Spring & Summer Straw Hats to Save and Splurge on this Season

Save and Splurge Straw Hats for Spring and Summer | Louella Reese
shop the look: straw hat // gingham blouse // bone straight leg pants // cable cuff

Hats have been become a staple of my spring and summer wardrobes, both for sun protection and for style. Even the simplest warm weather outfit feels more put-together and intentional when finished with a hat. One wide-brimmed straw hat (like this one you see my wearing often) is the perfect place to start when starting a hat collection or wanting to try out the accessory. Like woven bags, every time spring rolls around and new summer straw hats with unique details and designs emerge I find my collection growing!

With that being said, I thought I would round up a few of my favorite spring and summer straw hats – with save and splurge options for each style.

Save vs. Splurge Summer Straw Hats, Straw Bucket Hat | Louella Reese

save straw cruiser hat // splurge straw cruiser hat

Save vs. Splurge Summer Straw Hats, Straw Boater Hats | Louella Reese

save straw boater hat (almost identical style for $17.99) // splurge straw boater hat

Save vs. Splurge Summer Straw Hats, Big Bow Straw Hats | Louella Reese

save big bow straw hats // splurge big bow straw hat

Brixton Joanna Hat, Lack of Color Fedora | Louella Reese

save straw fedora (more colors) // splurge straw fedora

lack of color wide fedora | Louella Reese

save wide brim straw hat // splurge wide brim straw hat

shop summer straw hats

Which summer straw hat makes it to the top of your wish list? I am honestly quite obsessed with this cruiser hat. Not 100% certain I can pull it off – which is why I haven’t pulled the trigger. However, I keep coming back to it so I am thinking I need to give it a try! Which one is at the top of your wish list?

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photo by Jennifer Austin Photography