Our Fall Front Porch & Tips for Decorating Yours

Fall front porch essentials | Front Door Mat, Hope Your Brought Pie Mat | Louella Reese

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Truthfully, I never understood why people decorated outside for fall/thanksgiving. I thought Halloween and Christmas were the only events deserving of the effort. However, now that I’m a homeowner, I completely understand! Decorating for the season is just too fun! Especially this year when we haven’t had too much to look forward – getting the space decorated for the season is something I very much looked forward to and couldn’t wait to do.

While I now love decorating for the various seasons I still don’t want too many items I need to store. Meaning, I don’t want our shed filled with boxes for the various seasons (just Christmas). So with that said, I typically opt to use more natural pieces that expire by the end of the season (a nice way to say they can be thrown away). 

For fall, decorating with natural items is incredibly easy! Think pumpkins, mums, fall produce, and hay + corn husks. All are natural items that look beautiful paired together and can also be tossed at the end of the season. Although, the mums can last and last….IF YOU CAN KEEP THEM ALIVE. Last year I didn’t have much luck with our mums but fingers crossed this year they’ll survive. Little not so pro, pro tip: they LOVE water and sunshine! Keep them in the sun and water them very often! 

Here is a look at our fall front porch this year…

Fall Front Porch Decor, Pumpkin and Mums | Louella Reese

As mentioned above, I went all natural with the decor and decided to go for a warmer color theme this year – greens, browns, and burgundy. I love the warm fall vibe this space gives off as you walk up our front steps. Warm and inviting is the overall feeling I strive for when it comes to our home. So extending that out to our front porch made perfect sense! While I typically stay away from red tones (just not my favorite) for some reason this burgundy mum really drew me in! After scooping it up and seeing what it looked like against our house I decided to add a little more with the rug under the door mat. The pop of color really warms up the space and gives it major fall vibes! 

Four Essentials for a Fall Front Porch

Fall front porch essentials, Decor, Green Pumpkins | Louella Reese


An obvious have to have come fall. I personally love picking pumpkins in various shades of green and white/ivory to be a little different and also to play off the colors of our house. Having various shades, sizes, and shapes adds depth while also being more visually appealing to the eye. My recommendation is to figure out your color palette and scoop up a bunch of pumpkins that fall within that palette. Whether they’re green, white/ivory, orange or pink – you can also go for all of them if you want a more playful look. 

Cutesy Door Mat

I 100% think front porches call for a cutesy door mat! There are so many cute options available (sharing several options below) and they’re just so fun for those that visit you. Or those delivering packages from FedEx, UPS, and Amazon. Our delivery guys absolutely loved the mat we had this summer, Please Hide Packages From My Husband. Every single one of them said something about it and a sweet Amazon delivery woman even hid one of the packages behind our welcome sign. They’re a great way to welcome and entertain people – put a little smile on their face

I thought this hope you have pie mat was just too stinking cute! And honestly fit us very well as we’re both major sweets people – Joshua’s favorite dessert is actually cherry pie. Finding one that fits your personality is the ultimate win!

Fall Front Door Mats | Louella Reese

Mums & Cabbage 

Mums are similar to pumpkins, in that fact that they are a fall must have! They’re the unofficial plant of the season. I recommend selecting a few mums that fit into the color palette you chose for your space. The burgundy mums really have my heart this year! However, the yellow is also very beautiful and white mums keep things very simple. You can also opt for a few mums in each color, if you really want your space to scream fall. Incase you missed my little not so pro, pro tip: they LOVE water and sunshine! Keep them in the sun and water them very often! 

Cabbage is also a great plant to add to the mix. It adds more texture and depth! Kale is another option. If you like to eat either, I would opt for the one you like to eat so you can benefit from it for more than just it’s looks. 


Baskets are a great way to decorate and make things feel a little more fall. If you can find peck baskets they really provide fall vibes and that farmer’s market feel. Often times you can actually pick them up at farmer’s markets or pumpkin patches. If they aren’t your style, there are a lot of pretty wicker planters available and look great for all seasons. I am loving this one from Studio McGee. 

Are you decorating your front porch for the fall season? What’s your favorite outdoor fall decor? P.S. Want more fall content? Check out recent posts: Fall Drinks to Try at Home & my 2020 Fall Bucket List.


  1. Morgan wrote:

    It’s so inviting!! That doormat is the cutest!

    the HER chronicles [] http://theherchronicles.com

    Posted 10.16.20
  2. mia wrote:

    Your porch is gorgeous! I don’t decorate for fall, but if I owned a house I definitely would (any excuse to throw up some decorations and I’m game!) xx


    Posted 10.18.20
  3. Jessica Camerata wrote:

    These mats are SO fun. I wish I had a real front porch! So much fall envy when it comes to this time of year.

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

    Posted 10.19.20
    • thank you lady! you always find fun ways to decorate your space though!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 10.21.20
  4. jade goddard wrote:

    totally loved this post! thanks for sharing

    Posted 10.20.20
  5. Dana Mannarino wrote:

    I wanna have a porch like yours when I grow up LOLLLLLLL

    Dana | It’s Casual Blog 

    Posted 10.20.20
  6. I can’t get over how perfect your porch is!! The combination of the perfectly green pumpkins and gorgeous mums = total fall perfection!

    Posted 10.21.20
  7. Rach wrote:

    Your front porch is so cute!! Love the doormat. It is a goal to own a place with a front porch. It’s a luxury in the city haha.


    Posted 10.21.20
  8. Emily Wilkinson wrote:

    Your porch looks so cute! I totally failed this year on decorating our porch… oops! I’m hoping to decorate it for the holidays though!

    Posted 10.21.20
  9. Lizzie wrote:

    Such a cute outfit! Love the green on you! I can’t wait until we move so we can decorate our porch more!


    Posted 10.21.20
  10. Rebecca wrote:

    I completely dropped the ball this year on decorating! My husband asked me just today where the pumpkins were lol. I looove the cabbage idea! Might have to do that, too!

    Posted 10.21.20
  11. Lee wrote:

    So pretty! and i totally agree with you – with everything going on with COVID I’ve been much more into decorating, it’s totally something to look forward too and bring a little extra joy to your home!

    Posted 10.21.20
  12. Amanda wrote:

    The doormat is too cute! The mums look great, they’re so pretty— fingers crossed they stay alive this time!

    Posted 10.22.20
  13. Love how you styled it…especially with all the natural elements. So inviting!

    Posted 10.22.20
  14. Anna English wrote:

    I addd a new doormat and pumpkins to mine, but still want to grab some mums!

    Posted 10.22.20
  15. Stephanie wrote:

    I love how you did your front porch up for fall! It’s beautiful without being over-the-top, and the doormat is adorable! Also, your mums are stunning. I hope they stay alive and thriving for a long time 😉

    Posted 10.22.20
  16. Kileen wrote:

    I love porch decor and you have so many awesome ideas here! I”m going to use these tips to do my porch!

    cute & little

    Posted 10.22.20

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