July 2019 Recap

Sharing my July 2019 recap – including several purchases for the new home! 

Louella Reese July 2019 Recap


Gamisote Floral Short Sleeve Print Mini Dress
Echoine Spaghetti Strap Button Down Swing Midi Dress
bp 50mm Round SunglassesRay Ban Dupes under $20
Anthropologie Marie Frayed Cover-up Shorts – on sale for under $30
Franco Sarto Irena Loafers 
Barbour Oakland Quilted Jacket 


Rope Basket for Undergarments
Wood Towel Rack (from HomeGoods, similar)
Trash Can (from HomeGoods, almond & white)
Clothing Rack for my Office
Rug for my Office 


Winston-Salem, NC: I’m not going to dive too much into this trip as I’ll be sharing a full recap + travel guide for Winston-Salem early next week but I will say, it was one of my favorite trips. Winston-Salem absolutely blew me away and I cannot wait to go back and take Joshua with me!


Always Be My Maybe – The best movie we watched in July. Funny, cute, quirky, and a little different. I mean, you know from the get go what is going to happen but it’s one of those movies you still are dying of anticipation waiting for it to happen. Some really great humor and overall is really entertaining. Good feel good movie! 
Wine Country – Thought this movie was going to be a lot like Bridesmaid but it definitely disappointed. It was horrible but it wasn’t great either. Lacked a lot of the really great humor Bridesmaids had and also seemed to be trying way too hard. I would say skip or watch with your girl friends while catching up and eating all the snacks. 
Swiped – quite possibly the worst movie I have ever watched. I mean the WORST. I would 100% recommend skipping this one. Even just to have on in the background – it’s terrible. Disappointed in Noah Centineo for being in this movie. 


Again, this month was so busy I really didn’t get to trying out new recipes. And August is going to be even busier eeekkk! But come September I plan to really get back into cooking and baking LOTS!


Legion Brewing Southpark: I dined here for a blogger event towards the end of the month. As always, everything was incredible and I left very full + satisfied. Still one of my favorite spots in Charlotte. If you haven’t been and you’re local, you absolutely need to go ASAP! 

Cowfish: We had a gift card here from a blogger event I attended last month so we decided to eat here after church one Sunday. It’s always a great place to go for burgers, milkshakes, and sushi. I opted for their minis of the week and Joshua had some sushi. Both of us left VERY full! Even though we both wanted a milkshake we just didn’t have room for it! 

The String Bean: Our first dining experience in the new hood. Oh my yummmmm is this place good! They have such a wide variety of food and everything we tasted was delicious. They also have an amazing selection of wine. We dined indoors which was nice but the outdoor patio is definitely where it’s at. We both said that’s where we want to sit whenever we go again. 

Nellie’s Southern Kitchen: Just went here two nights ago with one of our best friends. He took us out to celebrate the new house. We all went all out with wine, pimento cheese fries, and chicken + dumplings for myself + our friend, and meatloaf for Joshua. It was definitely a good ole southern meal and we loved every bit of it! P.S. if you don’t know, this restaurant is owned by Kevin Jonas Sr. and he was there Wednesday night! 


Readers Favorite: 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Top 10 Picks

My Favorite: We Bought A HOUSE


A Scene from the Notebook – Hillheady – get ready to swoon! 

The Bodysuit Every Woman Should Own – Hello Adams Family – still need to buy this body suit! 

What Does Retinol Do For Your Skin – My Style Vita

Wellness Wednesday | All About Thieves – Pure Joy Home


When She Comes Home Tonight – Riley Green 


Finished season three for both Designated Survivor and Riverdale. Didn’t entirely love Designated Survivor and how that ended. But I did LOVE Riverdale and now I am just itching for the fourth season. Although, can we take a second to talk about Lilli and Cole breaking up? I am quite upset about it and also not totally understanding if they are in fact broken up or that was all a big hot mess/publicity thing. Thoughts? 

Otherwise, we have just been watching Yellowstone and y’all it is SO good! The episodes are 45-60 minutes and they are always over way too fast for us. We both love the show and I cannot get over how great all of the actors on the show are. They are phenomenal. We also just learned that one of the cowboys is a singer/songwriter and after listening to some of his stuff, we love him even more. 


The cutest little linen blend skirt ever 
Purchased this a couple months ago but forgot to share – the most beautiful camera strap! And also the most sturdy, comfortable, and functional one I have tried. 
Never knew I needed a tissue box cover until I saw this rattan one.
Desperately want this linen jumpsuit to come back in stock in my size. If it’s available in your size, please buy it and rock it for me!


Working out honestly too a backseat this month with preparing to move and actually moving. Really moving boxes and unpacking is it’s own workout. However, I am currently partaking in a 7 day trial at a gym close to our new house and have dove back into working out regularly. I’m now able to work my legs regularly WOOHOOO! But hurt my foot when moving so now I can’t do cardio or HIIT. Just can’t win haha. But hopefully that’ll be healed by next week!

Still following FASTer Way to Fat Loss eating program. Although on regular carb days I’ve just been going pretty ham and eating all of the food. My weight is still staying the same so, I’m just going to enjoy those days for right now. If you’re interested in finding out more about FWTFL you can read about my FWTFL experience, FWTFL vs. BBG, and low carb day tips/recommendations  – all on my health & fitness page

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  1. Rachel wrote:

    Always Be My Maybe was SO cute! Love the frayed shorts you bought, too!


    Posted 8.2.19
  2. Morgan wrote:

    Next time you’re in the “big city” hehe let’s go get Cowfish milkshakes!! I also would love to go to Legion with you again!

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

    Posted 8.2.19
    • Oh my gosh yes please! Seriously dying for one – still have my coupon too 🙂 and Legion sounds great as well!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 8.5.19
  3. I am so excited to see how you guys decorate your brand new home! That is SUCH a wonderful accomplishment – to own a home! – and I can’t wait to see all of your upcoming home decor blog posts.

    xo Amanda || Affordable by Amanda

    Posted 8.5.19
    • Thank you so much Amanda! We are so excited to make it our own 🙂 and thank you – we feel very blessed to have been able to take this big step.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 8.5.19

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