December 2019 Recap

Sharing my December 2019 recap – including several new purchases, movies to watch (and skip), and my favorite restaurant in Charlotte! 

Louella Reese December 2019 Recap

Happy New Year, Happy 2020! I cannot believe we are kicking off a new year today! But I have to admit I am pretty excited about it. Excited for new adventures, new challenges, new opportunities, and new memories. There is so much to be excited about when it comes to starting a new year! Especially when you enter it with a positive, excited, and open attitude. So let’s celebrate the new year and welcome it with open arms, what do you say? Was that cheesy? Maybe a little cheesy. But I really am so excited about the new year and truly do think the attitude you have about it affects how the year will go! 

I’m kicking off the new year with one last recap of 2019 – a December 2019 recap. It was a very busy month in some ways and one of the calmest months I have had recently in other ways. Overall, a wonderful month that included lots of time with family, friends, and Joshua! Tomorrow I will be back with the 10 Best Sellers of 2019 – I think some may surprise you…they surprised me! 


olive quilted jacket
slouchy cardigan sweater in ivory
lace cami
camo sweater in chocolate


Leather Pouf for the office 


HOME  – we stayed home all month and it was absolutely glorious! 


Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – I know I am not with the majority when I say I didn’t really love this movie. Although I am with Joshua. We both found it to be just kind of blahhhh. Nothing really seemed to happen till the end then A LOT happened and the movie just ended. I did think Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio were amazing BUT not enough to make the movie one to recommend or watch again. 

Hustlers – Another movie I didn’t totally love. There were good parts and OH.MY.GOODNESS. was Jennifer Lopez amazing but overall wasn’t that exciting. I would say it’s a good one to watch with your girl friends and to rent via RedBox. 

The Family Stone – One of my favorite holiday movies. Aka I LOVE to watch it every single year! I know you have one (or two) of those movies as well. It’s a classic and such a great family movie – one of those real life kind of families. Not to mention the cast is incredible!!! Hello Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton, Sarah Jessica Parker, Craig T. Nelson, and Luke Wilson just to name a few. I seriously love it so much I could go on and on! 


Shelby’s Peppermint Oreo Cookies from our Virtual Cookie Exchange


Customshop – One of my favorite restaurants in Charlotte! Joshua and I went here for the Louella Reese LLC Christmas party. It was quite the special night! We totally lived it up and celebrated big with all of Customshop’s goodness – wine, a charcuterie board, incredible entrees, and the sweetest of desserts! 

Estia’s Kouzina – We have had this spot on our list for awhile now and FINALLY made it the Saturday after Christmas. It is located right outside of our new home town and is now one of my favorite local spots. They have amazing Mediterranean food and such a beautiful atmosphere. Would highly recommend if you’re in the Belmont/Mount Holly/McAdenville area. 


Readers Favorite: Fourth Annual Virtual Cookie Exchange

My Favorite: Our Simple Christmas Mantle


Instant Pot, Pot Roast – Pure Joy Home
How I Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle Around the Holidays – Hello Adams Family
My Favorite Christmas Traditions – Glitter and Gingham
My Container Store Closet Makeover – My Style Vita


Look What God Gave Her – Thomas Rhett


As mentioned last month, Joshua and I started Jack Ryan. We finished BOTH seasons from end of November to middle of December. Aka we were completely addicted to the show and are both hoping season three is coming sooner rather than later. By far one of our favorite shows we have watched together. 


This years version of my favorite sweater.
The BEST natural toothpaste ever! 
Ultra cozy, fluffy slippers 
The perfect green, blue, neutral rug


While December is ALL about eating and I definitely did my fair share around Christmas, I did stick to FASTer Way to Fat Loss for the most part! I also kicked up my workouts with more sprints, a couple of workouts from Liz Adams, and allll of the walks since this December brought 60+ degree days. I’ve been sharing a lot of my low-carb meals on Instagram stories so be sure to follow along if you are interested. Will work on getting a new post together with more meals options but until then…check out previous FWTFL posts including: my FWTFL experience, FWTFL vs. BBG, Regular Macro Day Smoothie, and low carb day tips/recommendations – all on my health & fitness page

Thanks for reading my December 2019 Recap. Take a look back a previous monthly recaps here


  1. Morgan wrote:

    Can’t believe this is your last 2019 monthly recap! From the looks of it, it was a good month! I can’t wait to see you style your new items more!

    The HER Chronicles []

    Posted 1.2.20
  2. Jessica Camerata wrote:

    Thanks for including my closet makeover! That office before and after still blows my mind, ha!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

    Posted 1.3.20

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