Lilly Sabri 12 Day Challenge HONEST Review

Over the last two weeks I took part in the Lilly Sabri 12 Day Challengealso know as 12 Days of Leanmas Full Body Sculpt. I found this program after partaking in several of Lilly’s workout videos via her YouTube channel. For several weeks I tried out various workout videos from Lilly – from abs to pilates to full body sculpts and everything in between. In all honesty, I was pretty hooked! So I decided to try one of her challenges – opting to start with the shortest one, 12 days.

After sharing daily updates on Instagram throughout the challenge I wanted to share a full very honest review of the Lilly Sabri 12 Day Challenge. Including what I found to be pros and cons of the challenge as well as my results. 

Lilly Sabri 12 Day Workout Challenge Honest Review | Louella Reese



Length (12 days):

The 12 day length made the challenge feel manageable, attainable, and also motivating. I also love that there’s a rest day built into the middle of the challenge. However, I will admit I did end up taking two additional rest days. Not because my body was tired but rather due to schedule and feeling off one day (women’s issues if I’m being very honest).

Workout Videos:

There is a video for every workout and they are very well made! With timers for each exercise/circuit and several countdowns throughout. Several of the videos also share a preview of what the next move will be. This allows you be prepared when it is time to move on to the next exercise, rather than playing catch up which happens with so many workout videos. If a preview is not included, Lilly will walk you through the next workout before starting. Often times she’ll share modifications/variations than as well.

Length of Workouts:

I will not lie, at first I was quite nervous when I saw a few videos were 35-45 minuets in length. However, they all ended up going very quickly and were set up wonderfully! By that I mean, Lilly does a really great job of dividing the workout out so it is not as overwhelming. An example of this is, one 40 minute workout was divided as such: 10 minute cardio, 10 minute abs, 10 minute cardio, 10 minute mash-up. This made the workout a lot more manageable and gave you a bit of a breather!

Each day has two to three workout videos with your time commitment/workout maxing out around 40-55 minutes. Typically one video is 6-10 minutes with the other being 30-45 minutes. A few days there was a third video, that one was also 6-10 minutes in length.

Low Impact/Modifications:

As someone with a weak knee, I love that Lilly includes low impact modifications for most of the high impact moves. I found myself varying between doing high impact and the low impact modifications when needed.

I also love that Lilly gives variations for varying levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced. Often times she’ll do the beginner and/or immediate level variation for a good bit which I believe makes those at that level feel more comfortable. I personally did beginner and intermediate several times when it came to high impact and ab workouts. These variations are also great as you can move up as you grow stronger!


Lilly includes a warm-up in all of her longer videos. This may be 3-4 moves or a full circuit. She really focuses on warming up your body and making sure it is ready for the workout that is to come!

Lilly’s personality/positivity/energy:

Lilly has the most bubbly, energetic, positive personality ever and it is so welcomed when going through these workouts! She is constantly encouraging, laughing, dancing, and working to connect with those partaking in her videos. The workouts truly fly by – in part due to the way she divides them up (as mentioned above) but also due to her infectious personality!

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Lack of cool-downs:

My only real con with this program is I didn’t catch many cool downs. Which I think it totally fine for the shorter videos (6-10 minutes) but for the 30-45 minutes videos I would have liked to see more. Now I will say, I didn’t always hang around as she typically goes into some type of discussion so maybe there is more of a cool-down after that.

Would like to see her add 3-4 moves of cool-down immediately after completing the workout as she does with the warm-up.


Overall, I noticed a BIG difference in my abs – both the look of them and their strength. As well as my upper legs and booty. They definitely appear to be more toned and are absolutely stronger! As far as measurable results, I lost 1.2 lbs, decreased body fat by .4, and my BMI decreased by .2 – small differences but ones I am really happy about!

Lilly Sabri Results | Louella Reese

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  1. I have to check out these workouts! I am also someone who enjoys having cool-down moments in-between working out, so I will be mindful of this and go at my own pace.
    xo Amanda |

    Posted 3.1.21
    • that is definitely good to acknowledge and do! I did the hardest workout earlier this week and loved that I could pause the video when needed and then pick up once I caught my breath.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 3.4.21
  2. Lee wrote:

    I hadn’t heard of Lily Sabri until you mentioned her on IG and I checked her out on your recommendation and have loved her! I did her 11 minute abs just this morning haha. I do wish though she had more modifcations for her ab videos because they are all very much exercise that pull at your hips and lower back so they’re not for everyone!

    Posted 3.5.21
    • yay! I am so happy to hear you are loving her. I completely agree the abs are tough and some modifications could be used – I will say she does share several on different videos. I do one specifically often as my lower back hurts so quickly.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 3.8.21

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