August 2020 Recap

Sharing my August 2020 recap – including lots of new home purchases & finds, movies watched, favorite blog posts and lots more!

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August 2020 RECAP


Freestyle Sweatershirt
Super High Rise Biker Shorts (x2)
Tiered Midi Shirt Dress
Rose Pavé Diamond Huggie Hoop Earrings – returned, for the size I did not feel they were worth the money 


Striped Linen/Cotton Drapes for the living room 
French Country Mirror for the living room 
Bed Frame for master bedroom 
Milk Jug Table Lamp (x2) for master bedroom
Vintage Basket (similar) for above the fridge 
Vintage Trinket Dish (found the exact one – only one available so jump on it if you love it) for my bedside table 


Asheville, NC – went for the day mid-month to meet my girl friend Lacey of The Glitter Gospel. sadly the weather did not corporate with us so we spent most of the day at coffee shops. it was so nice to be somewhere else though and chat with a “coworker”. 

August, GA – my mom and I ventured down south to visit Final Cut Anthropologie. sadly the store/inventory was VERY DISAPPOINTING! we both had intentions of picking up lots of goodies for our homes but instead left with one handbag (my purchase), a dress and scarf (my mom’s purchases). I shared this on Instagram stories and several people reached out saying they had the same experience – this year, last year, and two years ago. so while I originally thought the low and VERY damaged inventory was due to covid-19 I believe it is truly a very hit or miss kind of place. and for the 3 hours drive – I don’t think it is worth the miss! 


Peanut Butter Falcon – obsessed. completely obsessed. this movie is amazing! from start to finish I was completely blown away and honestly on the edge of my seat. shia labeouf was the best I have ever seen him (and his accent was making me swoon). while zack gottsagen was incredible! not to mention the chemistry the two had was out of this world. you’ll instantly fall in love with both of them and find yourself cheering for them to succeed. a great date night movie! 

The Kissing Booth 2 – another cheesy Netflix rom-com. loved it! I honestly thought it was as good as the first one. although I wish they would have included/done more with the actual kissing booth. but besides that it definitely lived up to my expectations. already cannot wait for the third one! 

The High Note – okay wow. just wow! the cast of this movie blew me away and the chemistry they all had was amazing! a definite must watch! and I also dare you not to completely fall in love with the ultra smooth David played by Kelvin Harrison Jr.


Zucchini Bread Muffins (used this recipe and just placed in muffin pan instead)


Charlotte City Club – we dined at this exclusive Charlotte club thanks to my brother-in-law! the food was incredible, the view was beautiful and the service was exceptional!
Golden Cow Creamery – our favorite local ice cream spot! they have dunkaroo ice cream y’all – yes, it tastes just like the 90s snack! they have so many other fun flavors but I cannot make myself stray away from the dunkaroos. I have heard amazing things about their salted Oreo though!
Twisted Sugar – the newest spot in downtown Belmont (our neighboring town). they specialize in fun, twisted sodas – you can order one off the menu or create or own AND beyond fun cookies! think key lime pie, banana cream pie, birthday cake, chocolate chip cookie with biscoff butter, and sooo many more! we are totally hooked – went twice in one week! 


Readers Favorite: How the Virtual Interior Design Process Works 

My Favorite: Styling a Bedroom Console Table


Why Wearing a Mask is NOT a Political Statement – It’s Casual Blog
End of Summer Transitional Pieces I’m Loving – The M.A. Times
Monday Motivation: “Clean” Cleaning Products – Southern Curls & Pearls
50 News Summer to Fall Arrivals – Navy Grace Blog


What I See – LANCO


Council of Dads was cancelled – heart broken! But hoping another network picks it up. Joshua and I watched Yellowstone – which sadly ended for the season. I think it is our favorite show we have ever watched together. We are both completely hooked and have contemplated watching the season again haha. We also started watching L.A.’s Finest with Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba. We’re loving it! Would recommend! 


daily probiotic moisturizer I just started using 
affordable huggies that are sooo similar to the nordstrom anniversary sale pair at a fraction of the price 
adorable feminine socks
mason jars with handles – have a very similar style and use all the time for smoothies + overnight oats + cocktails 


Still doing  FWTFL for the most part – sticking to low carb days and the intermittent fasting. Working out regularly and sharing those each morning via Instagram stories. Planning to put together a workout post within the next week or so to share some of my favorites for HIIT, strength training, cardio, and abs. Will also be sharing an updated low-carb day menu. 

Thanks for reading my August 2020 Recap. Take a look back a previous monthly recaps here


  1. Lee wrote:

    Sounds like a great month! Alex and I have been trying to find a new show to watch together – I’m going to check out Yellowstone, thanks for the recommendation!!

    Posted 9.1.20
  2. Emily Wilkinson wrote:

    I’m so sad to hear Final Cut was such a disappointment! Maybe it’s because of Covid?! Hoping you’ll be able to go back and have success in the future! Sounds like you had a great month otherwise!

    Posted 9.1.20
    • I am as well! it was definitely a big let down. possibly – I have heard since going that it is a big hit or miss. several people said they went last fall and experienced the same thing. so who knows!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 9.3.20
  3. Kileen wrote:

    What a great recap! The High Note is one of my favorite movies! Thanks for sharing this!


    Posted 9.2.20
  4. Sounds like a great month! Still can’t get on the biker short train but I love handled mason jars, lol. xoxo, Sarah

    Posted 9.2.20
    • it absolutely was! I definitely didn’t think it would be one I would ever hop on but here I am wearing them as I type this out haha.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 9.3.20
  5. Stephanie wrote:

    I felt so bad that the Final Cut was such a disappointment! It was a bummer finding out about that on your story. So sad. With all the hype surrounding it, I’d assume it would be an amusement park of good finds haha. I’m glad you got a chance to meet up with Lacey. It’s always nice to have blogger friends to bond with in person. I hope September is wonderful for you!

    Posted 9.2.20
    • aw thanks lady – it was definitely a bummer but still a great time with my mom. and yes, I could not agree more about blogger friends to bond with in person – so important!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 9.3.20
  6. Greta wrote:

    I’ve been dying to go to Final Cut but for me it’s six hours away. I don’t think I’d drive there if it’s so hit or miss!

    Posted 9.2.20
  7. Morgan wrote:

    I know the rain was a downer on your Asheville trip but with the lack of travel in 2020 I bet that little getaway was good for your travel-loving soul!

    the HER chronicles []

    Posted 9.2.20
    • yes it was definitely very nice to have a change of scenery. even if the scenery was quite gray haha.

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 9.3.20
  8. Lizzie wrote:

    Oh no! So sad to hear about the Anthro selection :-/ I LOVED Peanut Butter Falcon! It was such a sweet movie!


    Posted 9.4.20
    • it really was the most disappointing thing!!! completely agree with you about peanut butter falcon – soo sweet. I honestly want to watch it again!

      xo Laura Leigh

      Posted 9.8.20
  9. Marlene wrote:

    I love that hat! Thanks for sharing your favorite finds.

    Posted 9.8.20

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