesday morning rolls around (I do low-carb days Monday and Tuesday) I feel skinny, tight/toned, and no bloating is in sight. It is quite the wonderful feeing! I also always weigh the least on Wednesday mornings and let’s be honest, what gal doesn’t love that? 

Are you doing FWTFL? If so, what are your favorite days? Favorite recipes?

If you want to sign up for the next round of FWTFL you can do so here. And definitely let me know if you’re joining! I would love to hear from you and am happy to be accountability partners!


  1. Morgan wrote:

    Yup – totally using this to plan my meals next week!! The ground beef, cauliflower, and feta skillet sounds AMAZING!

    The HER Chronicles [] http://theherchronicles.com

    Posted 1.30.20
    • Yayyy! You will love these yummy meals. Oh it is delicious – Joshua loves it!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 1.30.20
  2. Lisa Autumn wrote:

    Girl you are so motivating!

    Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    Posted 2.2.20
  3. Rach wrote:

    I’m not doing FWTFL but I love the recipes you shared. They sound delicious. 100% agree that Trade Joes is the best place to grocery shop!


    Posted 2.3.20
  4. Rachel wrote:

    Your sample meal plan is SO good – I can’t wait to incorporate some of these snacks/meals into my week!


    Posted 2.3.20
  5. rebecca wrote:

    totally just added this ground beef cauliflower hash recipe to my collection & going to make it this week! Thanks for sharing, gf.

    xx rebecca // thecrystalpress.com

    Posted 2.3.20
  6. Stephanie Whitman wrote:

    I love reading your posts about FWTFL. It’s cool to learn from you as you’re learning for yourself. These recipes sound great, and it’s good to know which workouts to take part in!

    Posted 2.3.20
  7. Lizzie wrote:

    This is super helpful!! Everything I eat nowadays causes digestion issues – ugh! But these sound promising so I’m going to give them a try 🙂


    Posted 2.4.20
    • So happy to hear you found the post to be helpful! I hope they work well with your tummy and you find some good options for yourself!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 2.4.20
  8. Greta wrote:

    This sounds like such a great program. I’ve been wanting to try it for myself!

    Posted 2.4.20
  9. This is so cool! I have never tried FWTFL but love the idea of being creative with more veggies on low-carb days! Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

    -xo, Azanique | https://www.lotsofsass.com

    Posted 2.4.20
  10. Just started a kickboxing class at the start of the new year to get my health and wellness game back up so fitness has been on my priority list lately….these are some great reference tips…thanks for sharing! xoxo, Sarah

    Posted 2.5.20
    • That’s awesome gal! Hope you are loving it! And of course – glad you found them to be helpful!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 2.5.20
  11. Anna English wrote:

    I’m with you, low-carb days are absolutely the worst!

    Posted 2.5.20
  12. Kristina wrote:

    That’s awesome that you’ve stuck to this program and seen great results! I used to hate Brussels sprouts but now they’re one of my favorite things… especially with a little bacon or pancetta!

    Posted 2.10.20
    • Thank you Kristina! YES love Brussels sprouts paired with both of those – so yummy!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 2.10.20
  13. Sherryl Gates wrote:

    I’m having a hard time staying away from CARBS.. Doctor says I need to start watching them!! I don’t want diabetes so glad to have your help here. Zucchini Boats sound wonderful and I love veggies and hamburger, cheese and tomatoes. Will do this! Thank you!

    Posted 7.29.20

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