My Workout Motivation – How I Stay Motivated to Work Out

I recently polled my instagram audience (which hopefully includes you) about fitness and what kind of fitness content they wanted to see. One of the most highly requested topics was what is my workout motivation/how do I stay motivated to workout regularly? So today I’m spilling what keeps me motivated and drives my desire to workout.

Workout Motivation | How I Stay Motivated to Workout | Louella Reese

My Workout Motivation – How I stay motivated to workout

#1 Switch Up My Workouts

Nothing is more likely to make you feel over working out than boredom. Like sticking to the same workout routine every single day for months on end. I actually chatted about this recently as I experienced work out boredom while taking part in Chloe Ting’s Two Week Shred Challenge. The program quickly made me realize the important of trying new workouts and switching things up regularly. From days focused on HIIT workouts to relaxing yoga to killer strength training.

Try to find a variety of workouts to do whether you’re at home or visiting a gym for classes – keep things spicy!

If you need some workout inspiration, check out my post on FWTFL workout schedules and sample workouts.

#2 Have a Plan

Right after switching up workouts, the most important step is writing them down and having a plan! I typically schedule out my workouts for the week via a workout schedule I created in Canva. Sharing below if you want to save to your computer or screenshot on your phone to fill out for yourself. If you share via instagram be sure to tag me (@louellareese) so I can encourage you!

Having the workouts in writing makes them more official. Plus you get the satisfaction of crossing it off (or deleting it) from your schedule once your done. Which is honestly a huge driver for this OCD gal! If you’re planning to take a class at a gym or studio be sure to schedule at the beginning of the week and place it on your calendar/to do list so you’re setting yourself up for success!

#3 It Makes Me Feel Good

Working out makes me feel good! I feel more awake, more focused, more relaxed, more accomplished, have more energy, and I sleep better. Not to mention I feel stronger, fitter, and just overall proud of myself when I complete a workout. I know I’m doing good for my body and as cheesy as it may sound – my mind and soul as well.

Especially the latter two when I finish a yoga class. It blows me away how much better I feel after a great, relaxing yoga class. I could not recommend it enough if you’re stressed out, feeling overwhelmed, dealing with anxiety, or simply need a break. Yoga is great at taking your mind off of everything and focusing only on where you are at the moment and what you are doing. Not to mention it improves your posture, lengthens your muscles, and increases flexibility.

#4 Results

Probably the most obvious motivation driver – RESULT! You really cannot beat them! Since results don’t happen over night (wouldn’t that be the life) I know I have to keep at it for a bit to start seeing how a workout or workouts are changing my body. But when I see that extra definition in my arm or some baby abs pop out – that is all I need to keep it up!

If you fall off the wagon and notice that definition isn’t what it was a few weeks ago or even a week ago – don’t fret, don’t give up. Once you have definition it comes back faster after fading a bit. Your muscles have muscle memory and will bounce back faster than if you take a very extended break or have to start all over. So give yourself some grace if you miss a few days or a week or so BUT jump back on it and those results you’ll see a little quicker will be even sweeter!

What is your workout motivation/what keeps you motivated to workout regularly? Drop your tips and recommendations in the comment below!

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  1. Morgan wrote:

    Working out really does make you feel better! I honestly love the feeling leaving a yoga class! I need to get back into it!

    the HER chronicles []

    Posted 9.25.20
    • could not agree with you more! yessss that is the best feeling ever!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 9.29.20
  2. Demi wrote:

    your outfit looks so cute!

    Posted 9.26.20
  3. Lizzie wrote:

    I totally needed this! Now that I’m feeling better, I’m ready to get my work out on but I get bored so easily lol! Switching it up and making a schedule is a great idea!


    Posted 9.28.20
    • love when posts are published at the perfect time! hope switching it up and creating a schedule will help you out!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 9.29.20
  4. Lee wrote:

    Love this! I need to start prioritizing taking care of myself and working out. I love the idea of switching up your workouts, I’m the same as you I can’t handle the same workout over and over. Love changing it up!

    Posted 9.28.20
    • thank you lee! it is so important to put ourselves first and take care of ourselves – working out is such a great way to do so and release stress! changing it up is the best + so essential!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 9.29.20
  5. rebecca wrote:

    okkkk I really needed this one! I am really good at going on walks 3-4 times a week but even then I have trouble motivating myself to do much else. these are great tips and I love seeing what workouts you are up to!

    xx reb //

    Posted 9.28.20
    • glad it was perfect timing! oh I love walks – especially right now with these fall temps. it’s hard to not want to just walk and walk and walk haha. glad you found these tips to be helpful!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 9.29.20
  6. Kileen wrote:

    I agree that working out is a total game changer for my mood, energy and overall happiness! Your routine is so awesome and so intense!

    cute & little

    Posted 9.28.20
  7. Lily wrote:

    I need to start working out again! I will definitely take your tips into consideration!

    Posted 9.28.20
  8. Greta wrote:

    I’m so competitive that I have to work out in a class environment. My local fitness studio opened at 25% capacity and it’s so good to be back!

    Posted 9.28.20
    • love that! totally need to get into some classes. glad to hear your studio has opened back up!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 9.29.20
  9. Anna English wrote:

    Having a plan before the week starts definitely helps me stay motivated and accountable when things get busy!

    Posted 9.29.20
  10. I’m a bit of a workaholic but strangely, a steady workout routine has never stuck. Most recently I picked up a desk bike to work on my laptop while I get some exercise in and it’s been working pretty good for me! xoxo, Sarah

    Posted 9.29.20
  11. Stephanie wrote:

    This is great motivation for working out! I have ALL the motivation and none of the ability to make it happen. It frustrates me to no end how my illness affects that part of my life. I live vicariously through others haha!

    Posted 9.29.20
    • aw yay happy to hear that! oh girl I am so sorry – hopefully you’re able to do things like yoga!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 9.29.20
  12. Rachel wrote:

    I have been SO lazy lately but need to get back into exercising, especially before it gets too cold to go outside!


    Posted 9.29.20
    • I just worked out outside and boy was a it chilly – not looking forward to early morning winter workouts haha.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 9.30.20
  13. You always motivate me with your workout stories!! And I totally agree – I definitely see a difference in when I work out vs. when I don’t. I need to remind myself of that!

    Posted 10.2.20
    • aw yay – I love hearing that! it is crazy what a difference it makes – not only on your body but how you feel and your attitude.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 10.10.20

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