2019 Top 10 Blog Posts

Kicking off the first week of January with the last recap from 2019. Today it is all about the 2019 top 10 blog posts – the posts that received the most attention and were read more than any others. As with the 2019 best sellers I’m a little surprised by some and definitely not surprised by others! Some of your favorite posts were also some of my favorites. Although there were a couple I would have liked to see on this list: How to Create a Beautiful Fall Charcuterie Spread, Rosé Inspired & Filled Spring Brunch, Ten Spring Date Ideas: Five From Him, Five From Her, and What’s In My NYFW Carry On Bag.

BUT have enjoyed seeing what y’all were most interested in. Reviewing the past year has really helped me plan content for 2020. I plan to focus more on the content you enjoy and want to see vs. those that seem to receive the least amount of views (styled posts)! If you have any additional feedback for content you would like to see here, please email me (louellareese@gmail.com) or leave a comment below. I would LOVE to hear what you’re most interested in. 

10. Winston-Salem Travel Diary & Guide

This was truly one of my favorite trips of 2019. So unexpected but oh my goodness did I fall in love with Winston-Salem. I am honestly dying to go back and take Joshua with me. I want him to experience the charm that Winston-Salem has to offer. If you’re local to the Piedmont region or even a couple hours away, I would recommend planning a 3-day weekend to Winston-Salem. Read more on why and what to do by clicking the link above! 

2019 Top 10 Blog Posts on Louella Reese | Winston-Salem Travel Guide

9. The Perfect Affordable Trench Coat | NYFW 2019

The only styled post to make it on the list! This recap has taught me styled posts are not y’all’s favorite. Therefore, I will be stepping back from them a bit and sharing other types of content y’all enjoy more. For those of you that do love styled posts, don’t fret I will still share here and there plus will highlight more looks + outfit ideas via instagram, instagram stories, and the liketoknow.it app this year. 

I will say this was one of my favorite looks at NYFW last year. Chic, simple, and perfectly functional for walking around the city, attending meetings, and attending shows. I LOVE the navy tights, think they totally make the look. Oh and of course the main piece, the affordable trench coat! Such a great buy. 

2019 Top 10 Blog Posts on Louella Reese | Affordable Trench Coat

8. 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Fitting Room Session

Y’all love the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!! And are definitely big fans of the fitting room try on sessions (was one of my most popular posts last yer as well). Duly noted. I will do this again this year when the sale rolls around! 

2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Fitting Room Session featured on Louella Reese Life & Style Blog


Definitely my favorite post of 2019 and favorite memory/milestone/accomplishment! Thrilled and thankful that y’all were excited about this as well. Cannot wait to share lots more around our home in 2020. We have LOTS of plans!!

2019 Top 10 Blog Posts on Louella Reese | First Time Homeowners

6. 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Top 10 Picks

Another Nordstrom Anniversary Sale favorite. Thrilled y’all enjoyed seeing my top ten picks. This is a post I love putting together! Will absolutely publish a post like this again when the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale hits this summer. 

2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Top Ten Picks | Best Items from the 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | Louella Reese

5. Short Hair Curling Wand Tutorial 

This was one of my most highly requested blog posts ever! So I am VERY happy to see it was so well received! Spilling all the secrets, details, and steps on how I create my everyday curls. They’re super easy to achieve- I promise!

Short Hair Curling Wand Tutorial | Curled Lob Haircut | Louella Reese

4. FASTer Way to Fat Loss: My Experience

Another highly requested post. So again, thrilled to see it was a big hit. In this post I dive into my experience taking part in the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program. This was written after I completed my first round. So it includes all of my initial thoughts, results, and lessons learned.

FASTer Way to Fat Loss | FWTFL Experience featured on Louella Reese

3. FWTFL vs. BBG: How They Compare & Overall Thoughts

Before taking part in FWTFL I did BBG, a different program. In this post I chat about how they compare and my overall thoughts on the two. Really diving in to how they’re similar, different, and what I liked most + least about each one. 

FWTFL vs BBG: How they compare and overall thoughts on the two programs | Faster Way to Fat Loss & Bikini Body Guide | Louella Reese

2. FWTFL Approved Snacks for Low Carb Days & Regular Macro Days 

Figuring out the right snacks for FWTFL can be tricky. Especially on low carb days so in this post I’m giving you two low carb snack recipes and one regular macro day snack recipe. All three are extra yummy, super easy to make, and will help you reach your macros. 

2019 Top 10 Blog Posts on Louella Reese | FWTFL Snack Ideas

1. FWTFL Low Carb Day Meal Plan

The most viewed post of 2020! Not to mention the most viewed post of EVERY.SINGLE. MONTH. of 2020. Yep this one was a big hit! This post walks you through a couple of low carb days – meal ideas for each meal plus a few snack ideas. A great resource if you’re just starting FWTFL or need some inspiration to spice things up a bit. 


  1. Rachel wrote:

    All of these posts were SO good! It’s always so fun to see what content people actually like – I feel like it’s always what we’re not expecting. Cheers to 2020!


    Posted 1.3.20
    • Thank you Rachel 🙂 I really appreciate it gal! And couldn’t agree with you more – always different than you were expecting. Happy 2020 to you as well!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 1.3.20
  2. Morgan wrote:

    Loved looking back through all these posts!! I can definitely attest to the fact that there are so many FWTFL posts on this list because I know you were a big resource for me when it came to the program .. PS – thinking of doing the next round .. be my accountability partner?!

    The HER Chronicles [] http://theherchronicles.com

    Posted 1.3.20
    • Thanks lady! That truly means a lot – I am so happy you found the posts to be helpful. And YES! For sure!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 1.3.20
  3. Lisa Autumn wrote:

    I am so glad I discovered your blog in 2019!

    Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    Posted 1.5.20
  4. Hillary wrote:

    You had so many great posts last year!! But obviously out Winston Salem trip was my FAVE!!

    Posted 1.14.20
    • Thanks girl friend!!! LOVED that trip and that post – we captured so many great photos!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 1.14.20
  5. Mollie wrote:

    I love looking back and seeing what posts we’re the most popular – it’s so interesting to see! Loved looking back at all of yours!

    xx Mollie

    Posted 1.14.20
  6. Lizzie wrote:

    Loved revisiting some of your old posts! It’s so cool to see what people resonate with. You had such a great year 🙂

    Posted 1.14.20
  7. Jessica Camerata wrote:

    I need to try those fat bombs you made for FWTFL. I do TRIm (it’s the same) and am in need of a good sweet treat on low carb days!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

    Posted 1.14.20
    • They are SO yummy and really help you get the fat in! Definitely satisfy the sweet tooth!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 1.14.20
  8. Stephanie Whitman wrote:

    I’m definitely unsurprised that these were your best posts of the year. I loved ALL of them, myself! Your blog has been one of my favorites to frequent and I can’t wait to see how you slay in 2020.

    Posted 1.14.20
    • Aw thank you! I really appreciate that gal 🙂 means so much to me!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 1.15.20
  9. Lydia wrote:

    I always love looking back at all the highlights of the year! It’s so fun to reflect and think about all the things to come in this new year!
    Chic on the Cheap

    Posted 1.14.20
  10. Kileen wrote:

    All of these posts are so great! I remember seeing a bunch of these!!


    Posted 1.14.20
  11. You have some great ones here…Norstrom Anniversary anything isn’t surprising, lol. But more importantly, congrats on the new home!! xoxo, Sarah

    Posted 1.15.20
    • Thank you Sarah 🙂 haha definitely no surprise with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – that sale is like no other! And thank you for the congratulations! We are still on cloud nine.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 1.15.20

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